Wesley Marks, "Targeted Individuals", Gang Stalking

This information is based on what both, Onision and Wesley Marks told me (or the people identifying as these individuals) and my experience with a nearly deathly hunt.

It appears that there's a new phenomenon of people who consider themselves “targeted individuals.” They claim it would be a CIA-funded, government-led approach to drive people to suicide, kill them, or successfully get them falsely declared schizophrenic.

However, at least in my case, only two people were involved in the “gang stalking.” Thanks to advanced technology (please also see “deepfakes”) and voice changers, these two individuals pretend to be a larger group of people.

They're rather dumb. For instance, they pretended to be two of my LinkedIn contacts that so happen to be the world's leader in their fields. However, they overlooked that one has a European accent, and the other one doesn't speak German. Onision (native German speaker) also pretended to by my mother, but overlooked that she still has an American accent.

At the time when they start their psychological horror show, victims might not be able to think straight. Otherwise, fewer or nobody would fall for it.

For instance, I asked the person they claimed to be how many books they sold of their new book they're so proud of. Obviously, Wesley Marks/Onision had no idea. Then they pretended to be a former bank manager. But they didn't know the net profit of their last year in business.

Their government story doesn't make sense on any level. I have no knowledge what the government does or doesn't do when they identify enemies of the state. However, random innocent people are certainly not that, and the government will definitely not pay a low-character like Wesley Marks or a black gang, and provide them with dangerous electronic weapons.

Then, as described in Black Magic evil, there are a few people who do "small favors." The logistic isn't difficult, if the small-favor-doers are part of a street gang anyway. I'll share some names and places to follow up on.

Wesley Marks told me that the reason they're targeting me is that I'm a Republican, and pointed out two critical tweets. As of 2022, I have not yet voted Republican, and I doubt the government would take the risk and waste the budget on a random non-activist, non-anti-government people with a reach of 30 followers on Twitter.

However, I do think that in the current state of our divided nation, false information like this might make Wesley Marks (and everyone involved, especially should this include a person working for the government) an enemy of the state, rather than his victims.

Even more so as these two “gang stalkers” possess dangerous electronic weapons, commit serious crime (such as hacking Ring cameras and other security systems, tampering footage, illegal porn with stolen footage, and much more.) They say (and I'm only repeating the parts I believe might be true, as Wesley Marks has many hacking accusations against him (add mine)) that they have hacked in the (or one) computer of the CIA. Wesley Marks claims he has one contact in the government, in a high position.

Coincidentally, there's a program manager called Wesley Marks (transportation) and Teabo (affordable housing.)

And then , the email on the YouTube channel of Wesley Marks connection named "Lord Teabo", belongs, according to data broker, to Frank Marshall Teabo, a former home security expert.

I have no theory on if that would be isolated cases of rotten apples, coincidence or just to deflect victims who survive, and do some digging.

The emails "Lord Teabo" and Wesley Marks post on YouTube, led me to these profiles:

Originals (Twitter: (Twitter:

Washington State employees:

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, the Teabo program manager affordable housing disappeared from LinkedIn since two days ago.

Miranda Teabo (just for info, the uncommon last name, and because Wesley Marks kept talking about a "high contact" in the government.) No accusations made, and I assume it's a coincidence that "Lord Teabo" on Twitter refers to himself as a burger flipper. Lord Teabo's email on YouTube leads to the former home security expert, Frank Marshall Teabo who's related to Miranda. UPDATE END

Tacoma, WA, Olympia, WA are recurring themes.

Keep in mind: When I wrongly reported my Ex to the German police/German FBI who then investigated, they came to the conclusion that the tools and methods used against me were normally not found in personal stalking, but espionage or organized crime.

Until 2022, I was targeted by a single stalker. Just one. No gang. Wesley Marks joined in May 2022. Ever since, I can hardly walk a minute outside without being spoken to by a black male. It could be the horrible area the stalking forced me to - or not.

The single stalker possessed technology and hacking skills in 2004 to break into the system of a major German insurance to place false emails between real emails of a friend and former client of mine. Spoofed calls, fake video calls with perfect bots, rerouted calls and 24/7 surveillance were a nightmare.

I have no reason to doubt when Wesley Marks and Onision tell me that they stole something from the CIA's server. One of Onision's specialities is infrasound/ultrasound. Not only does he use it to pick up sound, but he can also use it to hack into every computer with an open microphone. Wesley Marks is an ex-military network administrator.

What kind of secrets might these death hunt stalkers have stolen from the CIA or other government entities?

The two-man “gang” also utilizes simple technology, such as Bluetooth headsets, and probably other technology. Moreover, they use old (doesn't work with new) outlets that they somehow can turn into electricity weapons (please see "infrasound app".) Don't quote me on terms. Is it EMF or something similar? In any way, my infrasound detection app registers attacks and I have a ton of receipts.

