Wesley Marks thinks Airport Security are Dummies

At the last day, Wesley Marks and Onision decided to knock me out with their electronic weapon and somehow carried me to either another part of the city or another city. They told me I would be in Illinois.

I had no idea where I was. At this time, they had taken out my laptop and one of my phones already, I only had a phone without date, where just the Bluetooth connection worked.

I was at an airport. Wesley Marks repeatedly told me that my passport is invalid. He said that I had fake passports since birth.

You have to experience (I hope you never will!) the combination of air-travelling drugs, the damage electronic weapons do to you critical thinking and Wesley Marks/Onision's famous combination of terror/no sleep/no food /no money/no drink (they even temporarily blocked my debit card somehow), to understand why you would even do what a murder clown tells you.

Obviously, my passport is and never was fake.

Wesley Marks convinced me (I was half-dead) to scan my passport at the airport.

While he laughed when it happened, I laugh now.

This will help me to prove that I have indeed been kidnapped. Because I don't think our airport security are dummies.

I think they are clever, and they know who scans their passport where.

The point of the kidnapping was to convince me I'd be in a simulation. While I didn't believe that, the constant "they kill homeless people here" nags of Wesley Marks were exhausting.

Later I went back to the airport and asked them to call an ambulance. There were police people too, but because of my negative experience with the black cops in Milwaukee, I didn't risk to talk to them.

In retrospective, it was a good choice. I might have repeated some things Wesley Marks told me and they might have declared me mental, even though Wesley Marks is insane. Onision is psychopathic. What makes Wesley Marks (while less dangerous) even uglier is that he is well aware of what he's doing. He does have some form of empathy and emotions, and decides willingly to kill and harm other people.

Luckily, he's not very clever and takes plenty of drugs. He kept saying he used cocain during the hunt, but one of his victims said he'd be taking "Molly." I looked it up, and it seems to fit the card better.

Wesley Marks was often telling me that he loved me.

That was the most disgusting. It pained me more than the weapons that burnt me bloody.

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