The Quest bus card

At a bus station close to an Airbnb I've been terrorized at, a black male I can identify when I see his face gave me a bus card.

He detailed that “it's going to get worse for you”, and he spoke the truth. His knowledge about the death hunt on me was detailed and fascinating.

At the time when I feel safe to go to the police, I will hand this bus card in. Hopefully, it carries personal information.

There was a reference to a person working at the local McDonalds down the street too. One of Wes Moast's contacts, "Lord Teabo" declares himself burger flipper for the Illuminati on Twitter.

Via the email address, I got to a white Frank Teabo who worked for Comcast and now FedEx. There's also a program manager working for the state of Washington by the same name, in the same town. Responsible for affordable housing.

What victims that survive, are not in a mental hospital, jail would need. Or, cleverly faked to support the narrative that the government would ever pay black gangs to kill innocent white females.

Just in case, I left a message on the State of Washington website, with a link to Wes Moast's YouTube channel so that they could do a voice check. Because right around the corner of Frank Teabo, program manager Wesley Marks lives too, according to their LinkedIn profile.

Neither of these two and their ... fakes? name brothers? responded to my messages.

Wesley Aaron Marks kept referring to the "super high" contacts he has. However, I haven't heard of it since my Ex learned who was surveilling him in 2004, and potentially responsible for his streak of back luck then. The police helped him when he had two break-ins, the dangerous injury, and artificial problems with customers.

Program director wouldn't be what I'd call "super high" anyway, and it would take a lot, like A LOT, to ever convince me the American government would pay for this death hunt on my, and the extreme stalking since 2006.

That said, Wes Moast has access to a dangerous electronic weapon that goes beyond utilizing old outlets. He mentioned he had them from someone he knows from his time in the military, where he was a network administrator. The name John was mentioned several times, but... I'm already sorting out about 99.5% of what I've been told as misinformation.