Illuminati gang stalkers - Who are they?

"Say their names" article.

If you're like me, you never paid much attention to the term and conspiracy, but you assumed it would have to be high-level folks. Powerful, over-average gifted people.

Wow. Come, let's look at a few illuminati mass murderers, including what they think are their "high level" contacts. All in all, they were to our knowledge fewer than 1k mass murderers. 80% or more are gone.

Please note: All of these disturbed creatures drink HUMAN blood, most often from people they stalked to death. A few also eat human flesh. I know that 100% sure about "AOC", a male (now Ex) drug dealer from Argentina.

Most of the list below are involved in a murder conspiracy against me personally, additionally to trying to take over the world.

They attack mafia leaders, gang leaders, every person who has something they want (artists, folks who are about to get an inheritance, rich people, individuals with patents, etc), our politicians, law enforcement, the military, and random people to get their identities and run scams in their names.

On a positive note: See Update Medellin Cartel Liquid Cocaine

I'll add more images, but they're mostly similar lowlifes. Please bookmark this article, if you want to check for new addition.

My point here is: This nation has been nearly defeated by lowlifes. It's mostly psycho terror. These creeps, pedophiles, wannabe hackers (most of their "art" is blackmail of business owners), attack as groups of parasites, from their hiding places.

Illuminati from WWII (for reference)

He fell in Aachen, Germany. The Germans really know how to do this....

They take illuminati down, then blame themselves, and make things anti-racism memorials.

Illuminati Helmut Schönherr

Fun-fact: Many of the gang stalkers, the mass-murdering "illuminati" refer to him as "master".

He was my boss for a short while. For the first 53 years of my life, this was the only time I touched a court. I was suddenly so irritated, that I HAD to leave the company. I needed to notify the company six weeks before the end of a quarter, and I just couldn't stay that long. I got out of the contract, costed me money, was worth it.

Helmut behaved nicely towards me. However, he took me to Credit Suisse, Bank for International Settlements, and a major insurance, and I now know he was already blackmailing folks.

I didn't understand why not much was discussed during these meetings. I was also surprised how Helmut (the former IT Director of R+V Versicherung) would know leaders from BIS, Credit Suisse, and other banks. His successor, my friend Jörg Fritsche, doesn't have this kind of contacts. He also doesn't stalk or blackmail.

The leader from the insurance and the leader from BIS (the former and new boss of Kevin Trepess, my former colleague and friend), are both here as hostages, and they're both alive and well.

They still remembered me, to my surprise, and I was relieved to hear that they knew I had nothing to do with any blackmail. Elite blackmail is another branch of the illuminati. Blackmail isn't necessarily the correct term. Folks, such as Peter Gerard (ex Deutsche Bank, Mannesmann/Vodaphone, Karstadt), and other leaders have not done anything worth blackmail.

But if they don't do what they're told, the illuminati gang stalkers would just make up accusations and present false evidence.

The illuminati claim that Helmut provides the simulation they use to track the progress of their street death hunts.

A group that call themselves “the hunters” do street death hunts for fun. Who survives, gets handed over to the black community, the most murderous ones. The group of “hunters” didn't actually harm me. They just wanted to talk, wanted to leave me alone, and offered to pay $120K. They claimed they didn't know people would really die.

Forcing yourself on someone to "just talk" with CIA-stolen weapons, in itself, is an act of violence that's comparable to rape.

The "hunters" are more dangerous than most other groups, because they HAD access to microwave weapons. Most gang stalkers lost access to their weapons. As everyone attacks me (thank you, world, I totally volunteered), they get caught.

However, they're far from nice people, as they impersonated Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, who have NOTHING to do with death hunts or stalking. They, too, are long-term victims of the illuminati gang stalkers. And happy to finally know what cellars and dirty corners the shots are coming from.

In the 2022 near deadly street hunt, Helmut offered that I could live with him and would get some money from me. I said I'd rather die - and I nearly did. In addition to liquid cocaine, he still takes regular cocaine.

To my understanding, he was (maybe still is) in the United States. That would be more than strange.

I'm not sure if it's the drug itself or an additive, but gang stalkers can utilize it, and pretty much control people on cocaine (again, it might not be the natural drug, and is more likely an additive.)

Illuminati Eugene Lynch (Anonymous Gene)

This fake Onision detractor showed himself (the black person) and a light microwave attack on YouTube.

