Kevin Kuschel Ties To China

According to my research, Kevin Kuschel and his wife "Rosy" are heavily involved in "gang stalking in Milwaukee."

Kevin told me that the FBI has once contacted him regarding a Chinese spy. I'm not sure that will check out. However, a Chinese person is reported by data brokers to live there since the early 2000s.

The gang stalking can only work (because it is not THE companies) if they make sure only certain numbers get called.

Contacts to low-income housing and fake ambulances are necessary. The victims would then claim it's THE companies, and declared crazy.

Kevin has contacts to affordable housing, what other victims refer to as "fake ambulances."

When I was forced to move into an inexpensive AirBnB in Milwaukee, I landed at one of Kevin Kuschel's places. He said I should book two days on AirBnB, and then pay him directly.

In retrospective, it might have an agenda. For instance, if you'd assume someone will "vanish", it would be a good idea to hide their traces.

Other things that were strange:

  • Kevin mentioned the FBI was there once about a Chinese spy. Did that happen? I cannot verify it. He was a teacher in China. At least that's what he said, and what a data broker thinks too.
  • They gave me negative "Rosemary's baby" vibes from the beginning, and forced me to say "no" (to this and that invite) nearly daily.
  • The woman was watching other people through their phone. I understand it's legal in the United States. It certainly should not be.
  • The woman also said the following peculiar sentence: "There are people who can kill other people with their heads." (Did she mean black magic exist, or that they know of electronic weapons?)

It is difficult to prove, but it appears in a few of Onision's videos (one featuring "Annah Minx", potentially a mockery of the likely missing person Hannah Minx) the bed from Kevin's house is featured. He said he was there but never stayed there. However, he's also a pathological liar, so who knows what's what.

Check back later. This is important.

Former teacher who also taught in China
Kevin Kuschel "fake" ambulance
Kevin Kuschel low-income housing

A Chinese person is listed as living at his house since the early 2000s.

The asset history is more than strange, the object in South America (where the woman is from) isn't even listed. He runs AirBnBs for many years. He told me to only book two days via Airbnb and then pay directly. He said, he'd do it like that all the time.

I don't care so much that he probably didn't pay taxes for all the objects he has AirBnBs and all the years. In the context of vanishing people, terrorized into death, jails, and mental facilities, it's a little more unsettling. His AirBnB listing now has a different image, that of his son.. that also doesn't check out via data brokers.

I also found possible ties to medical billing fraud in Germany and the United States.

Check a background report HERE.