Wireshark Protocols

If you're a forensic or network expert, feel free to check the Wireshark recordings below. As of this time, I have not yet found a way to "unhack" my laptop permanently.

Wesley Marks appears to have a less sophisticated way that might require knowledge of the device name. As this changes with every network reset, it would take a few minutes to get hacked again.

How Onision hacks my computers since 2006, I don't know. A special IT unit of the German FBI has searched my computer, and did not find any traces of intrusion.

They, too, saw signs of it.

Sponsors, authorities, Elite members, can use the contact form to request access to WireShark protocols.

It appears Onision might use sound to hack into computers, but going forward there should still be traces.

As long as he cannot see through (my) eyes, right? Hahaha, just kidding. Because THAT would be a problem for every single one.