A Wesley Marks Endorsement

Wesley Marks, the man with many names (some female?) accused me of making up my whole resume on LinkedIn. He said that none of my testimonials are real, including a video testimonial by Dr. Mark Goulston.

I've looked at one of the people who think he's highly skilled:

Don't forget to check out the YouTube channel, in case you need help with reputation management or SEO.

You, too, could be the proud owner of such a well-designed website:

I left a chat message on Semco and referenced Wesley Marks. Sadly, I never received a response, even though I could have been good business.

Be my guest: Can you find any of the clients on LinkedIn or anywhere else?

What is interesting is that they use either a virtual mailbox or mail forwarding service in the same street as the alleged address belonging to Onision is.

To get a virtual mailbox, you have to go to a notary and show your ID. I assume to get approved for mail-forwarding, you would at least have to receive a post card in the mail.

I'd love to know for both, Onision and Wesley Marks' endorsement who opened this mailbox.

Something I sadly cannot prove anymore (unless you follow my Twitter and clicked the “search phone number” right after I posted it: The number seemed to belong to several companies/people. When I wanted to take a screenshot less than an hour later, the Google search result had changed.

While Google now is empty for the number, I still found at least a few on .. a different search engine they cannot manipulate like Google (or didn't think of manipulating)

The ability to completely alter Google search results is a topic for a different post.

Update: The search results changed BACK. Onision hacks my computer. He sees whatever I post.

I used the "back" button.

Before I looked at the results from other search engines:

And then two minutes later, the search results contained the results as seen on other search engines again.

I noticed, that the "Onision doxx" has a forwarding address or virtual mailbox in the same street. Why would Onision route his mail through Las Vegas? There might be a reason, let's find it out together. Perhaps he lived there a while back.

The site of the Wesley Marks reference is dynamic. I found two images that indicate the site has been used for different purposes.

Not sure if I'd buy reputation management here, but it's probably examples of their client projects.


Wesley Marks, the murderer (according to him), kidnapper, death hunter, slanderer, kiwifarm stalker, with 40 identities, should perhaps worry about his references.

I just save $800!!!

According to Wesley Mark's reference, ads like the one I will receive for free (what's your guess? Will I ever hear from them?) go for 800 dollars.

... or $10 on Fiverr for an oversized, beautiful woman. I assume a normal-sized would be $5.

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