The Crack Trans Gang Stalker

Because SO MANY things are wrong about this house where people die, I could never write an article about it.

I'll just get started with a recent, and chronic event. This is just one of 20 extreme stalking events daily.

A few facts about the person with unknown name:

  • On cam sites, he/she plays a pregnant woman, and goes by the name "Paris Ivy", and then some
  • According to someone (see image below, a death stalker who allegedly died from his lifestyle), she is a crack addict. She certainly behaves the part.
  • She posts images with babies and children that are not hers with botted AI images on Facebook. In the context of satanic child torture, abuse, murder and cannibalism, that is worrying.
  • She has not paid rent for the last two month.
  • She also stalks in a second house, Lisbon Ave, but used to pay rent here.
  • The other black female pretends to be her mother. Horrible things can be said about here, too, but I will likely not be able to finish it, because it's too much, and I'll either die, or the Army will get them.
  • In both houses (and some others), people get harmed, and some die. This isn't a little stalking, especially not in the context of all other stalking actions. That's called "black magic." Every person harms the victim a "little" bit (if you want to call any of this "little."
  • The police and my husband are on the gang stalker server. My ex partner is, too. They have evidence of everything she says and even images she posts. She braggs about every action she took against me.
  • She might use the identity of one or more missing persons. See data broker report below.
  • She has some very strange products (see image below, it's ), and my husband has evidence that she attacks people in this house with electricity.
  • She received my mail for the longest time, so that she could bother me every time and hand me my letter/parcel. I told her to stop that, and told USPS about the gang stalker Illuminati in their organization. It has then stopped.
  • According to Onision, SHE has stolen my jammer, and uses it. I never posted about that drama, and the fake letter from the DHS I received. I shared it widely with folks, though. Including the DHS. Any child topics are relevant to them, because they know that children of immigrants, and other children get killed, tortured, raped, and eaten.
  • Her MACs would be giadollmomii, and then some. This part, my husband knows. And QAnon.
  • When I got stalked at Spektrum, I showed the CS, Devin, my website. He shared it broadly, and Spektrum stopped stalking, once they knew the sum of "little things." He since joined QAnon, and Spektrum is helping.
  • The Turkish gang stalkers never hardly ever connect to me directly. It's an electricity connection, through prepared outlets. Prepared to harm and kill. Not to be mistaken for V2K. I only know one person who has this technology, that not even governments have. They connect through the fake trans, and other nearby neighbors, so that they cannot be caught. However, I suggested that people check heads in all surrounding houses, and that's how they got caught.

Just one of the stalking acts, recurring "leak"

The fake trans made the first water damage back in 2022. The same pattern as described below.

  • Pour water through the hole you dug
  • Stuff the toilet with whatever you can find
  • Use colored water and a substance that looks like feces
  • Wait until the victim calls spoofed Baylor Rentals
  • Enjoy that the victim gets a stalking repair horror
  • Repeat

The first identical problem (and we learned that "Bob" is a regular at the panel store, and he always does the same stalking repair stunt, and never sends an invoice. Gang stalkers don't get paid.

Real maintenance personnel doesn't use a fake name. Did you know? Every single person, except the latino woman and me, use a fake identity. Four of them stalk in 2 - 3 houses. I'll list them below.

The psychopathic, crack-addicted trans prostitute, will not stop. It makes sense to put dates on the videos.

07/06 - around 8am.

At 7.55, the fake trans shared on the gang stalker server, that she would begin stalking me again. She said she wants a piece of crack for it from someone.

It appears she lost access to her seven sex site accounts, in the context of a nation-wide investigation info pedophiles. Apparently, she engages in incest, pedophilia, and "preggo" "roleplay.

07/06 - around 4pm

As always, announced on the gang stalker VM. Today, all three started at the same time, again. The crack head who (on the record) asked me if I'm Jewish, and admitted to having a key to this unit (for taking out things, so that I doubt my sanity), disgusting fake Geary Morales and the pedo trans.

Next attack, 07/06, around 6.45pm.

Twitter is getting into problem-zone, too. They mark my video as “sensitive content” even though their company is owned by Illuminati “New World Order” gang stalkers. Elon pretty much fired the ones that could be saved. The rest... the army will get, if not their blood consumption, crack use (in some cases), or use of non-existing “liquid cocaine” is faster.

As always, the fake trans announces it on the gang stalker VM.

Two more attacks 07/07 between app 4.30am and 5.30 am

07/07 8.20 attack

Disgusting pedo/preggo/incest trans announces to pour 10 gallons (ca. 38 l), and it looks as if it did.

07/07 3.15 pm attack

07/07 between 7.50pm and 8.30pm (Paris Ivy is still on it)

As always, every time announced on the gang stalker server.

A few minutes later, the attack even increased. Please don't drink liquid cocaine. If for no other reason that it doesn't exist, and the Medellin cartel hates you.

07/08 3.45 am - Trans pours water again.

I only recorded the start, as she announced on the gang stalker server, she'll pour down massive amounts of water.

07/08 around 8.10 pm

Look at the nice stuff. The incest trans has the material stored in her bathroom, that in water looks like feces. That's illuminati for you. Your New World Order.

Two attacks between app 8.50 and 9.10 pm (still ongoing)

Stalker "Bob" the "maintenance" stalker

It's always the same pattern:

  1. Fake trans pours colored (I'm not kidding you. That's how sick and disturbed this creature is) water, with some material that looks like excrement down through a hole they dug, for the purpose of stalking.
  2. She does that a few times before.
  3. She puts random stuff in the toilet, to pretend the leak is related to the toilet upstairs.
  4. Gang stalker Bob comes, and messes up the room of the victim, as much as he can. I had to literally force him to get his vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess.
  5. They put a huge layer of (likely also sickening) white stuff, perhaps 3 inches (ca. 8 cm) high, on top of the panels). You have to vacuum clean three times per day, until the stalking “repair”, when all the junk (from big pieces to flour-like dust) messes up your complete horror room.

Shannon Baylor impersonator and five black males

The impersonator of Shannon Baylor (a female, who long went to the police), also impersonates a police person, just like the impersonator of Tim Stein.

Identities used by the fake trans include (not limited to)