The Fake Geary Morales / Tim Petri

After (so far) surviving another murder attempt, I'll throw this article out half-finished, because I don't know what will happen next, and if I can ever finish it.

Another wonderful stalker in this house is a fake Geary Morales. The real Geary Morales is a Cuban mafia boss. And he is listed as the owner of this house.

This one also goes by Tim Petri.

Find his full LinkedIn profile HERE, but his Facebook profile is so much more interesting, especially for investigators, such as Chris Hansen.

Highlights are certainly his associates, some of which you can see in the data broker reports below.

From sentenced child molesters to "DEA most wanted" - all sorts of folks one doesn't want to know. One of the sentenced child sex offenders, maintains a TickTock profile - as a young woman.

Other highlights

  • Told two delivery drivers that he's my husband (background: several men did that, after in 2020 I got engaged and married. My husband, too, is locked up into an electronic weapon connection, that has been started by US Illuminati, a long time ago.)
  • Participates on a gang stalker server. Every time before he turns up the music (preference: unrecordable sound), he (or someone playing the fake of a fake) posts it on the gang stalker server.
  • He stalks in two houses. Here and Lisbon Ave.
  • Several renters have complained about him, now knowing that their calls and texts never reached Baylor Rentals.
  • And then they also ran into the fake police. The website of the Milwaukee police is hijacked, and when I called countless numbers, the CIA only found criminals, that were addressed by the Army.
  • On the gang stalkers, he identifies falsely as a police officer, to nurture the fairy tale that the New World Order mass-murder is a government-initiated mission.
  • Today, money from my PayPal account was found by the CIA on HIS bank account.
  • Yet, he hasn't paid his rent in two months.
  • He did not show up to his eviction trial, because someone told him that it's not real.
  • I don't think he's talking to real people most of the time, when he screams at the top of his lungs. The isolation here is very good, you don't hear anything, even if the music is very loud. I'm not sure how loud this criminal is screaming.
  • Knows several gang stalkers in person, i.e. the owner or staff in a small store nearby.
  • Interestingly, he opted out of data brokers, after my lookup. However, they only hide information from the public, not law enforcement.
  • Stalks part-time in 3022A W Pierce St, a house where people die, and pays rent (when he pays) at Lisbon Ave, another house where people die.

The profile of a sentenced alleged associate, led to this account:

Where he pays rent and stalks half-time:

According to Shannon Baylor (not the impersonator), he has a valid eviction for the place in Lisbon Ave. In this house, he has not even a lease, as it belongs to REAL Gaery Morales. That's hearsay, and I will not bring it up to the police.

A small example

If I turn my music up to a level where it's really loud, I still don't hear anything, as the walls are thick, and well isolated.

If he's on the phone or maybe pretending to be, it's impossible to make a call. Could he just be half-deaf? In that case, he would likely not announce every stalking action on a virtual machine (the server is a NordVPN server in Afghanistan), shared with other "New World Order" Illuminati gang stalkers. That's hearsay, and I will not mention it to the police.

A detailed lookup (also into this house where people die, in general):

Data broker reports:

Other social media, with pedophile references and missing children/teenagers