How Wesley Marks Implicated Bill G a t e s

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When I didn't believe the “government is paying for killing you” story, Wesley Marks switched to the next.

Keep in mind that when a victim hears these stories, they have not slept/eaten/hardly drunk anything for days. Additionally, they're being targeted with electronic weapons that make thinking difficult. The false allegations are repeated over and over again, over the course of a week or more.

At this time (they eventually ran out, at least that's what they said), they still had a supply of some drug that travels through air and has not to be consumed by the target. They refer to it as "zombie" drug, and they say it makes people angry.

Whether that's true or not, I cannot say. I can say, though, that I was drugged... gosh, other post. It's just so so so much that has happened.

This is the reason a yet to be decided number of individuals referring to themselves as “targeted individuals” say all these irrational things. They've been told that at a time when it was physically impossible for them to evaluate the validity.

I will refer to BG as Bill because I don't want his name to rank for any false accusations.

Wesley Marks and Onision said Bill put money on my head. Onision kept repeating, I will have to die on the street for him to get the money. He said over and over again that I will die at 2.15 at a gas station, and that he's seen it on their simulation.

Uggo Marks kept referring to Bill as “a hunter” who is personally involved in these hunts and does them regularly. He said that Bill follows the progress through a simulation where he can follow up with the killing.

As he also said, “you're the first one to ever survive this game“, it's a heavy accusations, and it implies Bill is responsible for several murders.

Here's how they tried to make the story more plausible

  • In a day shelter, I was sitting for two hours, two people walked through. They just walked from the entrance to the backdoor and out of the gate outside. They greeted me, and I greeted them back.
  • One was a look-alike of Bill, the other was a look-alike of a high-ranking police person from Germany. I saw them once at the shop of my ex ex, Michael, and I spoke with them about the stalking and 24/7 surveillance.
  • Wesley Marks said that this was a test. Had I not (seemingly not suspicious) greeted them back, they would have killed me right away. "Bill wanted to see if you'd recognize him."
  • They said Bill is part of a group of hunters who regularly kill people in what (even though it IS NOT, NOT, NOT a gang. Wesley Marks and Onision mostly just utilize former victims and existing street gangs as Onision IS a high, high level criminal) they sometimes described as police hunt, sometimes just as hunt.
  • Onision was referring to a "bird" Bill had. I'm not sure what it means, except that Onision or Wesley Marks have and use what they accused Bill of.
  • Later in an Airbnb where they terrorized me (I only made it there through the help of the West Allis police who might or might not know what's going on) they put a box of GMO and sugar-free cereals up. They blocked my debit card temporarily, and it was the only food I had. Hard to overlook the box of cereal that was the only item available for public consumption. They said Bill Gates had listened to my advice, and he will make changes.
    From a logistics perspective, it would be impossible to change the packaging, produce new cereal, and rush it through the supply chain to a ghetto in Milwaukee in a day, but keep in mind the condition of victims.)
  • ... it's just so much. I'll skip over some parts that are explained in other posts... so you're missing how I got from a to b in this short note, but it's all explained in other posts.
  • In the mental institution I had to check in as a better option than a homeless shelter, two people who look similar to Onision were patients. Joshua has a separate post, let's go to the second.
  • The second person came back from a shopping trip and handed me a pack of Beyond Meat jerky. It's GMO free. Beyond Meat is one of the brands I “attacked” on Twitter. I assume it's just that not every product contains GMO.
  • They read back two of my tweets and my LinkedIn post that were (civil) fact-based "attacks" on BG. They said because of these, I have to die.
  • Later, Onision played BG again (they play several people each with weird AI voices) and screamed: I am BG and I have changed my mind. I'll pay double for the murderer of Sima. ... these clowns are so idiotic. It would have made killing me much more attractive, but anyway.

Once more, Wesley Marks told me that this (Beyond Meat) is from Bill to show that he's not mad at me anymore for my critical tweets.

Even if I had believed a word, nobody could ever make a connection to Bill because Bill never paid for anyone's death hunt.

However, would it have harmed his reputation further? Even false accusations rarely go away without a stain.

