How Lifeline Providers Help Stalk People To Death

Deadly "gang" stalking works through slowly decreasing the social footprint of someone, and making them poor and lonely, so that at the time when the identity is taken over, and the websites/social media accounts get hijacked, people are already used to changed behavior.

They know you don't show up to parties anymore, they know you don't call as often, and so on. Also, your friends might have received strange texts and emails from you that you never sent. Even when your phone is on, they won't get through. The relationship changes slowly.

Deadly "gang" stalking is a long-term project.

Through taking over your internet (via MAC spoofing, and then Cloudflare) and presenting an alternative version, and hijacking your complete digital communication, you don't know at first what's going on.

Customers who try to reach you won't get through. Opportunities get destroyed. In my case, commission, an inheritance, and other payments are directly stolen from you.

What I still have to report is that even my letters often don't make it to the recipient. Most recently, two letters to Border Security were not delivered (so that I get my jammer to stop the targeting with electronic weapons), but the nerd killer gang apparently wasn't aware that the second letter was a pickup request, and I have a confirmation. USPS will have to answer for that.

As always, it's not THE companies, but just a few people in the lowest hierarchy ranks.

The German-based, anti-American nerd gang, led by Onision, follows a systematic plan. They blackmail US elites, and kill US citizens thanks to electronic weapons. Then, the identities of people (there's a strong emphasis on certain roles, for instance coaches, such as myself.) I found (out about) approximately 20 missing Marshall Goldsmith coaches.

However, there are a few companies that are deeply involved. QLink, for instance, consists of fake identities and potentially taken over identities of missing people.

As the coward nerd-gang leads victims down a slow path to poverty, they don't need as many people as it seems. They just need a few in the right spots. Mostly, as I said, the lowest hierarchy ranks. And then a military-only weapon, and hacking skills. The more they kill and replace, the more power they gain.

And then they need a willing "community" in every country, and control over a few companies in the right places. Onision claims he "has" QLink, and he told me that he also "has" Assurance Wireless.

All I can say is that my Assurance Wireless phone got knocked out on the first day of a near-deadly hunt in 2022 (the FBI knows as calls were redirected to them), and that I tried to get a new lifeline service from May to December 2022.

Both, Assurance Wireless and QLink kept confirming my orders. After a successful order, you're blocked for a month. Just, they never delivered. Until QLink delivered a phone on December, 20th. Three days later, "someone" knocked it off the network. I assume the SIM card has been deactivated.

Three support tickets remained unanswered.

Before you check out my lookup that shows that the company is fake or worse (worse would be taken-over identities of dead people), here are a few highlights from my support call.

The call was a typical stalking call. I couldn't verify myself through the system (no account with that data), and the support agent was unable to verify my account.

When you "made the list" (which I achieved in May 2022), it takes on average 18 minutes until you could verify your identity and the actual support call begins.

The German-led nerd killer gang cashes in on government funds to provide a LIFELINE service. Then they abuse their control over said service to keep victims from calling for help. They kill people in several or many countries, and blame the US government, and its institutions. They tell victims a BS story (that they told me too), that the government is hunting them to death. The nerd lowlifes claim it's a CIA-sponsored project, supported by the FBI.

Then they spam the web with "targeted individuals" websites, where they repeat the accusations against the United States of America and its institutions. Meanwhile, thousands of people claim they're stalked by the US government. But it's just a FEW insane, criminal nerd clowns from overseas. And then, black communities, who do the "little favors."

Why didn't the people call 911 before they "vanished" (died)? Because they couldn't. Because someone was controlling their phone,/internet, and the SIM card was likely not even listed in the system.

Please note, that these are just a few snippets. I don't have the first part of the conversation, and I would not be irritated like that from the start.

That's a typical support call when you made the list. And your service constantly has problems so that you need to contact support about 20 times as much as before the killer gang "liked your website." This is referring to

Fake Identities at Lifeline provider QLink Wireless?

The first part is just "introduction" and chatter, Skip to the second part, to get directly to the QLink lookup.

QLink Twitter is under the assumption that victim's messages are still blocked. Like they used to be. By the looks of it, Elon Musk took it upon himself to try and break Twitter free.

QLink Wireless defrauds the US government