He allegedly is currently locked in with other gang stalkers at Microsoft. Microsoft is completely overrun by gang stalkers. More about Eugene Lynch HERE. A younger Onision does the introduction.

Please note, that his is a hard watch. While it's a light, short attack, it's a difficult watch. I heard that, except the main victim, "Billy the Fridge", all people from this video are dead, except Onision and the two guilty, Anonymous Gene, and the other dark haired guy.

Illuminati Lyldoll (Shiloh Hoganson)

A random evil person. Onision has decimated her already. She calls gang stalking on personal "enemies."

Well, she did. Not enough left, and the remaining few have other problems.

Illuminati Tyra Banks

Hasn't stalked me, but stalked my man, Martin Lindstrom. She might have overlooked that he invited mostly dead/missing people's impersonators and evil people to the M&M show.

What stands out is that ALL mentioned artists are victims of illuminati gang stalking. I don't know about the publications. That, to me, says more than strange gestures that might or might not have deeper meaning.

Illuminati Frank Teabo

Death hunts, elite blackmail, scams... a typical Illuminati.

More info HERE.

The images are all botted. Again: the more botted images of a person experts have, the easier they can get to unbotting it.

Illuminati Kevin Kuschel

Kevin Kuschel and his nasty wife Rosa (plus at least one of their sons) are Milwaukee's local leaders. Kevin Kuschel is associated with a government number (low-income housing, how practical), holds several "firedevil..." emails, and also the number for the fake fire department. See HERE.
For context: It's not that every ambulance is "bad", but if the Kuschel number is called or the call is rerouted, an ambulance that will harm you and not help will get you. That happened to me during the 2022 death hunt. Fun fact: Wesley Marks (Wes Moast, Kitboga, and then 200) is hiding in the fake hospital the evil ambulance takes you to RIGHT NOW.

Kevin Kuschel was a part of the murder group who performed a near-deadly street hunt, kidnapped me, got me fake-evicted, tried to get me arrested on a false allegation, and much more.

A typical gang stalker. According to Onsion, horrible footage was found on his laptops, and the Army has plans for him, that don't include jail time.

Anonthony Fauci

This is not the first time that Anthony Fauci is involved in the attempted enslavement of huminati, and the mass murder of 40% of us.

David Martin created a dossier with some information on the background of this "illuminati."

You can download the dossier HERE.

Illuminati crack dealer

Yesterday's news. Died from his lifestyle, from lack of sleep. Used to sell the fake trans (and others.)

dead gang stalker crack dealer

Illuminati Wesley Marks/Wes Moast/Kitboga

One of the leaders, too. I kid you not.

A sadistic, disgusting MFer (allegedly with a diaper fetish), he's one of the ones who's trying to get 99% of the other gang stalkers killed.

HE HAS A NURSE SETUP. He convinced the other gang stalkers, that they can "come back" (from the dead) if the government/mafia/Army/Elites/Gangs/Klans take them out. But a few gang stalker illuminati have just pretended to be dead, with the help of a drug and electronic weapons, and a nurse has revived them.

This person has, according to the Bank for International Settlements, six accounts with Billions of Dollars, Euro, Yen, GBP, and then also Bitcoin.

In addition to being a part of the 12 accounts, a group around Miranda Teabo (Masculine) shares. He coes up later.

Wesley Marks (goes by dozens or hundreds of names, runs several YouTube channels, including Kitboga) is a friend of the alleged pedophile and mass murderer Phil Provins / Jim Browing / Baked Salmon / Jay Moe (and then a ton more.)

He is a mass murderer, and he had access to microwave weapons. He's also a drug addict (uses "Molly" and powder cocaine in addition to the "liquid cocaine.")

He was involved in the psychopathic murder attempt on me, the kidnapping, and much more. I told the FBI/CIA/DHS/Army/Interpol/Bundeswehr and several Mafias. That's true for all people involved in the murder conspiracy against me.

Illuminati Geary Morales / Tim Petri (but both names are fake)

Another alleged pedophile who is a "little things" stalker. He stalks in at least two houses, the horror house at Pierce Street (the fake eviction), and Lisbon Ave.

That's where he pays his rent, if he pays. He stopped paying in April of 2023, but he still spends half of the week stalking at 3022A Pierce St, too.

