988lifeline The Nazi Stalker suicide helpline

As I mentioned on several occasions, the deadly stalking by a black "community" of 80% customer service agents only works through technical tricks and manipulation. To be sure they can suck happiness and will to live out of you at every step, it's crucial for them to be at helplines, and any other place you might turn to.

Also see: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2022/08/11/1116769071/social-media-posts-warn-people-not-to-call-988-heres-what-you-need-to-know

It's not that hard, because the last phase doesn't start before they stalked you poor. Poor people's steps are easy to lead and predict.

I've reached out to this helpline. What I cannot use in front of a court, is that it has been live-streamed on the VM the stalkers use to communicate, and share about the progress of their mass-murders. The agent was a black male. His first name is Chris, and he's from Chicago.

Back to what I can use. The backgrounds of the staff (according to LinkedIn) doesn't check out. A suicide helpline surely shouldn't use fake images or taken-over identities. Would you agree?

These cretins abuse good people's donations and government funds to kill us. Or would they use it for cent-laundering and "donate" money from the accounts of other people they killed?

It's very easy for you to verify. Just do an image reverse search, guess their registrar, check the numbers and identities via data brokers.

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