Frank / Jon / Johnathan / Melinda Teabo Germany

From the number listed on Jon Teabo's profile (the name John or Jon has been mentioned several times by Wesley Marks) I went down the rabbit hole.

Through the phone number listed (that according to the broker belongs to Melinda Teabo), I found these emails:

From there, I landed at this email:

However, the website belongs to a German (from the area where my ex Marc lived.) Keep in mind, the stalking was initially against him. He has been recorded already in 2004. I've only been recorded because I was there. 24/7 surveillance and extreme hardcore life-shattering stalking on me started in 2006.

Michael Sabro Jensen.

According to his site, it's a single consultant. However, the company has, according to LinkedIn, 1,500 employees.

Looking up Jensen through an email, led me to various companies. Again, in the area where my ex lived, and most of them don't look all too real.

I'm also sharing info on registrations of companies of another German person, who, with Jensen, is one of two CEO's in one of the companies.

Again, data brokers might get it wrong. I'm not convinced they did, though.

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