The gas station

Two gas stations are interesting, that I can qualify by receipts from my bank statement.

In the first, a friendly owner warned me not to hang out with "these bad people." I am not hanging out with anyone ever since the stalking has become to bad to live a normal life. Who was he referring too? Can someone ask? Just a few feet away from where the prophet that told me things would get much worse for me gave me the quest card.

In the second gas station, some people new about the death hunt. It's either this or they use stalking victims to indicate to the gas station owner "how much they owe."

I assume the risk assessment regarding this black gang will change. That will be an interesting time to ask the owner of the second gas station what they know.

There might be bigger "predators" in town, after Onision made it his calling to go after some of my LinkedIn connections. Well, and my ex is a CEO/board member too (: