Ugly Porn Junkie Wesley Marks

This will be continued, when I sorted my screenshots. Wesley Marks or Onision or both can change the Google search results in less than an hour.

He looks pretty much like the comic on the Wes Moast channel.

If you're following my Twitter, and followed search results links I posted (for instance, when the same number belonged to a plethora of people), and you click on them again, you will see different results.

So I'll just drop a few quickly, all from the three emails I found on Spokeo. Meanwhile, Wesley Marks apparently removed himself from both, Whitepages and Spokeo.

As a stalking victim who fled Germany and tried to hide, I can relate to the pain with data brokers.

I recommend using search engines from different countries. Or search engines that don't get their results from Google.

I'm not sure this one is the same too. Investigate?

Reminder: From his Amazon wishlist

wes moast wesley marks amazon wishlist
From blackhatworld dot com

Random link, potentially related:

That's how the hundreds of fake teenager profiles looked like. Similar to this image.

What a MF

Damage control a la Wesley Marks?

A very clever man

Very clever

He loves Craigslist

Might or might not be him

Wesley Marks and several other cyberstalkers openly celebrate the targeted harassment of individuals they cynically call "lolcows" (people they can milk for laughter, preference vulnerable people) on YouTube, kiwifarms, and several other social media platforms.

Each would make several slanderous videos about the targeted person.

While this did not happen to me, I came across it, and it has to be addressed.

The 1st amendment is not there to harass people as a group.

Ex Wife

We'll leave family out, except for this publicly available, google-ranking article:

Per her request, I removed the information about his ex-wife. Luckily, she survived. To my surprise, she didn't make a single comment that might indicate the allegations are wrong. Wow.

So we'll just show this data broker image, that's perfectly anonymous, really.

To be honest, I thought she either never existed or went missing too. All "her" emails are associated with him by many data brokers.

And there are many missing people around Onision, Wesley Marks, Teabos.

For instance, Sarah is also a person I could not find.

Last and least: old G plus: