Preparation "Sima is going to vanish"

All of the content on this site, and about 30GB of other incidents, Wiresharks, etc, have been reported to the FBI. Also, I've sent links to the DHS. The very next day, the online report option was missing, though.

So now the status is "the FBI isn't doing as little as going after payments that have been stolen from me, and that make living impossible for me."

Via Joshua Withers, I was led to Joshua G Read. Detailed info is on PCloud. CIA, FBI, DHS, and Vanguard all have the links. I've donated the rights to any of my RLMM content to James O'Keefe and Michael Bloomberg.

His Twitter image is also on this site:

Wesley Weaver and "Annah Minx", self-proclaimed "crack whore" are "gang" stalkers, and they are and were involved in killing me.

Both profiles, in the contact of "Peter Gerard" and his "ice cream" site, might have links to a few strange children videos, etc. Also profiles of "forced" looking young people, just like the ones I showed the FBI Chicago in 2010 and the German FBI who INVESTIGATED in 2009.


As you will see over and over again, all of the missing people's data has one thing in common:

Data brokers record that these identities are used by several other identities, at the end, with the exception of Onision whose (German) identity is still unknown, is a black male.

I was still shocked to find that (unsurprisingly, after they tried to kill me) preparations have already begun.

I first registered the domain It couldn't be an old owner.

Then someone is reading my email, but i could not figure out how.

I noticed that my Main address that also serves as login has been deleted from my account. That is technically not possible. I mean... from a process perspective, that couldn't happen. I couldn't re-add it, and the error message was that it's in a different account.

i assume the email was used to get all of my domain email by onision.

i feel comfortable to make allegations, that I will happily repeat in front of any US or German court or other authority.

The emails show people related to my email and that I own my Zoho email that now isn't reachable. It's not in my account anymore, even though it's still my login email.

Zoho has not responded for comment.

Apparently, and not visible in my settings, Gmail attempts to forward email to my email that is now in control of someone else. I understand this email in a way that they have deleted it from their account, which is probably a good thing.

Because of the plethora of things happening every day, I'm not after this topic as much as I should.