NBKC Bank Murder Attempt Chronology

I liked NBKC when I first opened an account there. The customer service was always horrible (in retrospective, you could say these might have been stalkers, who provide the lowest quality service, even if they're not targeting you), but if you had a banker on the line, the service was great.

I was looking for a second option, because there were too many problems with my Chase account, and I got completely hacked out of it after a death hunt in 2020. I now know why they changed the last digit of my SSI. It's the same team as the NBKC bank stalkers.

I had reported the theft of a small inheritance (90K EURO) to the FBI in 2021. Little did I know that this money, together with 400K Martin Lindstrom sent me, when I got hacked out of my other accounts, is on an NBKC account in my name. Even the SSI is correct.

Every banker can see this open account. Every banker can see both open NBKC accounts in my name, and all of my other bank accounts.

I hear that I sound ... unfocused, unhappy. It's extremely unbelievable to me that America and I should have such a one-sided relationship. Only in America can it happen that someone can kill you so publicly, and not a single law enforcement agency does a thing, even though they're targeted by the same people.

I'll still have to try to get as much info out about the theft of my bank accounts in an ongoing murder attempt as I can.

Please see: Other victims of NBKC

And also: The NBKC CEO, three options

NBKC lied to me, but not to others

The last time today, on the record, NBKC claimed they only see one account in my name, and that it had been closed.

I'll upload the call recording shortly, I'm trying to make the agent audible.

However, and I present as evidence about three hours of live stream... you can also ask the CIA (not the receptionist, good luck breaking through the nerd block):


Why is this person working for NBKC Bank USA? It's hearsay from a reliable source that several persons from this image are gang stalkers, who are trying to murder me. Originally, they went after me to get to my ex partner Marc, but I guess meanwhile they just want me dead... for whatever reason.

Fact is: Over 40 banks, credit unions, currency exchanges (I live-streamed more than half of the calls) refused to cash in my Cashier's check, many didn't even know what it is. Well, they're mass murdering stalkers, not bankers.

I received over 20 different incorrect stalker responses, and nobody would cash in my check. That's referring to "Account 1", my primary account.

FBI recovered 45K EURO

Fun fact: I reported this to the FBI, and they recovered 45K EURO and returned it to my primary account—where NBKC employees immediately stole it again and booked it to the account I don't have access to.

That's the account with over 500K USD on it.

Letter from a fake lawyer

I received this ridiculous “letter” that has not been sent via certified mail or any other way than an email.


Stalkers love to blackmail with "I know who you are"

The base of this bot is the wife of the leader of Blackrock. Martin Lindstrom, for instance, has not made any social media profiles. They're all blackmail profiles.

I saw fake profiles of myself as early as 2004. This fake profile is a staff member of the lawyer.

The Primary Account is stolen by NBKC

Today, on the record, the third NKBC employee stated they "see" only one account in my name, and it has been closed on July 21th.

After the loss of their banking license, (see HERE), they apparently resorted to a spoofed site. Their site was taken down when they didn't inform their customer within 24 hours about the loss of their license.

Please see: NBKC Stalking Escalated

  • NBKC claimed on the record they blocked my debit card for a fraudulent transaction. Normally, you get a text asking if you or if you have not attempted this transaction. With your response, you approve the charge and unblock your card.
  • NBKC claimed in the next call, when they were forced to admit that a 3,500 EURO payment arrived, that they closed and reopened my account because I reported a fraudulent Skype charge. See HERE.
  • They had also named me reporting a fraud charge as the reason for closing my account.
  • They pretended to close my account and sent a Cashier's Check for less than 800USD
  • How can my account be closed when (on CIA record NBKC bank staff offered the other bank stalkers 400k from my second account if they refuse to open an account for me or cash in my cashier's check) I could not cash in my check as over 40 institutions (who all lost their banking license) refused?
  • The bank had lost the ability to perform transactions because of the fraud. On the record, the Offenbach stalker (see image above) claims he returned the 3,500 payment from my primary account. But that's not possible. He also seems unaware that it was a EURO transaction, not USD
  • On CIA record on the gang stalker server, the NBKC stalker offered 3,500 (he offered US, apparently not knowing it's EURO) to a fake cop for not writing up my theft complaint, see HERE.
  • According to the Bank for International Settlements, they tried to "delete" my account, which might not be what real bankers do. But my account is frozen, and they cannot perform any actions like this, especially not on the spoofed system they're running now.
  • Even on the spoofed server, it appears my account isn't closed. I know they deleted my online user, in a coordinated attempt to murder me, one day before the fake eviction. I tried to log in via a (now RIP) bank called SoFi, where I could open an account, but then they still refused to cash in my Cashier's check.

I will upload stalking call number 4 shortly, but it's uninteresting. Just a woman pretending to be a banker lying about my account. I will call for a last time tomorrow. And publish this call.

NBKC Stalking Call 4

NBKC Stalking Call 3

NBKC Stalking Call 2

NBKC Stalking Call 1


NBKC bank is involved in a murder attempt that is still ongoing.

Directly to me or to other mass murderers, they admitted the existence of both accounts.

They offered money from my primary account to a police impersonator for not writing up my theft complaint.

They offered money from my second account to the whole death stalker community, for not opening an account for me/cashing in my Cashier's check.

About 40 institutions or more refused. While they all lost their banking license for their involvement in a murder conspiracy, it's still me, suffering in a homeless shelter, unable to fill my most basic needs. Evicted without an eviction.

An estimated 95% of the over 500 gang stalking victims monthly die in the US. Why? Because only here can you kill people in the way you watch the kill me.

Even if I get everything back tomorrow, I will never forgive America. Neither will my man, and the other hostages of this mass murder group.

EVERY REAL BANKER CAN SEE BOTH OPEN ACCOUNTS. But then it still needs law enforcement.

I cannot wait until the banks are dissolved, and I assume assaulting me out of my prepaid horror room has the purpose that I'm not available for any letters.

I'll shortly lose my virtual mailbox, too, and my business email. Because I have less than 1 USD, while NBKC Bank discussed who gets my money after they murdered. me.

See the quality of contacts for yourself:

NBKC Staff member user name search

THIS IS THE SUSPECTED MAIN STALKER THERE, FROM THE IMAGE ABOVE. Like all good banking staff, he has a few fake identities.