Screenshots / Links for the Zoom "hearing" about a fake eviction

Update 1

... this travesty.


Wow... two dismissive bots. Not a lawyer, not a court official. Does that mean the eviction is off the table? I will need my prepayment back, my double payment, and at least 1,5 Million USD for the psychopathic murder attempts.

Update end

I could hardly prepare because I'm in a homeless shelter. I only found out by coincidence, that this hearing takes place, and then, ALL of my papers, and my external drive are still in that stalker room at Baylor Rentals.

An international nerd gang (mostly relying on computer hacks, redirecting phones, etc.) tries to kill me/vanish me since 2006. Law enforcement is looking for this group for decades, and, for the first time, they now know names, voices, faces, locations.

My targeting is related to my ex partner, who sells weapons (legally, to governments), and two inheritances this international nerd gang (“Illuminati”) stole from me.

The German FBI investigates since 2009. I left Germany in 2011, to escape the stalking. However, it became worse, because most of them live here. I also reported to the FBI in Chicago in 2011.

Death hunt 1

In March 2020, they ordered a death hunt on me. I nearly died, and they brought me to a homeless shelter, after the MKE hospital kicked me out with sepsis. Directly upon arrival, when they checked my items, my German papers were stolen. I reported it several times, but the "Joy House" kept claiming nobody took them.

I got hacked out of my bank accounts:

  • Chase Bank (they changed the last digit of my SSI, but the account and money are still there, as the account is frozen)
  • Capital One
  • TCF Bank (Business account)

All of my social media accounts, my websites, and subscriber lists had been deleted.

I reported to police and FBI over and over again, not knowing that my calls never went there and the FBI reporting form was hijacked. See evidence HERE HERE and HERE.

Death hunt 2

In March of 2022, the same group (names include (starting fakes, mostly, but you'll find them): Wesley Marks, Philip Provins, Annah Minx, Miranda Teabo, Wesley Weaver, Tim Stein, Shannon Baylor, Kevin Kuschel, Fariborz Nassermostofi (Germany), Helmut Schoenherr (Germany), Rodney Lester, Katryna Child Rhodes), and then some, began targeting me with electronic weapons that have been stolen from the CIA.

In May 2022, they forced me on the street, with the help of said weapons. It was a wrongful eviction. They tried to get me declared mental, and they tried to get me arrested on false allegations, but the police were nice, and just said I can contact them any time.

I got hunted over the streets for seven days and nights, with terror at AirBnB rooms inbetween. Then, I got knocked out (I suspect it's just infrasound), and woke up in a different part of the city, at an airport. Airport security can confirm that I scanned my passport repeatedly.

Blackmailed to make a choice between "street" and checking into a mental facility, I checked into Aurora Health, with no diagnosis, other than stress through stalking.

Then I went to the CRC (another story, another case.)

Of my 400 or more calls there, only one went through, and it brought me to the horror room in the stalking house of Gaery Morales. Baylor Rentals does NOT own this house. The tenant there who goes by Gaery Morales and Tim Petri, is neither. He doesn't even pay rent in this stalker house, but in Lisbon Ave.

However, the black male posing as Shannon Baylor is not Shannon Baylor. She's a lovely woman, and went to the police to report stalking by the same group.

I learned that my rent has been prepaid until the end of 2023, from my own Chase account they stole. Apparently, they do fake evictions of people they want to steal from regularly. As this group wanted to "vanish"/kill me, they apparently put up a proxy between real Baylor Rentals and me.

My understanding of the money stream is that they have a fake site "tenantcloud" , and SOME (not all) tenants pay there.

See: Another break-in by Shannon Baylor

I didn't have a phone for nine months, because the gang took over most lifeline providers (I think all T-Mobile-based.) See evidence HERE.

I got severely stalked in this house, by several "tenants" who all use a fake identity, and who all stalk in different houses. Two don't even pay rent at 3022A W Pierce St, but Lisbon Ave. Apparently, a person stalking real Shannon Baylor, uses a site called "tentantcloud" to get double payments.

Just ask Baylor Rentals to present proof of rent payments by the people who actually "live" (stalk) at Lisbon Ave/Pierce St.

