Why the Lake County Sheriffs referred me to the FBI Chicago

When I arrived in the United States in 2011? (It could have been 2010, but I'm confident it was 2011), I used my legal first name as last name, and made up a new first name.

Little did I know about the lack of privacy and data protection in the United States, and it didn't work.

However, I arrived and had no credit information on file. Moreover, very little money that I gained by selling a few of my items on eBay and my car, before I left Germany.

I would like to point out, that until the last power bill my ex paid for in Germany, I had paid each and every one of my bills on time. I also had fully paid off my apartment. It was according to the notary "the least expensive object he ever ... sold ... you know...." but it meant a lot to me. Both meant a lot to me. Paying my bills always, as a junior high school dropout that left home with 15, without a job in the first month. And, even though my former boss just about gifted the money to me (when you're in sales in an "automatic win" spot), I was proud because I managed to become who I wanted to be after a difficult childhood.

Onision took both from me. Luckily, my German Schufa should be perfect. Even though I had a worrying fake call with police. Read "The rerouted calls to three police stations."

My ex Michael paid for my ticket. I'll never forget him for helping me to get out of Germany. Shortly after, his credit card had been abused for the first time, but that's just a side-note. It's what Onision does.

I had a verbal sub-lease (no contract) with a person by the name of Hektor or Hector Sanchez. Without credit, I was happy to get it.

Later on, I ruined my good credit I had established... if you want to say "I" in a case of destructive stalking like this. Onision also rerouted my calls to my next landlord in Fox Lake, and spoke with his voice. The usual pattern. Exactly the correct voice, just some things the voice said were strange. That's another story. A sad one (for me.) But this is worse because it involves the death of my three guinea pigs.

As with every person I come across, after a while, Sanchez behavior changed.

At first, he was normal (not too interested, not too strange, just normal) and we even went out for dinner some time.

A while later, I confronted him about strange text messages he sent. He denied sending them. I showed him my phone, and he showed me his. He DID not send the strange messages.

As in Germany (where Onision even broke into or otherwise manipulated the system of the R+V Versicherung, an insurance where a very good friend worked), it was a few fake messages between real ones.

Shortly after, the behavior of my landlord changed. He appeared to be drunk more often, and started hitting on me aggressively. I knew this behavior from many other people back in Germany, and also the United States.

I had three guinea pigs at the time.

The then influenced by the stalker landlord gave me a USB stick. He said it stopped working, and asked me if I can have a look and see if I can fix it.

It was already clear I would tell the police about the fake text messages.

Onision loves to do things like this so that you make false claims that don't check out.

So, I went to the Lake County Sheriffs and told them about the texts and the background history in Germany. I also handed them the USB stick, but I said I assume it's 100% empty, and I'm supposed to falsely claim there might be a virus, etc. on it.

Because the criminal is from Germany (or at least is a perfect German speaker and was active on German sites), they referred me to the FBI Chicago.

I went here and screwed up my opportunity by showing them teenage profiles from German sites.

But before that happened, something else took place. The Lake County Sheriffs (I don't know if they ever made an official case, I would not have a number) said they will speak with my Landlord the next day.

This Landlord had a sick mother and a red car. Like a bigger. Not a truck, not a regular car. He had a small janitor service.

During that night, the landlord took his sick mother and fled. I couldn't find him afterwards.

I got evicted with no notice. I didn't have a written contract, and it turned out (or that was the claim because the person originally referring me to his renter Sanchez also had changed his behavior. Just like his employer, an initially very nice owner of a small used car shop in North Chicago. A horrible city.

I put this in here as it's not worth a separate post:
I had to buy a used, cheap car, thanks to Onision stalking me out of everything. The owner of the car shop (police will know... I don't recall the name) was really enjoyable. I didn't know anyone in the US, and I went there more than a few times to hang out with the owner of the used car sale, and we went for lunch often. He, as almost everyone, turned “strange' after a few times. He suddenly referred to the stalker as “maybe he just loves you” and prominently started talking about his girlfriend he had never mentioned. As there was no romance, no flirting, no getting closer of any shape or form, that was strange.

Oh.. Ben Pinto... well, not every small story can be told. It would take forever. Another sidenote: Something is very, very off with my LinkedIn connection, Ben Pinto. May it be their profile is fake from the start or taken over by Onision, something he can do on any site I ever visited.

Another side-note. Something was very very off with my potential real but at times taken over LinkedIn contact Dennis Connelly too. More details in a separate story, includes fake Zoom calls. See also this YouTube channel: Dr Dennis Business. We'll look at a clip Onision posted before he wanted to come in 2020, and after he nearly killed me the first time later.

Even IBM cloud? Read HERE.

... I'm stalling because of the guinea pigs.

When I got evicted (I might have had legal rights, but I didn't know) because I didn't have a sub-lease, and according to owner of the house Sanchez hadn't paid his rent for 2.5 months,

It was 103 degrees and my guinea pigs died. I tried to keep them cool with freezer packs, but it didn't help.

I was forced into the first thing I can get. As the tales about “gang stalking” go, it was the most horrible place in the most horrible city. A side-note I will often repeat: I don't think gang stalking is as mentioned on several fake-looking websites exist. I'm sure organized crime exists, and they might hunt people to death.

But the form of “targeted individual” that was played on me... I'm not sure for what percentage only these two or even only Onision is accountable.

You'll notice over time that Wesley Marks “played” everything Onision did. I still think the death hunter who kept referring to me as “tool” was tooled big time by Onision.

This horrible place didn't require much preparation for a horror scenario. It already was.

It didn't have air conditioning.

The guinea pigs that made it until there died shortly after. The stress was too much.

I will never forgive the stalker for that. I was surprised he ever bought my "I accept your marriage proposal." Everyone who knows me knows I would never forgive this. Or that I had to leave my hamster Maya behind in Germany.

I didn't find an image of the third. That I keep losing data for loosing access to my accounts, corrupted disks, knocked out/stolen laptops is my lesser problem.

Onision commented on the death of my guinea pigs with “I overlooked this.” As in “it's not such a big deal.” Several of his YouTube videos would later suggest it was my fault, and he referenced killing a turtle with heat.

Perhaps I could have done more. I don't know. I tried what I could at the time, and I'm crying every time I think back on this lovable guinea pigs.

The Lake County Sheriffs couldn't follow up on the fake texts because Sanchez disappeared the night before they wanted to ask.

That also confirms once more that Onision was surveilling me at any time, with more sophisticated tools than just hacking a phone. The conversation with the landlord (I mean Sanchez the renter) took place outside, and we didn't initially have our phones there.

According to Onision, he used sound and “microwave” something to pick up sound. As my ultrasound detection app shows constant activity, that might be what it is. Please don't quote me with technicalities. I might be misled about the name of the tools used, not about the crimes committed.

My point here is: Onision killed my guinea pigs. And ever since I went to the FBI in Chicago, I couldn't get my hands on “good” “make plausible evidence” like that.

Cars stopped following me visibly. For instance, the same red car was at three places I shopped in a row, and I could have photographed it.

But the stalking never stopped. It only got worse, with less chance to get evidence.

I don't think any of this is still relevant for possible charges. I share this with you to help you get an inside into a psychopathic mind you will never really understand. Unless you're trained in reading the criminal insane.