Anonymous Gene Eugene Lynch - Onision "Detractor"

The first rule of Onision: He has no detractors.

Most of the "detractor" accounts are his. However, this is an example of the more dangerous kind, a honeypot.

Anonymous Gene claims he's "hunting" Onision, but he failed to notice that he's German, was never married, and never in the army.

While he maintains lists (a wonderful habit!) of "relationships", he overlooked that Onision was stalking me, nearly 24/7 since 2000. More extreme since 2004.

Oh, well, I guess you can easily overlook that a good part of his videos are against me. Unless you're a profiler, you can easily miss that.

Who calls any of the "doxxed" numbers is in trouble. Who contacts any alleged family member is in trouble. It's one of the ways how the Illuminati cultists recruit victims. The New World Order uses "doxxes" like this, and then the person using this information gets "on the list."

Communication with Eugene Lynch

When Onision told me around March 24th of 2020 that he was stalking me for 20 years, I had already tried everything, including going to the German police, German FBI, FBI Chicago, Lake County Sheriffs, and Fox Lake Police. I also had to leave Germany with just one suitcase, change my name, and leave everything behind.

Therefore, I was desperate. Ever since I went to the FBI Chicago (showed them bunches of "forced" looking teenager profiles), it became impossible to get concrete things to show the police, but the stalking never stopped.

Onision claimed since he was literally a kid, that it's "love" stalking. So I told him I'm willing to marry him now. A few days later, he wanted to pick me up.

I think the stalking would have ended, if I had seen him eye to eye.

However, someone tried to get him, and then everyone got each other, and I landed in an "accidental" death hunt.

At least, Onision stopped using cocaine in April 2020. He's proud of this achievement, and wants me to post it, for full transparency.

I'll detail that in a separate article, with the videos he made for me before and after, and some things.

Back to Anonymous Gene, Eugene Lynch:

Right after Onision told me that HE was stalking me, I went to Twitter and posted:
"You shitty script kid, I will strangle you." This was my first mean tweet.

I used VPN at this time. An unsafe VPN, NordVPN. Onision has NordVPN. Is VPN Solid the better alternative?

Side-note: What was very interesting, is that someone (not Twitter) deleted ALL of my accounts. With VPN, it's impossible to day what access from a certain group IP were my accounts (for different websites). However, it appears Miranda Teabo aka Dell Harvey (Annah Minx) "worked" at Twitter for 13 years, and took "orders" of mass-deletion of unwanted accounts. "Unwanted", as in "anything that goes against the mass-murderer's New World Order agenda." I think before that, she worked for a toxic organization, "Perverted Justice." Today, she's hiding in the Twitter building from the Army.

Here's an interesting video on this topic:

Anonymous Gene reacted to a tweet of mine by saying that Onision has Herpes.

The following screenshot shows an interesting detail:

Eugene Lynch (who is currently hiding in the Microsoft building) claims he was watching Onision's house (where he NEVER was) and his wife via "a camera at a neighbor's house." You'll understand my surprise, when you look at an image Eugene also posted that looks as if the next neighbor was far away. He confirmed seeing "Kai" (his made-up second wife.)

The link to the "live cam" might lead to interesting findings. I later touched up on the subject with Anonymous Gene.

Anonymous Gene's questionably "anti-Onision" forum

If you read this, you might be on the receiving end of a kiwifarms-style murder stalking campaign yourself.

You can relate to my irritation when I saw all this:

He also shares Google documents with psychopathic looking information:

This is a call for targeted harassment. Also, none of the allegations are true.

That's what they do on kiwifarms, the worst stalker meeting point on the regular web.

There are also two documents with lists of the (all involved, most of them maintain hundreds of semi-automated and automated accounts at all times) followers/followed of "Baked Salmon" and "Wes Moast." Both are fugitives, with severe allegations (mass murder, pedophilia, stalking with electronic weapons) in their names.

Speaking of "electronic weapons":

Onision made sure to film an attack of Anonymous Gene and another perpetrator of a group of people. It's hearsay, but I'm told that, except the main victim (Billy the Fridge) and Anonymous Gene and Onision himself, EVERY PERSON from that video is DEAD.

