Update: Liquid Cocaine - Medellin Cartel

UPDATE: I now know the ingredients of liquid cocaine:

  • the tainted, toxic cocaine they SOLD (via flu medicine, it attacked white blood cells, and then some, but were you ever addicted to flu medicine?)
  • fluoride
  • aspartame


There are several peasant groups in Illuminati gang stalking. I so far identified the following:

  • Black community—They might not know that they get “people who cannot take care of themselves” who have been stalked extensively by other stalker groups with more dangerous tools.
    The black community accounts for about 95% of all deaths. About 85% of them are customer service agents, but you also find them in administrative roles in other “help” places. They make sure that victims don't get help, where ever they go. You can consider this group cannon fodder. They leave traces all over the place. The government/Elites went after the Illuminati several times. In the past, they targeted mafia leaders and black folks. (The gang stalkers excel at framing.)
  • White lowlifes
    The majority of them appear to be pedophiles or serve this market. Some appear to be random criminals and drug users. Blackmail might be the "buy in" for these stalkers.
  • White lowlifes II
    The seconds white lowlife group is under the impression they're a "high" peasant group, but they, too, seem to be cannon fodder
  • Drugs
    While not mafia (except a few Turkish), a group of drug dealers are gang stalkers, mainly targeting mafia and cartel leaders
  • Pedophiles
    Delivering horrible content, worse than pedophilia
  • Elite/rich/politician and business owner blackmail
    Just what the name says. They try to build traps for folks to step in, or just make up allegations to gain influence over a company and money
  • Immigrant killers
    A mix of murderers who kill groups of immigrants (i.e. a whole car full of folks), but also deliver children and teenagers to the pedos
  • Organ harvester
    Organ donations from involuntary victims.

A question I cannot mentally afford to think about: Where are the bodies? Knowing that some stalker cultists eat human meat, and that the number of missing/killed people exceed 450 in the US monthly, it's a scary question.

Health problems of Gang Stalkers

The gang stalkers have three health problems (additionally to doing evil all day long):

  • They have mostly sepsis. Maybe all of them. They drink blood of victims that have been stalked to death. Not a healthy diet, as blood is a medium to transport vitamins and essential minerals, not provide them
  • Sound weapon. With a sound weapon that alters their brainwave pattern, they get "high", and don't require much sleep. At least that's their subjective feeling, but the body is suffering
  • Pfizer kill shot. Alfred Bourla, too, is a hero. Half-dead, he managed to redirect the kill shot the gang stalkers ordered for ALL of our army (see contract below), and administered it to gang stalkers only. Our soldiers instead received a shot that helped a little with the poisoning they're suffering. Gang stalkers took over their finances, and give our soldiers food with harmful additives, and poisonous water for an extended period of time
  • Liquid cocaine. A product I heard about on Netflix once. However, according to the Junior Patrona of the Medellin cartel, it doesn't exist. It's a special delivery for gang stalker only. To my knowledge, it's highly addictive and creates permanent damage

The main point of this article: Medellin took “liquid cocaine” off the market. No more orders for gang stalkers.


Image Credit: Alleged gang stalker who allegedly died with a dog alleged to be Onision's dog, photoshopped black (allegedly)

Hear it from the Junior Patrona of the Medellin Cartel:

Pfizer Army contract

The army administration account didn't have enough money in it to pay for obligations for the contract. Again, gang stalkers took over their finances, and even stole their salaries.

To hurt them, never the US Army, the payment of this bill will be enforced.

Our Army is on war with Illuminati. Finally, they know where the shots are coming from. As is the case in war, they can take necessary items from fallen enemies.