How Onision told me Marc is not stalking me

One day, many years ago (sadly too late to report, I assume... perhaps not because it's involving the police) I spoke with my ex Michael. He messaged me to contact him because he received a "Anzeige" about a theft.

Before I left Germany, I sold some of my items on eBay, so that I'd have a few dollars to get started in a new country. Not only did I ship every item, I'm 99% sure that I already had a positive review (therefore, confirmation) for a pair of boots I sold.

As I could not have kept the money if I received it on my overdrawn account, he offered that I can use his bank details, and he'd give me the payments.

Before I left, I deleted every auction, and my German PayPal account. I don't recall if I deleted my eBay account without any active auctions, if it was possible, I did.

It's technically not possible that anything could have been sold after that. Every single item was shipped.

Even on the way to the airport, Michael (ex ex) kindly took the last item to a post office. We were also bringing my Hamster Maya to Martina.

I can't say exactly when it happened. It's several years ago.

So, Michael contacted me because he received a formal complaint about a theft from a police station in Dreieich.

He really had to go there, and he really paid a small fee-even though the item has been shipped and 99% sure received. Even if not, the normal way would be to click on “item not received.” Onision loves filing false complaints with the few rotten apples he cooperates with for his real criminal business. This wasn't the only one.

Anyway. I don't mind people reporting ACTUAL theft.

Strangely, Michael said the female police person demanded to speak to me. He asked me to call her. I didn't want to because before I left Germany a single isolated German police person was involved (the investigation of the German FBI was asking him: “hey were you involved” and he said “no." Well, that was surprising after a thorough investigation like that.”) But at least this is why the German FBI investigated. Only because it appeared as if a police person was involved. The German FBI does not investigate stalking cases.

The story is too small to tell. It was just that someone screwed off my number plate and a police person personally delivered it to my house. The car was pretty new, and the number plate didn't have the tiniest sign like a dent/scratch/dirt or anything else that might happen when you lose your number plate at a speed you don't hear it.

I've seen it shortly before. Perhaps two days? The police person demanded to know my number. I explained about stalking and that I didn't want to share my number. Why did he even need it after he delivered the number plate?

Well, that was back in the times when Onision was still low-tech, compared to today.

I called the police person and had the strangest conversation over the duration of nearly exactly one hour and two different numbers. One was a physical number, the other a Google voice number.

Fake police people always take more time and are kinder than real ones. I'm not saying real police people are unkind. Just distant professionals.

Both calls, in my mind, have been rerouted. Because I spoke with Onision. A perfect female voice that said the strangest things, that follow Onision's logic.

Outline of the call:

I started talking first, explaining that the item in question had been shipped. She didn't doubt my words or ask any further questions. I don't recall who brought up the stalking first. We spoke about the stalking. I accused Marc. .... No... wrong. Michael had already mentioned it to the police person, explaining why I at first didn't want to call. Because she said that Marc (my ex .. Michael is technically ex ex) was an unlikable guy and that she had him in for questioning. (I'm confident that never happened. When do police people speak badly about others, and on what basis would she have questioned him over what?)

She said Marc could not be stalking me because he is married. I said that at the time the German FBI was investigating (wasn't that long ago back then), he was not married, and that I don't see how someone could stalk me 24/7 and marry on the side. (This now holds true for Onision...)

She continued to say that “my” (makes me aggressive to associated something with me like that. It is not MY stalker. It is a person stalking me) stalker must have much more money than Marc, who (according to her) just had a simple house in Dreieich. (Where the police station was.)

The female police officer (that was NOT a police officer) then said the part that worried me A LOT: She said that there were three complaints against my name:

  • money laundering (are you even serious???? I got a few bucks for my fully paid apartment that I held for so long that it wasn't tax relevant... the German state doesn't help me and allows for me to be stalked until I became sick and poor, and then THAT???? What money?
  • Identify theft. I did make fake Marc profiles. I doubt he filed a complaint against me, though. I even made a Marc profile on Xing, entered the group of his logistics company and in the profile described him as a stalker. I'm not proud of it. Technically, I guess you could call it satire. Whereas it's not a stolen identify. Something a little worse than satire at the most. It's not like I pretended to be Marc. I pretended to be his stalking victim. I'll be completely transparent about my missteps and mistakes. All the embarrassing and humiliating parts. This isn't one, though. You don't know Marc.... it takes guts to do that to him.
  • theft. Already explained. I didn't do it.

