QLink Wireless Update

If you didn't read the story of the company run by strange identities, you can catch up HERE.

I'll just leave my Tweets here.

@QLinkWireless AFTER the recent QLink “experience”, my phone that verifiably worked just fine, is LOCKED. Is this to fool the FBI I have reported the experience with this company run by fake identities to?

One of the calls via the post-support-experience “locked” phone

Numbers are verified via a code I received and entered

Aurorasa Sima



In the context of “why don't people in death hunts just vanish and not call for help” this might (or might not) be an interesting detail.

Alternative Network?

Why do people in death hunts not call for help? Except that (only black?) cops are involved (or were involved in my case, and I don't see how else it could work), why do victims don't call for help?

Were their phones knocked out? Their SIM card blocked? OR could it be possible that they ran on a "fake" network?

It's a regular part of “little things” stalking that providers with workers from these communities first tell you that they cannot find your account.

In the case of QLink, the computer also couldn't find it.

I didn't check if the phone that was “opened box” locked because it worked with a T-Mobile partner. And then for a few days with QLink Wireless, also running on T-Mobile.

The Seller, VipOutlet, is already on my look-up list, and it will be interesting to research if it's technically possible to spoof ... whatever needs to be spoofed.

THAT would explain why victims don't just call for help.

PS: The continuation of my ridiculous conversation with QLink on Twitter suggests, that they are under the impression they can still successfully suppress any information. In case you don't know: Until recently, they could completely hide your Tweets/LinkedIn posts (I guess Facebook too), and redirect your internet traffic, likely via spoofed ARP (Mac Address.)

PSPS: I also tried to order a phone twice today (going out in this neighborhood would not just be dangerous, but I'd likely run into one of the members of the loving community) but only made it to temp payment authorization, before the order got rejected by the sites.