Searching for Onision's first wife, actor

Very early videos suggests the person potentially just playing to be Onision's wife looked real and human. The latest videos look like bot videos.

You can ask Onision whether it's true or not that he told me he was never married. It's hear-say from the source, and what I know about him over being stalked for nearly 18 years makes it believable.

I didn't manage to find her. While that doesn't mean she isn't fine, there were a few strange things I found:

  • "Grins" is a German expression. I never heard any American use it
  • His English wasn't as perfect as it is now
  • The timing seems strange. Did he simp her when they were already married? Was that his army time?

Personally, I doubt that any of this happened. If you can verify the paperwork, please kindly do. An Onision account posted this a few years back.

The army images looked fake to me one evening. I found signs of editing in every one. I found them via But then on the next day, they didn't look edited to me. After that and a few strange things happened, I started recording my lookups. I don't think he was in the army.

He says, and as the victim of his nearly 24/7 stalking, I cannot imagine he was in the army. He "married" his first wife when I received a marriage proposal in a hacked Facebook game. You'll come across hundreds of parallels when you follow this crowdsourced investigation into unreported murder attempts and other crimes. One can be discussed away, the sum cannot.

Onision told me (but he is also a potentially pathological liar) he came to the United States after I fled Germany to get away from the stalking. Again, his first language IS German. And when he's angry, he automatically switches to German.

There's no witness, except his own fake Anonymous Gene, who has seen him in WA in the past years. I think he is in Milwaukee since 04/2020.

This might be a filming house, I don't think he lives there. I also don't think he started his name changes with his legal name. Technically, the house might not even belong to him.

I'd like to ask his former associate, Alexandre Vace, who's also listed on his trademark, but he appears to be vanished too. Can you find him? Start HERE.

PS: His Wetlands trial lawyer was older, but I also couldn't find one of her references. I'll share which channels I attribute to (controlled by) Onision, but you can already add EVERY single "detractor" and person he ever mentions. Sames with brands. He only promotes his brands.