Death Hunt with Local Police 2020

What's even scarier than a psychopath stalking you is when police are involved. Eventhough it is not THE police, two or three bad cops can cause a death-threatening problem. An example of involvement of German police can be found HERE. It also shows why I chose to try and meet Onision, as I didn't get police-relevant things to report in my hands ever since the Lake County Sheriffs sent me to the FBI. More about this HERE.

The "bizarre flyer" of a few years ago is of a misled person. Bizarre is that local cops help with death hunts and stalking. I'll explain in other articles how victims are purposefully and artfully misled into saying the wrong things, that don't check out. For instance, it would be one specific number to call for a "fake" ambulance. That doesn't mean the managerial level is involved. The same goes for cable companies, etc. It is not the company, but it might be the installation guy, house inspector, delivery guy.

To falsely declare innocent people schizophrenic and "vanish' them, contacts to low-income housing and a fake ambulance that harms more than helps are needed. Coincidentally, Kevin Kuschel has them, according to the internet and data brokers.

While, in my mind, Onision leads world-wise gang stalking, nasty Kevin Kuschel and his as nasty wife might as well be the local leaders of deadly gang stalking in Milwaukee.

I found links to medical billing in Germany and the United States. Also check out the nice Teabo family.

I've also been targeted by a black cop with an electronic weapon in 2022, and there was a witness (I'll share that in "2022 death hunt.") This would only be needed in case the cop lies about it. I procrastinate because these are hard articles to write. In 2022, I was in a month-long terror campaign with a seven or six day street death hunt. According to Wesley Marks, I'm the first who survived.

The German police suggested the tools and methods used against me were normally not found in "personal stalking" but espionage and organized crime. Onision is from Germany, or he lived there and German is his first language. When he gets angry, he automatically switches to German.

A clue that his marriage is made-up (as he also told me) and the use of a German term I never heard from any American can be found HERE.

Check back later today. Looking for files after data loss. (Also... it's a difficult topic, and then I also have to share details on the several months horror trip with 6 or 7 days of death hunt on the streets.)

Why I wanted to meet "the stalker" in person

I wrongfully accused my ex-boyfriend of stalking me. He might have looked a little to close for this or that reason, but I found out that the life-threatening stalking was committed by Onision. He told me on March 7, 2020. I texted one of the "leaked" numbers and said I'll accept his marriage proposal.

I said, if he told me his legal name, looks like he looks in his videos, and has not committed any stalking offense (he said he's only responsible for the re-routed call. Read HERE), I will marry him. So, technically, I said I won't.

He targets my sick mother in Germany with electronic weapons, "because she wasn't a good mother to you." So, it was also a blackmail situation, and he once again stalked me out of every cent. He calls himself "Pablo Escobar" (Pablo Escrowbar would be more appropriate with the shady real estate deals he has going on), and told me to tell the police I'd be engaged to Pablo Escobar.

I assumed it's to frame me mental later on. My mother is on police record complaining about sound she couldn't record so that I feel pretty safe like that.

He said the DEA is after him, and that he has to be cautious what he posts. Also, he thinks a profiler couldn't read him. He talks about everything, just changes names or other details. For instance, 25 instead of 50.

Onision made a video that he later deleted, and I could not find it. I was the special guest for a second or two. Behind bars. And the "real life heroes" remark was for me. He posted it shortly before we wanted to meet. Or better: Before I wanted to confront the stalker.

He also posted this. It's just the "unsuspicious" addition at the end. You will also notice that I tag him regularly. He, who makes a video or comment on every fly flying by the wrong way, has yet to call me a liar. Go, figure.

Later in 2020, Onision wanted to meet me for a "live" stream. The rest of the conversation happened in Protonmail, and I cannot access the account. I explained in detail what I mean by "extreme stalking" and he suggested a time in August. I don't recall the exact day, and the live stream never happened. I canceled it, but he would not have shown up anyway, because he does not live stream. Ever. It's all fake. \

I also joined his forum< where I openly accused him of stalking me. The post was there for days, until I left the site. Later, I realized that there was no single person on there. It's all fake profiles, and Onision (via AI or self) writes all of the posts himself.

How we can get the guilty cops:

  • There's a receipt in my bank account. The time I "checked" in is on file. The transaction was about 12 hours later.
  • I can share details (for instance, which officer was in when) I couldn't know if I were not there.
  • I also remember some of the people who came in.
  • I know the faces of the two black cops, including the cop who potentially gave me a drug.
  • The two female cops that tried to get me kicked out will likely remember and be honest about it. They were not involved.
  • Wesley Marks kept saying that I must not use the term "police hunt." He can likely share who's partnering with them. It's not THE police, so much is sure. I am under the impression, that the West Allis police might know something about this. They helped me. Other horror story that will follow.
  • I was drugged by a cop, and I can identify them. The hospital files might be faked by now, is an intrusion visible? The doctor would likely not remember, as it's too long ago. Onision kept saying, "Don't tell them Marc gave you cocaine, or he will get in trouble." No. He won't get in trouble because he doesn't do sick shit like this. In this context, I'll have to report the only science fiction, unlikely thing. Everything else is uncommon for civilians and healthy people, not unknown. At the time you read this, you've seen so much evidence, that you will probably believe me in an instant.

People to ask

  • Who scared the person I shared an apartment with? FBI or whoever is responsible for a case involving German-based organized crime can get the name and follow up with them.
  • Amazon can help with an empty delivery Ring camera video. Onision said he'll show me what he can do. Which is somehow ... don't measure me on technical terms. Had I not seen a minute-long boring scene twice at the police station in Milwaukee (once with the cop who gave me a cup with potentially a drug so that I can "run" longer, and then again without the cop), I would think it's a technical glitch. But he told me that he'll show me (so that I don't feel I'm crazy) and when a delivery happened, and I looked at the video, it was empty. The parcel was there. Amazon can confirm that it was precisely the minute the driver scanned the parcel, and also provide the video, as I didn't delete my smart device or Ring history.
    He can real-time record footage differently than it really is, but he needs alternative/still footage. So, he cannot do it everywhere, but he could at the police station, and in front of Kevin's house.
    It was the first time I believed the DEA (or whoever is really looking for him) didn't catch him yet. That's quite a technology.