The man who looked similar to Onision

One of the things Wesley Marks told me is that Onision had stolen secrets from the CIA. That's plausible, going by my experience, and that one of the things he uses to hack computers is sound. Hacking passwords, etc., thanks to sound does not leave traces.

Wesley Marks kept referring to a weapon, and that he'll burn down Onision's house to destroy all copies of said information.

In the .. address will follow where I had to check in after Wesley Marks and Onision again made me homeless and poor AGAIN, a person named Joshua was a patient. He looked similar to Onision. Younger, but similar. The same built, the same ginger hair color, etc.

He mentioned he had checked in because his house burnt down. That will be on file with the ... follows... institution.

I doubt it did, but it was a funny reference to what I had heard the other day.

Josh knows Onision from YouTube. He said that he used to watch him. I was surprised because he's in his early 20ties, and Onision's prime is ... was a few years back.

He then told me an a - z "targeted individual" stories as detailed on these either fake websites or false information victims repeat.

Again, for the most part, it was TWO people using voice changers to appear as 20. I already told the German police, back in 2010, that Onision can do perfect fake voices. I'm sure he evolved since then.

Josh spoke about being targeted with electronic weapons. He detailed things that happened to me too. His information, is how I found information on this group of people that believe the government pays for their misery.

His diagnosis is schizophrenic. A diagnosis obviously many of Wesley Marks/Onisions victims get if they make the mistake of repeating the information they've been told when they were at their most vulnerable—half dead.

Even though they tried to get me locked up as mental three times, luckily, I never got a diagnosis, except "housing crisis."

Please also refer to the "story" about the black cop who was involved, and there was a witness.

If anything, we've added professionals that can confirm I am not crazy. In my case, the strategy might not have worked out.

I assume the reason for Josh's story was that I was supposed to say the Illuminati and the government were after me, when I just got into some organized crime war, between a German criminal (Onision) and a black Gang in the US.