When I got too worried (just like the nurse in another call that IS still within a time where it can be reported when I got too worried about my mum's lung cancer), the fake police person toned it down a little "you won't get arrested at the airport."

WTF?????? I'm the victim here! Why would I get “not at the airport” arrested or even bothered?????

As I know Onision's ability... what did I keep saying to the German police? “He lies better than I can tell the truth.” He could also somehow use my IP (I'm uncertain if it was spoofing or more likely FROM/ON my network), fake emails, calls, identities, deepfakes of me, and whatnot... I'm worried he might have made it look as if I did something I did not do.

What I did do shortly before I left Germany is order a computer. I left the country in a rush without letting the catalog shop know about it. However, this wasn't a topic of the fake police call, and catalog stores would also not file for criminal charges.

I didn't know when I would leave Germany. I went to an internet café and booked the first package I saw and could afford via Then things happened rapidly. I had no way to write emails or even letters to people explaining why I'll go missing for a while. I never expected it would be that long.

Anyway... just for full transparency. This wasn't a topic of the call. I don't mean to minimize crime of any sort, and it's something I would normally never in my life do. But even in retrospective, I don't see a better way. I did not choose to leave the country overnight with just one suitcase. It doesn't make it ok, but hopefully understandable.

I lost everything through the stalking, I did report it to the police who did find crimes. When the state attorney changed, he closed the case. It felt as if it were one of his first actions in this new role. The reason: It's not harming the public.

It felt cynical given that I had made believable that the stalker was MASSIVELY manipulating major sites, including Facebook, already back then, in 2010.

Well, I get emotional. I hate that I've been forced to compromise my integrity in some small ways. I had tried, with the help of the German FBI, to gain control over my laptops or phones. And I couldn't pick when I rushed (because even internet cafés are not safe for long, even though I would make a new email account every time) to book a flight to escape the stalking.

I also made mistakes. Everywhere I called (and probably never landed there) I received bad advice that led to me destroying evidence. In retrospective, I think that one of the problem with one of my phones at least was just downloading the wrong apps. I had a Firephone, and the Amazon appstore was still nothingness. Hardly any apps. What would I be looking for? Bellydance, Moon Calendar, something about Herbs? Stuff like that. I downloaded two apps that requested EVERY permission.

Some things might have been as simple as that. And then Nokia told me to reset my phone. Fritzbox, hosting provider - they all gave me advice that might have destroyed evidence. So did the fake lawyer. Onision makes 100% real looking fake websites. Not Wesley Marks style. Real looking sites. He also buys whatever and whomever he needs to avoid being caught.

He had me the next day in the US. But that's a different story. I don't know whether he hacked the airport data or just the credit card institution and from there

Both, my ex ex Michael and my mom bought a new phone right before I left, that they only used for communication with me. It didn't work. I assume Onision checks all phones logged in a certain area.

I don't have receipts for this case anymore (except that I told several real people right after it happened), unless Google stores data of deleted Google Voice numbers. In that case, I'd have a receipt for half an hour of the one-hour call I'm telling you about.

I tried to report the fake police call to the real police.

First I called the KHK (German equivalent to FBI agent, I think) and wanted to let him know. He was “on vacation.” I told his colleague about what had happened, and he said in German “You are crazy” and hung up. However, there's a file where a spoofed call had already been documented, plus other manipulations.

A real police person wouldn't have dismissed a complaint about something that had happened before with an unprofessional sentence like that.

Then I called the very police person who got the holder of a number to hand in their invoice, showing they had never called me. Where Onision literally mocked the German FBI and showed them who's boss.

