Frank Teabo

The profile of "Lord Teabo Baggins" caught my eye for three reasons:

  • Wesley Marks claims he's part of the Illuminati (no kidding)
  • He said one of his “hacker friends” worked for McDonalds
  • He keeps referring to his government contact. Miranda Teabo has worked for McDonalds and the Frank Teabo Twitter profile goes by: “Burger flipper for The Illuminati. Utility Infielder for #TeamShitlord. Church of The Forgiving Eagle. Pro Wrestling is goals.”
  • I'm in no way implying Miranda Teabo might be involved. However, looking up Frank Teabo, according to data brokers, a relative of Miranda Teabo, led me to the same rathole of several identities as pretty much everything surrounding Onision and Wesley Marks.
  • Frank Teabo has a (not as bad as Wesley Marks) YouTube channel too, where he in parts targets the “lolcows” as decided by the kiwi farm stalkers.
  • A “Jon” has been mentioned repeatedly

Frank Teabo on Twitter

According to Twitter (and going by the email "Lord Teabo" shares on his YouTube channel) this is Frank Teabo

Frank Teabo on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, he has two profiles. His IT background and experience in home security would be a perfect addition for the Ring hacking, etc. He lives in Olympia, WA - one of three recurring places.

"Involved in the pioneering of the Policy and Procedures Handbook for Comcast Home Security during the beginning phase of alarm systems, which covered the installation of alarms for testing and documentation of all findings that eventually became the company’s manual used nationwide."

But, wait, that's an entirely different image on LinkedIn?

While it doesn't in itself say anything... who doesn't use a nick name to avoid spam on certain sites .. the number of different identities a data broker suggests might belong to his emails is relatively high.

Reminder: We're only looking for providing correct information to the police. We're not investigators. Data brokers can be right or wrong. = might belong to 8 people, mostly "legit" names. So, not nicknames. = might belong to him or a female by the same last name = assumed to be just his, Frank Marshall Teabo. Leads to this image, but also a German person. This all started in Germany, and the German police suggested I might be be stalked by someone from organized crime.

... from here I got side-tracked. The number of Jonathan (John Teabo) published on LinkedIn leads to:

These people frame people falsely as schizophrenic, and Jon the house inspector, according to a data broker, owns an email leading to a mental health billing provider.

According to that broker, the email belongs to Senior Sales Executive Jonathan Eric Teabo Sr. No traces of him on social media.

And then a Comcast email? Frank Teabo worked for Comcast. Do the data brokers get it wrong or are even they confused? I think, in this case, I overlooked that every Comcast customer also has a Comcast email.

Jonathan Erics number leads to

Not dumb at all

I'll have to figure out a way to structure this.

For now: My point is that something is very fishy about every Wesley Marks contact.

Not like with Onision, where most are puppet deepfakes.

... This will be continued on a new post... One of Frank's emails led me to a German person, a massive fake company profile on LinkedIn, and several dead or money-laundering looking sites.

Does the age check out?

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