Donald Trump Stalked by Kiwifarms Stalkers BLM Ties

You wouldn't expect to find a president targeted by the most dangerous stalker, meeting point outside the dark web. To my surprise, he's been heavily covered there.

In 2020, I briefly signed up to kiwifarms for the following reason: I have seen other content on Onision's OnlyFans than everyone else. Everything about this person is archived, “leaked”, reported on by several drama channels. Every tweet, every image, every everything. Except the real stuff.

This can easily be proven. None of the alleged victims has ever seen him. Like that. It would be quite a court date, if exhibit A is a peepee, but ... I guess that's what it would have to be. That said, you will have a difficult time finding any of the former “wives” or people who were on the Chris Hansen show.

My theory is: If it's not on kiwifarms, nobody has seen it. There are about 20 or 30 videos covering his OnlyFans, that apparently have not seen his real porn content. I did. More about that later, but my point here is that a lot of content appears to have vanished.

I seem to recall that the coverage of Donald Trump was even more hateful, extensive, intrusive, and toxic.

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