Baked Salmon aka Philip Provins aka Jim Browning Aka Jay Moe

Together with Wesley Marks, Philip "Phil" Provins has or had for several years a joint project called Bakeline.

He's yet another person unwilling to accept accountability for their actions. Why do these people have various names? Why do they hide their faces? Why are they SO fascinated by pedophiles and other abuse? Why do they ALL (including this one) participate in harassing/slandering "lolcows."

He, too, might have been involved in the murder attempt. When Onision confessed in March 2020 that he is the person stalking me since 2004/2006, I wrote a very unfriendly message to both, Wesley Marks and Baked Salmon on Twitter. Because I was so convinced that they work for onision, which he also told me.

All of my Twitter accounts have been blocked shortly after. However, they're not deleted. The DMs should still be there.

I normally prefer to use positive words, but I sent a message with a curse word to both of them. Why? Because I was thinking they're working with Onision.

Wesley Marks worked with Onision during the death hunt. So far, I'm not disproven. Furthermore, Baked Salmon is part of a rather destructive "TCAP" community who love to single out individuals they'd go after in several forums, social media sites.

While we're at looking at “pedo hunters” who “dox” others and take part in harmful activity, let's look at him too.

The information shared in this post is publicly available. At this time, I don't think we'll file a complaint on him, besides bringing the kiwifarm & Co activity against mostly vulnerable, helpless individuals to the attention of authorities.

Video in front of his house.

Look at these eyes. A happy moment to show someone around the place of your passion, no?

Phil Provins, I would rather you don't look at teenage victims, just going by intuition. Hey, we're not official yet, and I can openly share my thoughts that I don't present as facts.

Phil Provins appears to have a strong fascination with aliens. Many individuals referring to themselves as "targeted individuals" claim they've been stalked by aliens. It's easy to assume a connection between unrelated events, and I thought I'll just put it out there.

Highlights from the video:

Phil Provins: "When I sit down to create something, it's nice to have all these things."

Keep in mind, though, that I did show the German FBI and FBI Chicago dozens and dozens of fake profiles made by "the stalker" that turned out to be little Onision. Who's working with Porn Wesley Dark Web Footage Stolen Footage Death Hunter. Who's friends or partners with Wesley Marks.

What is extremely nasty about Phil Provins is that he somehow thinks he's the law. When a person does something wrong, they receive a fine. After they paid the fine, they are allowed back to society. However, if people, such as Baked Salmon, keep monetizing their stories and rank their names... he even sells T-shirts with the names of alleged pedophiles (that have been caught before anything ever happened.)

I'm not making a case for pedophiles. I am making a case against people who ruin a person's future, way beyond what the law has in order for them.

Then why am I doing that? Because I've so far been effectively blocked from reporting the crimes. Local cops were involved and
"my" ex FBI agent contact might be one of the people they killed and took over.

I'm not suggesting every person who is fascinated by pedophiles or abuse cases is guilty. However, I'm more suspicious about people who hide their identity, and focus on one specific topic.

If you want to find a stalker, go to "victim support groups."

Is it the same with pedos? I can't say. The police would probably have statistics about that.

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