The framing of Bill was made well. Wesley Marks read back specific Tweets to me, that would be suited to make Bill angry at me. A “charm of depopulation” comment, for instance.

We either have a Bill look-alike to go after in Milwaukee or ... (I'll keep the only crazy technology thing I know of for later on.)

It's the only crazy (or science-fiction) sounding thing, though. Everything else gets easier to explain and is less sophisticated the longer you look. Organized crime (Onision) might gain access to every technology there is.

Why did Onision give Wesley Marks the idea to try to frame Bill? What's your guess?

There will be traces of all of this. The West Allis police knows they didn't just bring me to my Airbnb, but they also went in first. I assume for my safety (hey, guys, that didn't work out very well, did it). Two people from that list will be on my "people to ask" list anyway. The identity of the person looking similar to Onision is known to the facility who can share it with police.

Side-note: This Onision similar (not look-alike. Joshua looked much, much more like Onision) person also tried to gift me a Microsoft Surface tablet, at a time when they had just taken out all my devices AGAIN. I didn't want it and gave it back.

A pattern I noticed for many years: People who do little favors appear to be on drugs. In retrospective, I cannot say which part is owed to electronics weapons, and which part is owed to where they recruit people. This person was drinking. And also a chronic liar, telling stories that didn't check out. Then again, it was a mental facility, and he had some diagnosis. (I do not. )

Only while writing this, I notice that it also was a Microsoft product.

However, it doesn't mean that someone who does “little favors” knows he's supporting organized crime and whatever you want to call Wesley Marks who says he works as “Master” with local gangs, such as the Black Disciples.

Wesley Marks is a simpleton, full of himself, and often full of drugs. I doubt anyone refers to him as "master." Especially not members of dangerous street gangs.

I assume Wesley Marks thinks it would be too embarrassing for myself to openly share what happened, and where it happened.

He's generally not good at thinking.

Onision, on the other hand, is a very dangerous, resourceful, strategic psychopath.

Just look how he played Wesley Marks. Onision makes 12-year (random number) revenge plans, and I'm sure the plan for Wesley Marks (and whoever else hurt me, no matter if Onision paid) has already begun.

For instance, WHO advised Wesley Marks to make videos about "fake victims who fake their kidnapping". One fake victim German-based. I can make very believable that they DID kidnap me.

Just the kind of people Onision manipulated Uggo Marks to make enemies with is ... I don't even know. According to Onision, the DEA was looking for him for a long time. I have no knowledge whether that's true or not. According to someone I chose not to name right now, the stalking investigations I initiated in German had never stopped, even though they sent me a letter they did.

I also don't know if that is true, though. It's difficult to communicate with me as I'm under 24/7 surveillance, with a hacked laptop. Onision would know. Onision would have known at the time when he got Wesley Marks involved.

Onision framed my Ex Marc for the stalking. So the complaints were all against his name. He said he tried to kill Marc "because he wanted to kidnap you". But we're both alive. What a day to be Wesley Marks.

I'm not sure how Wesley Marks might know my German Ex, but he didn't say a single "I will kill you" since I informed my ex's IT guy two weeks ago to get help with the hacking. (UPDATE: separate post, that Onision likely impersonated him too). And also to let him know that I falsely accused him of stalking, not knowing HIS (not initially mine) enemy was recording him already in 2004. Ask Onision for the tapes.

To Uggo Porn Murder Clown Wes Moist: Are you starting to get it? A mob boss was going after another mob boss, and YOU are the tool (he called me a tool about 300 times.)

This stupid porn uggo clown Wesley Marks didn't even know he got involved with organized crime from Germany. And then Onision conveniently overlooked to tell him who my ex is. And that my LinkedIn contacts are NOT fake.

I'm sorry, but it's so difficult to stay on topic when so much happened.

If you're a forensic expert and member of this site, please look at the WireShark protocols. Onision might use advanced technologies to hack, Wesley Marks does not. It takes him minutes to re-hack a machine after a network reset (does he need to know the address name of the network adapter?), and we have logs of “from the second of a reset” traffic.