We're investigating a real life murder attempt

The goal of this crowdsourcing initiative is to leave information that police/CIA/Secret Service/FBI have, but have not acted on.
We have murder attempts, ad-fraud, deepfakes, advanced hacking, and then some.
What's the last straw that's killing me is that my payments get stolen, and law enforcement isn't doing as little as recovering a stolen inheritance, which would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This site is public, but all of my content (of which a small fraction is shown here) belong to James O'Keefe (not Project Veritas and Michael Bloomberg.)

The site will go away when the two main actors are brought to justice.
RLMM background


American victims, a few corrupt individuals and a classic street gang do little favors for bigger predators. We'll report them.


German criminals come to the United States of America to harm and kill American citizens, and form international cybercrime chapters. We'll report them.


Together, we will surf through the waves of misinformation spread by the two main actors, and find a few clues to make crimes of an unbelievable size plausible, with receipts
Wesley Marks, "Targeted Individuals", Gang Stalking

This information is based on what both, Onision and Wesley Marks told me (or the people identifying as these individuals) and my experience with a nearly deathly hunt. It appears that there's a new phenomenon of people who consider themselves “targeted individuals.” They claim it would be a CIA-funded, government-led approach to drive people to […]

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Ugly Porn Junkie Wesley Marks

This will be continued, when I sorted my screenshots. Wesley Marks or Onision or both can change the Google search results in less than an hour. He looks pretty much like the comic on the Wes Moast channel. If you're following my Twitter, and followed search results links I posted (for instance, when the same […]

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What might be Onision's game?

Ever since a 19-year old Scorpio who was a YouTuber contacted me via the same site I also met my Ex, he wouldn't let go of me. Fake after fake would contact me. Most were called Marc or Mark. Like my ex. Onision is fabulous at framing others for his crimes. In this case, it's […]

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The man who looked similar to Onision

One of the things Wesley Marks told me is that Onision had stolen secrets from the CIA. That's plausible, going by my experience, and that one of the things he uses to hack computers is sound. Hacking passwords, etc., thanks to sound does not leave traces. Wesley Marks kept referring to a weapon, and that […]

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The gas station

Two gas stations are interesting, that I can qualify by receipts from my bank statement. In the first, a friendly owner warned me not to hang out with "these bad people." I am not hanging out with anyone ever since the stalking has become to bad to live a normal life. Who was he referring […]

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The Quest bus card

At a bus station close to an Airbnb I've been terrorized at, a black male I can identify when I see his face gave me a bus card. He detailed that “it's going to get worse for you”, and he spoke the truth. His knowledge about the death hunt on me was detailed and fascinating. […]

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Shadi Albouyeh, Patents, and what doesn't check out

I've been told many of the BS stories you would find on "Targeted Individual" sites. I won't bother repeating them, as they're just lies to help frame a victim as mental. My understanding is that Wesley Marks and Onision (or the person taking over his identity before 2010) want to make sure that the only […]

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Coordination with low-income housing/assisted living

Victim are forced into prepared sites. At these sites, former victims, and active stalkers would live. Important is that it has to be old houses, so that the ancient outlets can be turned into weapons to target the victims. When I recently changed the SSID of my Wi-Fi into “BDK”, a storm broke out in […]

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When Onision wanted to Live Stream with me

Firstly, Onision doesn't live stream. On closer look, you will find that his "live" streams are fake. Whether it's partners in crime or deep fakes. Most of the conversation between Onision and me had been deleted. Back in August 2020, he offered a Google form and asked me to fill it out. He said, he […]

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Window open 24/7 from "S+"

Over the years, and especially in the past months, Wesley Marks and Onision have either destroyed (power surged?) or stolen many of my devices. Several time when I approached a nearby house, my Bluetooth headset said "S+". It's the name of one of my stolen devices. The window is open 24/7. I learned today that […]

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