The VPN you cannot trust?

For many years, I tried to protect my computer/phones and everything else from Onision's sophisticated hacking tools. So far, unsuccessfully.

After I added encryption on the modem level, it went worse, not better. I noticed that when I stopped the modem-level connection (I used anti-ARP spoofing and allowed only "my" device), my internet connection would be gone. I assume it's related to the ARP spoofing because only a reset of my firewall (between cable modem and laptop) would solve that.

So, I looked into KeepSolid / VPNUnlimited a little bit.

I know (but have no receipt for this assumption) that Onision is active on sites, such as AppSumo and Stacksocial. What better place to offer compromised or easy to compromise tools?

I have NO IDEA, like really NO NO NO IDEA what Onision's ratio of taking 1$ from me is. 1:30,000? Or more?

PS: More than a day later, I still have not received an email - not on the burner and not on Gmail. Surprise!

PSPS: KeepSolid recommends AdGuard. Another tool I used to love. It's an anti-recommendation, though.