What might be Onision's game?

Ever since a 19-year old Scorpio who was a YouTuber contacted me via the same site I also met my Ex, he wouldn't let go of me.

Fake after fake would contact me. Most were called Marc or Mark. Like my ex. Onision is fabulous at framing others for his crimes.

In this case, it's a bizare obession, though. Over the years, the took over accounts of former class mates, real life friends, colleagues, he even hacked into the system of a big German insurance to place fake emails between real ones.

It seems as if he doesn't care, as long as I talk to him. Avoiding him is impossible, even if you don't use a single electronic device. Wherever I go more than two times, things change. People get scared or suddenly injured.

Only recently, Onision shared with me that he was surveilling my Ex. He referred to tapes and is in possession of information only a voyeur could have. Gross and disgusting.

It is true that the stalking against me wasn't life-threatening, before 2006. Onision was after my ex initially, not me.

Obviously, his version was that he's helplessly in love with me. We don't need to discuss that love and stalking don't go together.

In March 2020, Onision confessed that he had been stalking me all these years. I went to the police and FBI in Germany and the US several times, but I mentioned the wrong name. Not that my Ex would be innocent when it comes to contacting me via fakes, but he's not clinically insane. I reported the wrong person, just like Onision sued the wrong Chris Hansen. The German FBI didn't find any signs of intrusions on my laptop. Just like the FBI didn't find anything on Sarah's PC.

If you're a profiler, you can read a lot of my life history and stalking misery in Onision's videos. Sadly, he recently deleted many, including one that shows me behind bars for one or two seconds.

As I know Onision to be a talented framer of innocent people, that worries me.

I wanted to meet Onision after his confession. For many, many years, I waited to finally get to who's doing that to me.

... what happened then?

To Onision's own accord, he tried to pick me up, but couldn't get closer. He claims he felt something that was too powerful. It sounds absurd, but I felt too what he was referring too. Might have just been an electronic weapon.

Onision circled 21 times around the area, before he left. This is addressed in this song:


There's a nice police-involvement story (again two black cops, not THE police) about 2020 too. Including Onisions claim my Ex (no matter how absurd the accusation) had a black police person give me a cup with water and cocain. I dont' take cocain. It would be interesting to look at the file the hospital has as I collapsed the following night at a gas station.

Fun fact: Onision kept saying during the hunt that I'll die at 2.15 (he didn't detail am or pm) at a gas station, and that he's seen it in his simulation.

I assume he has the footage from the security camera of the gas station. Ring cameras and co will be another topic.

Did Wesley Marks go after him?

Onision said the DEA would be looking for him. I dismissed this as another absurd remark. In retrospective, I'm not entirely sure anymore. At this time, I didn't know yet that Onision was surveilling my ex, and potentially responsible (so he says) for terrible things that happened to him.

However, it was Wes Moast who was anxious about the belly dance videos in my YouTube account. He knows my Ex, or knows who he is. Really? An American citizen knows my ex?

Ever since, Onision claimed the police are on his trail. I'm not certain why DEA, because at least until 2010, Onision, in my opinion, was in Germany. To my knowledge, Onision is a user, not a seller.

In my mind, Onision worked with Wesley Marks. Together, they tried to kill me. Five days in a row. Even before that, Onision was targeting me with an electronic weapon so that I would always feel sick. I didn't know what it was back then.

However, it appears that Onision now throws Wesley Marks under the bus. He motivated him to "hahaha, married to Pablo Escobar" jokes, and is (in my opinion) responsible for many of the accounts that helped me gather evidence.. or what's the lesser words. Hints?

Onision is the scariest person I had the misfortune of virtually coming across in my life. That says something.

What's his game?

Obviously, not love. Getting rid of Wesley Marks? How would killing or harming me get him to my ex? Is the patent story just that, another story?

Why did a black gang suddenly target me in May of 2022? Did Onision call them on me? Or the team of Wesley Marks and Onision? I could imagine Onision knows that someone is looking closely. And that it's a psychopaths way to get attention away from himself.

Onision is dangerous for everyone he comes across. No matter if partner, enemy, random person.

Actually, I warned Wesley Marks that he has no idea who he's messing with. Even if Onision would pay to get me killed, he'd go after whomever he paid. And then he apparently overlooked to share with Wesley Marks who my ex is (I had no knowledge myself) and motivated him to mock him and go after me.