Banned from Onision's Kiwifarms

I had already suspected that Kiwifarms might be under the control of onision.

Except slander, targeting, harassment, and stalking coordination of "lolcows" there's rarely a true piece of information.

For instance, nobody has noticed all the missing people in onision's environment. Why not?

I posted the first real information about onision. REal data that showed some of his fake identities.

Also about Wesley Marks and Baked Salmon.

It contained a video of a bot account that had been deleted during my screen recording.

You would think that's precisely what kiwifarms is looking for, no?

However, they are not interested in real information. The sole purpose is to target a few individuals, more or less only under the control of onision.

This site that pretends to make onision one of their main topics (without covering any problematic topics) banned me for posting legit, verifiable information on onision.

I won't contact the "admin" as it clearly is under his control.