Impersonation of Fire Department Chief

One of the thing the disturbed sounding Illuminati mass-murder cult gang stalkers point out, is that they are disturbed by the scent of Palo Santo and Sage, a herb/wood traditionally used to remove negative energy from your environment.

So, they sent the fire department after me, today. The gang stalker announced it. I don't think it has spiritual, magical reasons, but something about Sage and Palo Santo is problematic for them.

Murder victims are cut off from communication

  • The phones of victims get their IMEI remotely changed, and a false APN gets forced on their phones. See HERE and HERE
  • Sites, such as the BBB, police website, and many more are hijacked.
  • The FBI form did not go through (this is fixed now.) They used Cloudflare to show an alternative version, and could also catch forms after you clicked "send." The FBI has updated their system. No more Cloudflare SSL.
  • Civil rights complaints about impersonated court officials, land with the New World Order mass-murderers (but we found the "vanished" Attorney of State of New York.) The New York BBB is hacked, too, but somehow someone still saw my complaint and brought it to the police.
  • Your internet is redirected.
  • Your 911 calls are live-streamed on the New World Order virtual machine.
  • Your call to the fire department does not land there.

This is in relation to the threatening call I received from one of the gang stalkers. While they use voice changers (and they even have portable ones, which I made the police aware of), it's easy for specialists to compare the sample, and the voice of the impersonator. See HERE.

They called the fire department for "Christian stank"

The impersonator had a key. So, technically, it's also a break-in. In addition to that, they spoke about it on their Great Reset virtual machine.

This is an image of the real one, and the impersonator. One of my images is too dark, but my ex partner, Marc Veith records every exit and entrance, so does the Milwaukee police, and you could just ask them for a better image.

Normally, when the smoke alarm goes off (which it does pretty much every time you have potatoes in the pan), nobody cares, nobody comes. I don't know why they do these idiotic things. It must be a "New World Order" thing. ... or that they all take an unknown drug. "Liquid cocaine."

I felt privileged when the chief personally came out. I don't know who called yet, but I bet the police does.

I heard the real Aaron was in trouble, but the Army/Associates/Police checked in with him. He's fine now, and so are his colleagues.

The person from the first image showed up. Again, better versions are available to law enforcement & associates.

At first, I was not sure why the ladyboy gang stalker with fake identity isn't nervous when any official comes in... with a key.

The I decided to look into it. They impersonate even police officers, for instance, "Tim Stein", and "Shannon Baylor." (All fake identities.)

The lookup of the "New World Order" mass-murder clown

I have to warn you. As, sadly, many lookups, this leads to what might be pedophilia.

Also see: Phil Provins HERE
Wesley Weaver HERE
Teabo Germany HERE
Annah Minx HERE

... plus several lookups on Facebook. I'll put them here, if I have a minute between "Great Reset" stalking events.

This is the "delivery" of the RfS, it's not really exciting.

The City of Milwaukee site looks different

Routed via dark web Cloudflare (at this time) and one of the worst providers, Digital Ocean. They might even own them, it's more than just stalking.

A web search for Municipal Court Milwaukee led me to a broken site with this IP. India? Really.

If you look at the chart, you'll get my surprise that the Chief comes out personally, when nobody reported a fire.

Data broker report “official” MKE fire department

Request for Settlement

It's a formality, really. They will not pay, and they likely couldn't pay, without exposing accounts in their fake identities.