Annah Minx Gang stalker Highlights (pedophilia)

The person behind a plethora of fake identities might be from Ireland. She is one of the most dangerous gang stalkers. One should also check if she might be the actor of two females in one of the worst pedophilia videos that surfaced in recent times.

You can see a lookup on her, and her "ex partner" Wesley Weaver HERE.

I don't make allegations like this lightly. Personally, I “just” reported her to the police for

  • attempted murder (seven times directly)
  • repeated attempts to hire me as gang stalker (about once a month)
  • additional murder attempts with the help of electronic weapons

I have shared the details with the police.

Because I'm seriously scared for younger people, I just put a few things out there. I don't have the knowledge to decide what's dangerous, and what's made to attract young people.

When I first reported stalking by the leader of all peasant groups I know about, I shared a huge staple of printouts of fake profiles of young teenagers with both, the German FBI, and later in 2011, with the FBI Chicago. The FBI agent said (because it was German profiles), he cannot do anything, because the young persons just looked "forced". I'm not sure they did not continue the search, though.

I asked: "As it's proven that they use fake voices and spoofed numbers... what's going to happen when a real teenager interacts with one of these fake profiles?"

An expert should look at the combination of possible pointers in the detailed lookup, or below. Also, on their channels, and any channels they feature. And, @wesmoast.

I also think Miranda Teabo II worked for "Perverted Justice", together with "Wesley Marks." They know each other in real life. At this time, I have no prove of it yet. A victim of Wesley Marks, mentioned he had a court sentence for entrapment. However, she seems to assume Wesley Marks is his legal name, and I don't know if it is or isn't.

Did Chris Hansen want to work with this company? Did he and Vincent Nikotra want to attract Phil Provins, Wesley Marks, and "Anonymous Gene", to work with them? Or something else?

In my mind, the whole "Perverted Justice" had a problem: People say a lot on the internet, and real pedophiles are extremely careful. To my knowledge. I'm proudly not an expert on this matter.

However, according to the show on TV, people were arrested pretty much on arrival. In court, they could likely easily say they just came there to warn the underage person not to meet with strangers.

Again, maybe going to a place after a suggestive chat is enough in the US, in Germany, it would not be a case that goes through.

Hannah Minx / Annah Minx

Hannah Minx was a successful YouTuber. According to Onision, he had a "collab" (partnership) with her, and followed her content. He claims he helped her when he was an upcoming YouTuber.

Hannah went missing. Shortly, after, Onision created "Annah Minx." A mockery channel, led by self-proclaimed "crack whore" Anastazia Nichole (which is also just one of her never-ending list of fake identities). She didn't just nearly copy the name, but every other part of Hannah Minxs' work. From costumes, the style (at least she tried, as hard as a cent can play a dollar), and instead of Hannah's explanation of Japanese words, she introduced sign language words.

I assume when Onision was done being worried and surprised, he came up with the idea of "Annah Minx". Let's hope just to get the "crack whore" who goes in gang stalking by "Miranda Teabo I."

Maybe the police caught him early on. Because he keeps saying FBI agent Scott busted my ex partner Marc Veith for a marriage proposal I never brought to the police.

This is Annah Minx:

Are the allegations of involvement in "worse than pedophilia" true?

I don't know about you. I changed my name once, when I left Germany after 6 years of Onision stalking, but I still only go by this one name. And my legal name.

Why is it extremely hard to find the legal name of "crack whore", and why does someone use so many bots and fake identities? I cannot think of a proper reason.

Together with my experience with both of them as gang stalkers, the small hints weight heavy.

I've shared my detailed lookups with the police. Why do these folks not just delete their channels? They cannot delete them, at this time. Additionally, someone might have uploaded some of their content they didn't upload to YouTube themselves.

Wesley Weaver identities as the ex partner of "crack whore" Anastazia Nichole, and is on many videos on her channel. There are a few videos with other persons, who would likely also be relevant for the gang stalking topic.

Let's start by getting to know "crack whore" a little. Let's talk business. (She's still getting used to the name of their latest victim, Hannah Minx, who by the way might have re-appeared via a mental facility she was forced to.)

According to Onision, "crack whore" does not have children.

If you know me, you know that I am normally not rude. However, in this gang stalking, there are several actors that bring out my unfriendly side. Crack whore is one of them.

I'm under the impression that in this video, I saw another woman. In a Facebook profile now used by Wesley Weaver's current girlfriend. At least, she identifies as that. I cannot say if she's secretly helping. Most realistic images in the article on Wesley Weaver, are from her Facebook, and the secret uploader.

In gang stalking, they nearly kill you, and then present you with a selection of lowlife sickos you can "pick" from. My pick was always and will always be: I'd rather hang dead over a fence in Poland.

Crack whore MIGHT be in the video that is named as one of the worst videos on pedophilia, and monster things. I saw a pixely image of two women (who looked like one bot), and it might be her.

Again, she does not have children.

Another highlight:

I'll close with a few images.

Again, the police has my lookups. One after the next after the next fake identity, and worse. With "worse" I mean that the real people are either missing or dead. I got until Ireland, and it's possible she's from there. I'm confident that with the lookups, professional investigators will find her.

Lastly, more "ice cream", from the website pgerard dot com.