To my knowledge, the gang stalkers all threw their real ID away. He uses the name of a Cuban mafia boss, Gaery Morales (who also owns the house at 3022A), and Tim Petri. Tim Petri might be a missing person.

According to data brokers, he's associated with all sorts of negative people, including sentenced child molesters.

Stalker House Lisbon Ave Milwaukee

More on him HERE.

Illuminati Paris Ivy

That's the fake "crack trans."

The only images of her are botted. Read more about her illuminati-handbook high-class stalking HERE. I might post images of pedophila-accounts she has on Facebook, but I also might not. I'm seeing too much sick sh*** for my soul. Especially, since the illuminati gang stalkers fake-evicted me, stole my bank accounts, and I ended up in a horrible homeless shelter.

She or he works on several cam sites, performing "pregnant", incest, and pedophilia "shows."

And then she stalks in several houses, and loves to use a brown substance that looks like feces when in contact with water.

Illuminati AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez illuminati gang stalker male drug dealer from argentina

According to Onision, this used to be a successful male drug dealer from Argentina. He is responsible that I got into the horror stalker house (of my about 400 calls, only one went through), and that got me on the "list" of the black mass murder community. Then he personally called lifeline providers, so that I did not have a phone for nine months.

He also paid a homeless shelter and CRC so that people mistreat me.

These days, he impersonates Blaire White on Youtube, and Abella Anderson and another girl on cam sites.

He's a known cannibal, and - according to sources - drinks ONLY blood. Meaning, they would not take in any food.

Random gang stalkers who wanted to watch "nobody cashes in your check"

Next to the CRC South.

The customer service agent at the Western Union at El Rey (Food Store) is a gang stalker, too, and that's why Western Union cannot cash in any checks anymore.

From Milwaukee. In the image without person, it would be the house on the right.

Illuminati Sam Adonis

Has not harmed me personally. Sources say he forced himself into the prestigious wrestling promotion AAA, with the help of electronic weapon blackmail.

AAA has a lot of help now, internally and from new and old friends.

His fights look awfully painful right now. I love about wrestling, that nobody gets hurt, when it's done correctly.

Then again, for gang stalkers, that might be the correct way.

Illuminati Fariborz Nassermostofi

He knows who my father is. (You won't find him going by my name. The German government, for my security (well, that worked out great), changed my name at birth. It's not a fake identity.

He's one of the few who knows what this is really about.

To my knowledge, he's in America. And he's deadly.

The image is very old. I came across a second image, but the person carries a different last name. I'm posting it only because hardly anything is coincidence right now.

Two fake fire department persons (there are more)

See HERE, where you can also hear a recording.

They got another six recently.

Fake Fire Department Staff

Random dummy illuminati

Random illuminati gang stalker

Sex offender illuminati Tim Stein/Darren Dehling

This person was the fake deputy on my first non-existing case, and "served" me the forged documents for the fake eviction hearing. He also impersonates a police person. A typical quality person, a typical Illuminati.

NBKC stalkers illuminati (and other banks)

The German nerd wannabe mafia claim they know either my ex partner Marc (weapon sales person) or my self. We don't know them, they don't know us. You wouldn't do that to someone Marc cares about, if you knew him.

The one on the left is in the NBKC stalker call, where the illuminati admitted a payment had arrived after he allegedly closed my account. He's in 63067 Offenbach, Germany, and also kept striking audio of the Santa Fe Klan, Medellin, and El Cartel de Santa.

He caused the surge in banks that lost their licenses, by stealing my last accounts, and requesting that all other gang stalkers refuse to cash in my check or open an account for me. Which over 40 did.

With over 500K on NBKC accounts alone, I'm in a homeless shelter without any money.

Both of my accounts are open, but it's an active murder attempt by NBKC and other illuminati.

The image is approximately twelve years old. This won't end well for this group. Onision (lil Sh*** has convinced them that they're mafia, but they're just cellar murderers, nerds.)

They say I don't get my bank accounts back until all of them are dead.

Illuminati Snoop Dogg

He was allegedly a drug dealer. However, if you make the lil Sh*** your enemy, your life expectancy decreased dramatically. He's out of business. And like nearly all gang stalkers, he has sepsis, drank the "liquid cocaine" (see HERE) and uses an electronic weapon to feel high.