Please note, that this isn't an easy watch. It's what people die from, when it's not a YouTube "presentation."

My suspicion is that all the victims have been stalked to death, after the recording ended.

The attack with electronic weapons (microwave and mind-control):

That's heavy stuff.

As I mentioned, I had another converation with "Anonymous Gene" Eugene Lynch from WA later:

Don't mind the Daimler logo, it's always the same. Occasionally, Wesley Marks uses this profile too, but it's easy to tell which message are from him, because they're rich in malice.

I think he worked for Daimler, and, likely, Farmers Insurance. Also, he's an ex military. Typically, they'd have rather short stays. Maybe two to three years?

To my knowledge, MS support is completely overrun by the mass-murderers and gang stalkers of the "New World Order."

I reported this to the FBI, as it's a clear call for group stalking, and at this time my accounts were all hacked. I assumed if I word it as "call for help for Onision", he'd let it go through. And he did.

Anonymous Gene was loyal enough to not share with Wesley Marks that I sent him background reports of @wesmoast. To my surprise, Wesley Marks opted-out on the very two sites where I downloaded the reports, one day later.

A totally normal profile

There are two forms of gang stalking. The often not deadly form is the kiwifarms stalking. A group of people would flood social media sites and YouTube, and make up to (in total) 50 pieces on a victim weekly. They might also engage in real-life attacks, such as calling child-service, police calling, swatting, and similar things.

The more sophisticated pendant is the "Ligue de Lol."

Don't get me wrong, this is also very dangerous stalking. However, often not targeted by the most deadly groups, the black Nazi peasants and the Turkish undead peasants. These are the two groups that kill about 95% of the monthly 500+ murders.

Especially, YouTubers are often "vanished." Just like myself.

Side-note: This is done by the group around the Teabos, Phil Provins, Annah Minx, Wesley Weaver, and then some Europeans. Whenever a channels doesn't make money anymore or becomes risky, they hand it over to a black male.

One part of this stalking is to make fake accounts to mock people. I found the email addresses of all persons named above on kiwifarms. That was before the staged "Cloudflare denied service" show, after which kiwifarms returned with about 70% less content.

I just found this. It has one of his Google Voice numbers in the text. Here's more:

They post 911 calls on several of their gang stalker servers. What a wonderful "New World Order." Wesley Marks is a "comeback." Meaning, he's one of the few gang stalkers who got all the others killed about ten years ago.

They think they can "come back" (from the dead), when the elites are coming for them, as they always do. However, folks, such as Wesley Marks (who is currently hiding in a fake hospital in Milwaukee), just had a setup with an alarm button and a nurse.

Nobody comes back from the dead. No nurse = no coming back. Wesley Marks has, together with seven others 12 bank accounts, with billions of dollars, Euros, and they also have Bitcoins. However, @wesmoast has six accounts the other's don't know about.

When he learned that my ex partner Marc, who they tried to kill, is alive, he was very, very worried. Immediately after, Masculine (Dell Harvey/Miranda Teabo/Eric Teabo/Colleen/Emma/Erika....) started stalking me. He apparently stole most of the money, and gave them a ridiculous explanation why they cannot use it.

He has six accounts with billions of stolen dollars, including also British Pounds and Yen. International.

A few Tweets:

The tweets accusing me to be him, was the lil sh*** (Onision). The tweets, dripping with malice, would be Wesley Marks. The "doxxes" were him, but one cannot rule out that Onision entrapped him. Fact is, that they told me 100% untrue things, too, when they tried to kill me. None of the allegations targeting Onision are true, and there's enough negative you could say about him.

In some other article, there's a HUGE list of police reports, and made-up police calls, too.


Honestly, I didn't think Anonymous Gene is as horrible as the others. Certainly no "comeback". However, looking at my collection here, it's hard to make a positive prediction.

The problem when you do 9 things is to explain: I harm people with electronic weapons, engage in group stalking, but I'd never kill someone. So, I do 9 things, but don't accuse me of the 10th.

His performance at MS is also a letdown. One would think he could fix the hacking issue, that keeps me from entering LinkedIn. It appears to be on Microsoft's side. Could also be dark web Google, but I think it's MS. He's in the building... I don't think that says he's trying to help.