The Fake Hearing/Allegation

For context, please see PayPal stalking the day before and after. I tried to report the laywer to the BBB. The County issue would be a civil rights violation that I will report to the supreme court. The County might be in trouble, too, at least the social media/website manager.

I also tried to inform the Milwaukee police electronically, but then had to find another way, because their website is hijacked.

The same appears to be true for the Sheriffs, where I tried to file a complaint against


Spam days before the court letter from two fake lawyers/similar

I reached out to "Hope House" for help with paying my rent. May payments get stolen from my accounts, and I they have so far not been returned. The FBI is involved.

A problem with Hope House

I received a copy & paste "go away" response from Wendy Weckler, only her identity doesn't check out. Might as well be a missing person. It also took days. Not the speed for helping people in trouble.

You can see the "Hope" House lookup HERE

Fake "debt" helpers

A few days before the letter from court, I received mail from two lawyers. Both are fake identies or taken-over identities from other people they killed.

Richard Check doesn't check out

Spam 2

Court Case

Prior to the letter below that I received via USPS forwarding, I have never heard of a case against me, and while I obviously had financial problems through the death stalking, I didn't have a PayPal credit card. I'm not sure they offer credit cards. I do know they have debit cards, because I have one.

Jillian appears to be a missing person from Ohio. Her voter registration is in Ohio. She's said to work for the fake lawyer company below.

I was surprised when I learned the laywer is representing PayPal, as it lists DNF as the claimant. Why represent the original alleged debtor after they sold off the debt? It's a lot of proxies, is what it is.

As you will see further down:

  • Anna Maria Hodges is either in trouble or a criminal.
  • DNF is a fake company
  • "Rhodes" is a fake commissioner
  • The alleged debt is made up
  • The hearing was live streamed. Just... where?
  • PayPal stalked me the day prior to the trial, and pitched to me the day after. With the identity of a likely missing Rugby player
  • Donors get scammed by "Hope" House by a black Nazi group
  • I got a notice to the hearing at an address they knew I'm not at now
  • The County knows my address. Everyone does
  • I was at a hearing without a hint of information on what this was about. As I received the letter literally the day before the trial, I didn't have time to follow up
  • Knowingly taking, prosecuting fake cases is slander, and it causes bodily injury through stress. It also leads to negative marks on your background profile
  • Impersonating lawyers, official County staff, and debt collectors is highly illegal. So is claiming you purchased a non-existing debt.

The hearing

At first, a white male with grey hair (or a bot) had "Commissioner Rhodes" in their Zoom windows. After I said "oh, this is streamed live", the Zoom broke (but it might have been my mistake.

Only then a black female had "Commissioner Rhodes" in their Zoom window. There was no lawyer. He was the only person, except me, in the Zoom call.

I heard from an anonymous source that the hearing was streamed in the Virtual Machine the death stalkers use for communication. In any way, the official person said "stop the live stream", so that it will be easy to get a complete recording of my hearing. I only have a part, but it's enough to hear the voice of "Commissioner Rhodes", and confirms a few things I'm going to say.

When in doubt, just request the full hearing from the County. I will try to get it, too. That way you can see the people present, and do a deep fake check.

Except on the lawyer. They only joined via phone. I'm under the impression, that they didn't plan on bringing on a lawyer. As most people are not evil, they mabye just had a hard time finding someone who had a fake camera ready, and was available to do this without sounding as if they were in a fast food restaurant.

I've been served

I've now received the formal documents. They look totally real. Here's the envelopes again, the rest is HERE.

DNF is run by fake identities

To my knowledge, you'd have to contact someone before you file a court case against them. I have never heard of this company.

Obviously, that's their thing. Did you notice how many missing people appear to have sudden problems with the law and their financials?

The company is completely fake. From A to Z.


Fake judge (Commissioner Rhodes)

Fake Lawyers

The whole company appears to be run by fake identities. Please see a quick lookup below. Authorities can take it further, as they have the staff and tools to find out things like that effortlessly.

You hear the lawyer's voice (sounding as if the's in a bar) on part of the hearing. I apologize that half is missing (but "Commissioner Rhodes" claimed it has been live streamed. I'm sure she's not referring to the

Commissioner Rhodes/Lawyer Rhodes

I cannot verify that there is a commissioner with that name.


I never had a PayPal credit card, if they even issue credit cards. PayPal stalked me the day before and after the hearing with likely fake identies. What is it? Pitching me or sueing me?

I was purposefully (not) served at an address where I should not have received the "invite" for the hearing. Through an USPS forwarding, I still received it.

The sole purpose of this is to get negative remarks in the background reports of people the black community nazis kill.

My todo list:

  • file a small claims case against Baylor Rental to get all the paid rent back
  • file a small claims against the fake lawyer for defamation and falsely filing a court case on a made-up allegation and then represent the case via DNF proxy "for" PayPal via an impersonation
  • file a small claims against "Hope" House for bodily injury by sharing my information with fake lawyers (maybe. I'm not sure I can make that plausible enough)
  • file a small claims against DNF for personal injury and slander.
  • going after several more black nazi community folks, for instance, the BBB New York referred me to the State attorney who doesn't check out.