It appears that Onision has much more advanced technology than Wesley Marks. The longer you look at Wesley Marks, the more common his methods are. You just didn't know them because you're not a criminal, harmful subject.

Then they coordinate with local gangs. In my case, according to Wesley Marks, it would be a group called “Black Disciples.” From what I read, they are in Chicago, but perhaps they're active in Milwaukee too, if Wesley Marks says so.

This group is a target of the American government. They certainly don't have a budget for black gangs to go after white females, even less reason.

Wesley Marks claims he's referred to as “master” by the local gang. He also mentioned that he's very active in CA (for instance San Diego), and Nevada (specifically Las Vegas.)

There's an unusual high mount of “gang stalking” reports from CA someone compiled.

This bizarre sounding allegation might be from someone who was purposefully misled about it being "THE" police, etc. I'd like to repeat that in my case, only two black police people in 2020 and one in 2022 were involved. Other police people actually helped or behaved normal. I'm sorry that I keep pointing out the color of a police person or other individual, but it appears to be the pattern and connection.

In my case, one black cop (see “Cop 2022”) was involved in 2022, and two black cops in 2020. I would call that a few rotten apples, not “THE police.” I can identify them.

At this time, I'm looking for more attention to make it less likely that a single cop could make my complaint go away, and I'm also trying to make killing me less attractive and become clearer on which of the BS story I've been told might check out.

I cannot say whether this is true or not, but I found a plethora of “gang stalking” reports from these areas, as well as connections of both individuals. Please see: “Onision doxx Las Vegas” and “Many names of Wesley Marks.”

Wesley Marks kept explaining that he does death hunts regularly, detailing I'd be the first one to ever survive "the game."

Early in the 5-day death hunt in 2022, Wesley Marks told me it would stop immediately, if I'd agree to become a "hunter" myself. While the idea is ridiculous, I mention it because I noticed that most of the people who might be involved (see "people to ask") are poor and appear as if they might have been victimized too.

There are no aliens, there's no god involved, these people are not “Illuminati”, there's no CIA funded targeting. It's just two people utilizing street gangs that undoubtedly exist. So much so, that the FBI has a special task-force to address gang violence.

As of this time, I couldn't identify a "high" connection, but I guess your perception of influence is relative.

Wesley Marks is simply a drug-addicted sociopathic looser with sadistic tendencies.

I'm worried about the fake teenage profiles I showed the German police, and also the FBI Chicago. At the FBI Chicago, I missed my chance. As the profiles were from Germany, and according to the agent they "just looked forced", they couldn't help.

I kept asking: What happens when a real teenager calls the fake numbers? ... then I did call and got into a death hunt.

You'll learn more about a person referring to himself as "Anonymous Gene" as you learn more about Onision.

What's interesting is that the “light” cases Wes Marks openly celebrates on YouTube follow a similar pattern. A group of people decides on what they call "lolcow" (a cynical term for "people you can milk for laughter"), and they would target them each making several slander/harassment videos, and coordinate their activities through sites, such as kiwifarms, Reddit, lolcow.

I wonder if the victims are so glued into the YouTube drama world that they don't realize that this is an actual crime. I'll share examples in other posts.

One of Wesley Marks "light" victims (please know that I do not dismiss any form of abuse. I'm trying to express that the "in front of everyone's eyes" cases don't have the explicit goal of killing people) mentioned that Wesley Marks would ghost them about a week per month. During that week, they'd only be available via text.

That so happens to be the duration of a real-life death hunt.

Like a red thread, Wesley Marks (and many of the other kiwi farm stalkers) sooner than later claim everyone else mental. Wesley Marks apparently has a history of calling police on innocent seeming people. Do these people know that he possesses electronic weapons, and that these can be used to provoke irrational reactions?

Well, they'll learn about it.

It appears Wesley Marks entertains two forms of stalking, real life hunts, and cyberstalking of "lolcows" with a group of like-minded people.

And then he poses on YouTube (Wes Moast and .. something like the worst Wes Moast) as a "pedo hunter" and professional slanderer/harasser/doxxer, while he worked and potentially still works in porn. (See Porn Wesley). According to a former victim, a court found him guilty of entrapment.

It's said that he used his ex-wife to catch "cheaters." The lady detailed that he had to pay a sum of money. She also shared that he gave her drugs (Molly), and that he always has a box with Molly at home.

Only on YouTube can such a person frame their victims “mental.” Well, plus the additional problem that a single isolated case of police person might work with a street gang here and there. That said, it would have to be the guy from Psycho, if Wesley Aaron Marks (and many, many other variations) attempts to frame someone healthy as “mental” in front of court.