(Side note: That's how cocky Onision is. I was AT the FBI in Germany and the KHK wanted my new number. Like the real, good, genuine one. ... not the number plate guy. I told him that I had never used the number, and I'd be afraid to “waste” it. He said it would be 100% safe with the police. I gave him the number. It had been abused 10 times on my way back home from the German FBI.)

The police person who documented the first spoofed call (it wasn't a typical thing, back in 2010 and in Germany) cut me off with the sentence: “You are crazy” and hung up.

I'm not entirely sure what the third police station was. I think it was the next city, Buedingen. Same thing. “You are crazy” and they hung up.

Three police stations in a row hung up on me with the same sentence. And I saw no way to even get to the police.

I had letters I sent not arriving at the destination. Calls? My calls get rerouted from brand-new phones. I even persuaded a random person in a Walmart to activate a new phone for me. I activated a phone from a public phone. I had a phone I never used close to where I lived. I would walk a minute away before I turned it on. I had batteries out, SIM cards out, but nothing ever helped. Onision has such advanced technology. I assume he scans a whole area for all logged in devices, and then goes from there. But as always, please don't quote me on my theories regarding technologies. The crimes happened as I tell them.

So this was that.

In Germany, I couldn't get through to the police anymore. One police person was involved, but the German FBI ... a little mildly, but nevertheless investigated it.

And then in the United States, at least Milwaukee, I fall into the hands of three dirty black cops. Two participated in a hunt on me (according to Onision, which is not confirmed, one gave me a drug) and the third dirty cop tried to get me locked up in a mental facility after either using an electronic weapon on me or knowing who did. They also drugged me.

Two days ago, a car labeled “Milwaukee police” followed by a .. not truck.... big car with “Aurora at home” on it drove past me. Less than a minute later, they drove past me again in the other direction. It was a white police person.

This isn't about colors. It's about if there's a problem with a certain group or the police station itself.

... and why I have not reported murder attempts, kidnapping and extreme horror since May 2022 (on top of the “regular” extreme stalking) to the police yet. It was as if I should understand that it's not “just” three black cops.

It's not a local cop case anyway. This needs CIA, Secret Service, FBI, and what not. It's international, organized crime, police corruption, and a black gang that triggered the FBI to form a special task force anyway.

It looks as if I got into the center of an organized crime war. And then someone (I'm convinced it's Onision when real people were looking at him) called a dangerous black gang on me too.

What's the deal with the fake teenager profiles?

Is the DEA after Onision, like he says? Why does he say he's Marc's boss?

Why was he after my ex Marc two years before he targeted me?

How high is the 2-digit rate of ad-fraud by partners in crime and deepfakes?

Anyone worried about Ring camera system hacks and real-time manipulation of footage?

What the hell does he still want???? Why doesn't he hop off to the next victim NOW? The risk for him is very high at this time. He won't get to my ex through me, and I explicitly forbid to give in to any form of blackmail. These people cannot be trusted anyway.

Who on earth wouldn't send the military when (who should know KNOWS what I mean) a psychopathic murderous criminal has weapons like the ones Onision has?

We'll get into that later on. Wesley Marks moastly has weapons any sicko can buy on sites, such as https://

I would rather not give this store a backlink. Please remove the blanks.

But Wesley Marks too has at least one weapon (he says from his contact at the military.. the name "John" fell, but that's likely misinformation) he really should not have. And then another topic is a drug that travels through air. Onision did not have (at least not use) it in 2020. But Wesley Marks calls it "Zombie drug." Again, it travels through air, in my opinion. People don't have to consume it, and it affects other people in the area.

Could "drug" be misinformation and he has another weapon to drug people? Wouldn't be much worse or better... I think it's a drug, because he mentioned he's running out. I have not been drugged ever since the day when the dirty black cop tried to get me locked up as insane. But I have been drugged inside a mental place, and I could see other people were impacted too. They would talk nonsense, and be very unfocused. Did they know? Or did they just not questioned why their brain was suddenly mushy?

