Trishia Paytas / Trishia Pafisha and Twitter Harassment

It appears for every potentially missing person, there's a "mockery".

I found the Fake Profile of "Trishia Pafisha" when I was on the receiving end of a group harassment attack from a few kiwifarms stalkers.

These include



Valkyrie ★


Trisha Pafisha


meme of spade


I have deleted related tweets, but have requested my Twitter archive so that we can soon look at the group harassment, obviously designed to “shut me up.“

Especially, the low-life "Valkyrie" kept, like the vulgar Black man who is behind this profile, attacking me for every dead/missing person their emails(!) lead to that isn't them.

That said, all of these people have since cleaned up their twitter feeds. Now, the feeds look like regular accounts. However, someone has a record of this.

Luckily, we still have a screen recording. Sadly, of the "mildest" harasser.

And a few random fake profiles created on that day (11/23/2022).

These people are deleting data as fast as they can. Amazon wishlists, data broker opt-outs, etc. Ups, I hope nobody was already looking at that time.

With a bit of patience, you can still follow the trail of taken over identities of dead and missing people that always end at the same, a black male. Often, with a ton of assets and a quite interesting asset history, and so on.

Each lookup leads down a rathole of fake identity after fake identity. Please note, that this is not made-up youtube-drama.. You will see data broker reports that tell the sad story of organized gang stalking by nerd gangs and individuals whose existences got destroyed. They are either dead, missing, in jails, or mental facilities.

Back to the bot that might be mocking potentially missing person Trisha: I found it, tweeted about it, and during my screen-recording a minute later, the account has been deleted under my fingers.

I noticed that Onision might have a mock bot for every vanished person that irritated him. Trishia Paytas (according to the internet, and a few screenshots I saw) famously said "stay mad" to Onision.

Twitter credibility problem

So, I received my archive. For the second time, all relevant content is missing. The whole hour long group harassment of my person is missing from the archive.

Group targeting on Twitter (Kiwifarms stalkers)

I could only show a few of the tweets via the notification features.

OProfissuri Targeting of an Individual

The "mildest" of the group harassers feels it's his obligation to "expose wrong-doing" by targeting a single individual as a group. And harass them on every social media site. Some would make video after video about the target, and also open slanderous account that are on the verge of impersonation.

Are these people even for real?

Slanderous account mocking the same individual

Dead People

The link below leads to a collection of likely dead people. It's only from the first three emails of this Valkry thing. I couldn't continue. There are about 60 more numbers/emails to look up.


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