Lenovo Laptop Security Problem

If nothing else had happened, Onision would owe me about 40K in electronics alone. Only talking about electronics he took out. I'm not sure what I mean by “taking out”, and if it's power surge (he loves to play with electricity), but devices would be dead/dead. Not just the battery, dead.

So, I purchased yet another Lenovo in September, 1.5 months ago.

As often, the delivery took a day longer than normal. I was surprised Amazon would ship a $650 item via USPS (where Onision might have low-key contacts because many of my letters never made it to the recipient) and then it's randomly dropped in front of the door in like the worst ghetto in the United States.

It took until day 2 that problems began. Horrible noises, problems with "out of RAM" and - as always - the machine was hacked.

Depending if this is the first article you read, or if you are more familiar with my content, you will believe that Onision also has call centers. Tons of them.

I'm not sure who does the support for Lenovo at this point.

Order of things

  • Contacted Lenovo right in the beginning. They stalled and were utterly useless. I know I cannot give the PC away, before (as he's likely German) the Secret Service or a very competent authority has looked at it. I tried to work with them.
  • Conversation dribbled forth and back. I deleted the first part. The latest and last part is below.
  • RAM showed as 6GB
  • Lenovo said some incompetent things (see video)
  • They sent a BIOS update
  • RAM showed as 7.5 GB
  • I contacted them again that it's not right
  • They suggested I delete the page file. I know. But it's what they said
  • I deactivated virtualization because I assume VMWare IS Onision, and I wanted it off
  • RAM showed as 6GB again
  • Size of memory dump is 6.7 GB (download available for VIP members)
  • Recorded horrible noises

Well, just see the conversation and images for yourself, and decide (coming from the assumption that Onision has call centers) if that's normal or not.

I also don't know if a NEW laptop purchased in 09/2022 should have a ton of deleted data on the recovery partition. I have not looked further, if I don't correct this, it's on all three partitions. It might also explain why the warranty wasn't a full year.

There are more files that have been changed or deleted in different months. Copies of the boot and recovery partition can be requested via contact form. Memory dumps are HERE.

As I said, it's not the first laptop I have problems with.

The sound:

The conversation:

These images/comments were from after I recorded the video.

Image from Lenovo as an example how 8GB RAM should look like.

It looks as if I need yet another laptop. And I haven't even paid this one fully.

Also see:

UPDATE: I found more old, deleted files. It doesn't make sense to me that a laptop sold as new in September would have files from January/February/June, etc.

You can download the boot and recovery partition HERE. I'm beginning to wonder if the security problem is intentionally. After wiping both partitions, it took minutes (if any) to rehack the laptop, and Wireshark didn't register any intrusions like that.)

The return process turned into an Onision-led stalking nightmare. Read HERE.