Onision kept saying “They kill homeless people at this place.” The people in the chairs next to me also looked half dead. I felt half dead.

It took me EVERYTHING to still speak straight. But that is a separate post. I assume the main stalker and murder clown Wesley Marks and his friends do not expect that I will be 100% open about every last ugly thing.

Is it nice? No, I'm a private person. Does it humiliate me? I think it humiliates them. Still, people might feel sorry for me. I don't like that. I avoided “identifying” as a victim until the last possible second, and hoped my friends would silently solve this case.

We'll go through mental places, me lying on the streets, watched through Ring cameras, spoken to through Bluetooth and whatnot... drugged with an airborne .. something, attacked with electronic weapons, kidnapped, hungry, thirsty, afraid for my sick mother they were going after...

Keep in mind: Wesley Marks hunts people to death. Onision inbetween tried to play he's a hostage of Wesley Marks who forces him to hurt me with his electronic weapon and .. however he utilizes old electronic outlets.

My most likely version:

Onision noticed that real people are looking. Influential people. So, he called Wesley Marks on me and asked him to re-enact things that happened in 2020. That way, I'd think it was Wesley Marks all along. In 2020 and in 2022. Onision doesn't care how many former victims, and other people will go down over this.

I care.

But that's my theory. Ignoring favor doers, it was these two people playing TOGETHER. They played to be 20 different people, but I could tell, it's only AI/voice changer or whatnot. At least mostly. If gang stalking as described by TI's exists, it's not what's happening in Milwaukee. At least not to me. Phil Provins and one or more Teabos might have been involved.

Yes, the little favors constantly happen. The little annoyances and harassment that are difficult to report as isolated incidents. But it's THREE MAIN PEOPLE. Kevin Kuschel, Onision, Wesley Marks. As Wesley Marks liked to repeat over and over again, local gangs (he named something called “Black Disciples” for this area) call him “Master.”

I'm not sure the black gang even knows about it. The little favor doers look like victims, more than gangsters, and they're not well-off. They, too, live in the horrible places Wesley Marks forces victims to. According to data brokers, that's Kevin Kuschel's contacts.

I'll share details, unless the case gets closed silently before that. Or they kill me. That too would obviously shut me up.

I'm always and absolutely willing to make this site and everything I ever posted disappear, for the greater good.

There were murderers, and the 2022 cop cannot be a cop going forward. Minimal viable solution suggestions are very welcome.

I'm not even asking for the person who physically (weapon) knocked me out and drove me through the city to kill me at another part. The REAL police knows.... and the morons had me scan my passport at .. whatever airport that was. A wise man was watching too.

By the way... I assume you know enough about me to assess if what I'm saying checks out. Are you more or less worried that this hasn't been reported officially yet?

Think about it. Are you more or less worried?

Another thing to think about: As you understand who you were messing with x2 ... do you think Onision (even if he paid you for it) lets people who harmed me get away?

If you still underestimate him, and don't get what he is, I'm worried about you.

Let me ask you again: Are you more or less....

Here's a variety: Are you more or less worried about Onision still being free?

Just consider how he tooled Wesley Marks to go after me and re-enact 2020 just to make the point it wasn't him in 2020.

There's also a huge difference in the level of control over the police. Onision kept repeating: “The only thing not under Marc's control (only he meant himself) was the 2022 bad cop incident.”
It's true. In 2020, it was “who was not involved.” And when they tried to kick me out, a man came in who convinced them otherwise. In 2022, it was a single black cop who felt miserable about what they were doing.

Will he sing like your bird?

Wow, this specific Milwaukee police station is something, don't you think?

I'm not sure what the 2-car caravan was about. “Aurora at home” “Milwaukee Police.” It takes some planning when I'm outside only for the duration of a cigarette. I did not feel threatened.

More the irritation I develop when certain people abuse me as the messenger.

Any ideas?

One last question: How long do you think people are looking for Onision? Do you think they saw you?