Illuminati Frank Teabo

Illuminati Miranda Teabo (Erik Teabo)

Patricia Teabo also has been declared dead and stalked into a mental facility. She has no daughter. She thinks from the images that it's Erik Teabo. Erik is on the left. Then you have mass murderer John on the image, plus the real husband of Patricia. We can ignore the woman in this context.

Erik Teabo has an unknown number of fake identities. Most of the illuminati maintain hundreds of fake accounts/identities.

For experts, it's good to have as many botted images as possible. It makes it easier to decide how a person looks in real life. However, I saw this person once, and it's most similar to the impersonation of the wife of my ex partner, Marc Veith.

Miranda Teabo bot on the right. Stalked FBI agent Jillian Caggiano (mentioned as “lawyer” for a fake company on my first non-existing case on the left.)

Illuminati Marc Heider

The deepfake from 2004, they still use the same image. Fun fact: During my lookup, it was deleted under my fingers.

marc heider

Illuminati fake cop

The illuminati have several look-faintly-similar. They're not look-alikes, but if someone is asked, the description would be similar. I.e.: normal weight, blue eyes, etc.

The gang stalkers impersonate real police persons, and use their names. When someone describes them, it's close enough. That's why so many victims are convinced police is involve.

Read more HERE.

Illuminati John Teabo

Not much to say about him. A mass murderer who HAD access to microwave weapons. Participates in street death hunts. I'm not aware that he does "little things" stalking. Just street death hunts, scams, and thefts from stalking victims.

Illuminati "crack whore" Annah Minx

Use of crack has left their marks, and the images are heavily botted. But you'd still recognize her (brown eyes, likely from Ireland), if you see her in the Twitter building, where she's currently hiding. She worked there under the fake identity "Dell Harvey" for thirteen years.

She's not only a street death hunt mass murderer, she's also alleged to be involved in EXTREME bestiality and pedophilia. See HERE.

Illuminati Chris from Chicago

You can enjoy this stalker, and his lightly changed voice throughout this site.

He stalks at

And then, he has the audacity to impersonate Lil Reese, another stalked former gang member.


Chris is now in the Milwaukee homeless scene. He didn't appreciate me taking his image, and as the dangerous G he is, he... (no, he actually whined a little, and left shortly after.)


Illuminati Katryna Child Rhodes

Illuminati Wesley Weaver

Former partner of self-proclaimed "crack whore" Annah Minx, death stalker, like most of them runs several hundred fake profiles, companies, etc. He, too, is alleged to be involved in extreme pedophilia.

See lookups HERE.

Because "lil Sh***" an stalked elite kid who became the 2nd largest drug dealer in the world, is the most dangerous person I know of, he somehow got him (and then some) to fly to Germany and make this video UNBOTTED:

Illuminati Rodney Lester

He was a major stalker at Amazon. He's the owner of the fake physical address they give out to the 500 - 1K victims, when they wanted to complain about stalking. They created a fake "legal department." He was (or is) actually a former employee of Amazon. They fired him.

Nobody, really nobody, knows what happened to him.

Illuminati Shannon Baylor

According to sources, he also impersonates a police person.

He's involved in fake-evicting me. To my knowledge, Shannon Baylor is a female, who reported that she's stalked to the police, too.

A mass-murder, alleged pedophile (by another tenant), hardcore fraud. This image is botted, but you can easily recognize him. He looks older and sick (sepsis.)

All the police would have to do is ask for his ID. I heard some people helping law enforcement found horrible content on his hard drives.

He's involved in mass fake evictions. Baylor Rental neither owns the house, nor is he Shannon Baylor.

Illuminati Phil Provins / Jim Browning / Jay Moe (and many more)

This alleged serial fraudster, and stalker, nurtures pedophilia allegations himself.

More about him HERE. The image is lightly botted. As most pedophiles, he's very careful. They still found him, he's from England.

Illuminati Paul Jake (Jake Paul)

He didn't stalk me. I add him to the list based on hearsay from several sources. Well, that he's in WWE, and his "fights" appear to be deepfake videos, also doesn't help.

Random stalkers from Germany (Frankfurt/Offenbach/Hanau)

Please ignore the person on the right. That's Marc. He just made images for me to look at and tell him who I distrust. Meanwhile, he (and others) did their homework, and it's a fact-base allegation. These are anti-American mass murderers.