We're investigating a real life murder attempt

The goal of this crowdsourcing initiative is to leave information that police/CIA/Secret Service/FBI have, but have not acted on.
We have murder attempts, ad-fraud, deepfakes, advanced hacking, and then some.
What's the last straw that's killing me is that my payments get stolen, and law enforcement isn't doing as little as recovering a stolen inheritance, which would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This site is public, but all of my content (of which a small fraction is shown here) belong to James O'Keefe (not Project Veritas and Michael Bloomberg.)

The site will go away when the two main actors are brought to justice.
RLMM background


American victims, a few corrupt individuals and a classic street gang do little favors for bigger predators. We'll report them.


German criminals come to the United States of America to harm and kill American citizens, and form international cybercrime chapters. We'll report them.


Together, we will surf through the waves of misinformation spread by the two main actors, and find a few clues to make crimes of an unbelievable size plausible, with receipts
Somebody's Marriage Proposals in Farmville and Yoworld

Even though stalked by him since 2006, I don't know who Onision is or (except psychopathy) what his personality would be like. Before I left Germany, I left information with the German police that showed that "the stalker" manipulates major sites. Not a little, a worrying lot. One of the things (next to hundreds of […]

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Does A Certain Milwaukee Cop Force Drugs On Hunted Victims?
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The Fairytale Death Threat From 2010

In 2010, I received an eerie death threat. The account who sent it to me called themselves "Maerchenonkel." The most important part of it was that the woman in the story would “vanish” because she knows too much about the organization. Back then, I was still believing that the Exi I was stalking me, and […]

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