What Wesley Marks Said About The Jeff

Jeff B is another person I want to avoid ranking for false things a random porn uggo murderer clown said about him.

(Also... I'm so grateful to Amazon that to Wesley Marks ABSOLUTE and UTTER surprise, Amazon Fresh was able to deliver food to the Airbnb that just had a box of cereals for me.)

Wesley Marks used a voice changer to try to sound like Jeff via my Bluetooth headset. They might utilize other technologies too, for instance Ring Cameras to hear you at all times and see you at some. Or also for communication.

Wesley Marks and Onision know what I know about their hacking of Ring Cameras (that they utilize for their death hunts and other crimes), and what I know about the real-time tampering of Ring Camera footage.

So in Jeff's case, they didn't talk bad about him. Over the course of several days, they tried to persuade me that I must not under any circumstances speak about Ring cameras.

Porn uggo murder clown Wesley Marks (who no voice changer can help to sound like a decent person) played Jeff and told me over and over again not to speak about this topic, and that Jeff would make sure it can't happen in the future.

Wesley Marks isn't a business-minded person.

He might overlook Jeff's role in operations, and assume Jeff is personally responsible for every Pizza that doesn't taste nice.

So he kept saying Jeff wants me to promise I will not bring up Ring cameras and the term "police hunt." I can agree on the latter. A few bad cops don't make it “THE” police. It was two black officers in 2020, and one in 2022. The 2022 event, is one of our topics. But back to the Ring Camera thing.

It's not secret that Amazon delivers equipment to the police. It's also no secret that, upon request, police can get access to Ring camera footage to catch a criminal.

The only secret part is that Wesley Marks & Onision hack Ring cameras and (maybe only Onision) manipulate footage real-time.

Let's talk about it!

We'll even need Amazon's help to get an example receipt.

Onision wanted to show me what he can do (or uggo clown?) right after I set the Ring camera settings on "high alert." I saw my delivery will arrive soon, the Ring camera recorded, I found the parcel in front of the door on the bench.

Only the footage was empty.

As if someone played a clip of still footage over the actual event.

I can make the history of smart devices I downloaded from Amazon available, but it's better if Amazon helps in this case, when the time comes. I'll still make it available after I looked at it.

This history doesn't get deleted, unless you manually set it up to. Delivery history also would not get deleted quickly.

It's enough to make my point plausible, that Onision and perhaps uggo clown can manipulate footage real-time or on the servers of Google and Amazon.

I think in the case of Amazon it's the first, in the second case (at least YouTube) the latter.

But that's where you come in. We'll have to learn more and get even more receipts.

The public never needs to know about any of this. I was and am still hoping for a “silent” solution. We have some time before the first real (as in not involved, official, from the "not trusted" group) person could see what I'm posting here.

If this would ever get real publicity, it wouldn't hurt Jeff at all. That Ring had been hacked is public knowledge, and if we could prove together, footage hasn't been tampered with ON his (not "his", you know...) servers, why would he mind?

We just have to figure out how they can play video clips in thin air. That is the only science fiction, unlikely claim I make. My guts are 100% person sure while my brain requests I consider any other possibility because it seems technically impossible.

Less unlikely with the receipt we'll get from Amazon, though - unless they'd now go to the server and fake the driver and act of delivery back on the footage.

Well, we'll get behind it, and I'd be happy if it's just some less sophisticated hack. That said, I've seen a minute-long boring scene at a police station twice back in 2020.

I know about Fata Morganas, and I know about hallucinations. It's just strange that this would be the only hallucination I so far had, and that it would be a random scene of a female talking to the police about a problem with their neighbors for minutes.

... all over the place again, but you see how much has happened, and that my brain hasn't structured it properly yet.

At the police station in Milwaukee, a black cop gave me a tiny cup with only very little water. I was sitting at the station about 16 hours (might be a little longer).. I don't know when I arrived, but I sat there through the night, and until 3pm the next day. I even went out to buy food and went back in. Receipt also from using the ATM.

I know the faces of the two black cops who ignored me. I know the faces of the other police people who wanted to kick me out.

It's obviously not "THE" police when most even this station in Milwaukee were not involved.

Interesting question: Wesley Marks kept saying the police person gave me drugs. Would that be a plausible reason for seeing the same scene twice? Was he missing in the repetition?

I cannot say that for sure. I remember the scene, I remember the face when the cop walked towards me and handed me the cup - but I can't say if 10 seconds in the scene were different or not.

What's interesting: Two female police people (who's face I also remember clearly) told me to leave. The rule is you can only stay 30 minutes maximum.

Or... one step back. More detailed post and structuring will happen soon.

I was there first, and they kicked me out after 30 minutes. Later, Onision told me to go back, and that they'd let me stay.

I went back ... was it late evening? and stayed. The whole night. The two black cops didn't even look at me. Sometime on the next day, two female cops complaint that I'm still there, and one of them said I would need to leave.

Onision got furious. Minutes later, a white male dressed in regular cloth (not a police uniform) entered the police station and spoke to the two women in the back.

They didn't mention that I have to leave going forward.

Only hours later, one of the ladies said she would complain to her boss when he comes back. I stayed there until 3pm the following day.

I had my headset on for days, Onision demanded that. He also demanded I'd say "I'm married to Pablo Escobar." I thought at the time, the purpose is to later frame me as mental... but I'm beginning to see that there was more to it.

That said, he didn't attack me heavily until May 2022 when killer clown Wesley Marks showed up and ... let's say someone.

This and that I wanted to finally get "something" from this enemy I could never see, led me to follow this instruction and keep my headset on at all times, only removed it to recharge.

At this time, I want the 2022 cop out of his job. Should the hospital record show I had any drugs in my blood (hope they didn't fake/hack it yet), I'd also want the two from 2020.

Onision kept telling me that it was my Ex who had asked the police to give me drugs.

All I can say is that I was surprised how long it took for me to finally crash at a gas station. And that it was NEVER my ex who would EVER do that (to me.) It's also strange that a police person would give someone who sat there the whole night already just a very tiny sip of water. Why not fill the tiny cup up at least?

I will stop apologizing for being all over the place. Countless things have happened.