I need the double payments back: ($495 x 11)

I need the prepayment back: ($495 x 7)

I need compensation for stalking, murder attempt, injury: 1,5M USD.

After I issued a request for settlement to Baylor Rentals, I received death threats on Facebook. This is one of the few things I didn't take screenshots of (or, better: they are on a hard disk, like many things, that I lost in the fake eviction.)

Martin Lindstrom sent USD 400k to my NKBC account, but the payment was stolen. The bank lost their banking license over it, but they also hacked me out of my main account in murder attempt 3 (see below).

I also received a 90K Euro inheritance that has been paid in two parts. The FBI recovered 45K Euro

So one NBKC account has about USD 4,500 on it, the other over 500K. (400K from Martin Lindstrom, 90K Euro from the inheritance from Germany.)

NBKC (but it's the same stalker group) admitted on the record the amount on one account, they worded it like "I only SEE one account."

Every banker (REAL banker) can confirm that both accounts are open and in my name.

Murder attempt 3

The stalkers announced via chat (evidence on the hard drive in the stalker room at 3022A Pierce) that they will kill me.

Day 1

My Google Voice number has been deleted. I used it as 2FA everywhere, and was effictively locked out of most accounts.

Day 2

NBKC Bank blocked my debit card, the last one I had

Day 3

I got evicted, without court case and prepaid rent by two persons in Sheriffs costumes.

See video and evidence HERE

Fake case 1

Over 500k of donations by generous people who wanted to help me survive have been stolen, and more payments from PayPal. PayPal, to my knowledge, doesn't issue credit cards.

Yet, two companies, led by fake identities, “sued” me over a non-existing debt. However, they made sure to “serve” me at an old address. You can hear a part of the ridiculous farce of a hearing HERE, and more evidence is HERE.

I will file complaints against Katryna Child Rhodes, DNF, and Dobberstein. I just lack the money, and will request removal of filing fees, so that I can at least file small claims against the mass-murdering criminals.


tim stein darren dehling

The real court said on the record that this case does not exist, and that there is no hearing. The case got dismissed via a forged document. See HERE.

All involved parties received requests for settlement.

Fake Case 2 (eviction case)

I got "served" by a person impersonating Tim Stein of Elite Processing. See HERE.

It was an in-person date. Darren Dehling left without my signature. When I mentioned "fake case", he rushed away.

I immediately contacted the lawyers listed, but I don't think I reached the real people. Just more impersonators. The number the lawyer has on their new website (see image of the original below), leads to a medical professional from a different state. On the website, is a bottet image. See HERE.

After nobody showed up to the court date, I informed the "laywer".

Maybe the real Patrick Roney is stalked, too?

The case did not exist, just like the first fake case.

Response to my voicemail you can listen to HERE from "Patrick Roney". It's in the wrong chronological order, this happened before nobody showed up for the hearing.

My voicemail is HERE.

This is Anna. To my knowledge, she's a stalked CIA agent.

Days later, I received an invite for a Zoom hearing.

I have a whole website full of evidence, and could not afford the filing fees. I was excited about the court date, but nobody showed up to either. I informed the fake lawyer immediately. THE CASE WAS STILL NOT IN THE COURT SYSTEM.

They must think I have died, when they forced me out of my paid room, my phone not working, my debit card blocked - nowwhere to go.

I called 911 five times, but the calls don't even show on my call list. I called the Milwaukee police four times, and the FBI Milwaukee once. Only gang stalkers picked up.

See: Do lifeline providers help stalk people to death?

Then I remembered that the West Allis PD has helped me during the 2022 death hunt, and I called them. They transferred the call, and that saved my life. It was THE ONLY TIME I reached the real police, likely because it did not show my number.

They sent out a car that brought me to the CRC, for a lack of better options, as they stole all of my accounts/funds.

Then I landed in a homeless shelter. I've been trying to reach the police ever since.

You can also listen to police impersonators HERE.

This is a murder attempt, there was nobody at the "eviction" hearing, and all involved parties owe me a lot of money.

Plus they are mass-murderers, and also attacked our soldiers.

To my knowledge, 70% of them have been removed.

It looks as if the remaining 30% all target me.