"Eviction" by two fake Sheriffs (Alleged)

After an impersonator of the fire department chief tried to scare me shortly before (see HERE), two days ago, an (in my opinion) set of fake Sheriffs showed up to assault me, and throw me on the street.

They called it an “eviction”, but there cannot be an eviction if the rent is paid and there is no court hearing. To my knowledge, Milwaukee doesn't do Zoom evictions, likely, because of this group.

At this time, I had sent a request for settlement to both, the Milwaukee Court (not knowing at this time they had not part in the first fake case), and Baylor Rentals. Also to "Tim Stein", DNF, and Dobberstein.

Oh, and, by the way, the first fake case was dismissed via forged document. That's not good enough. I don't want any negative things in my background report that didn't happen. You can hear part of the first fake hearing and my call to the court where they confirmed that no case existed, HERE.

Apparently, the sum for the Shannon Baylor impersonator needs to be adjusted, and the court appears to be innocent. That said, the first fake case was sent via real looking envelope/stamps.

  • there is no eviction. The case number from the 2nd forged case did not exist at the time I got "served" (by the same person impersonating a Deputy in the first non-existing hearing). Now it is the case number of a small claims court case. A Zoom hearing. However, the eviction case was an in-person meeting - and nobody showed up.
  • my rent has been prepaid for the whole year, from my Chase account (Chase has lost their banking license for hacking me out of my account, and stealing from me and other New World Order gang stalking victims, see HERE), and real Shannon Baylor, a female, can confirm that. I heard she went to the police, but don't have evidence of that.
  • the alleged case did not exist. Baylor Rental is also not the owner of the horror house. Even less the person posing as Shannon Baylor
  • after nobody showed up at the court date, I informed the lawyer impersonator right away (a medical professional?) I cannot show these texts anymore, because my Google Voice got deleted. By the stalkers.

Served me as "Tim Stein". See HERE.

NOBODY was at either, the in-person court date (at a time when the case number wasn't even in the system), or at the Zoom date.

It's highly uncommon when you pay your rent that you receive two orders to appear to a hearing. One in-person, one on Zoom.

It's just that the stalker were planning that I don't survive. My five or so 911 calls didn't go to "911". My calls to the Milwaukee police were answered be a gang stalker. The same happened when I tried to reach the FBI Milwaukee. Only when I called the West Allis PD, they connected the call to the Milwaukee Police, and it went through.

Info on lawyer Patrick Roney is HERE. I have a feeling he really exists, and knows what's going on. He is likely the basis for the botted image you see in the article. However, the impersonator is not Patrick Roney.

Now the case is in the system, open

Today, the case is suddenly in the system, but with the same number as the in-person hearing, where nobody showed up, and that wasn't in the system at the time I got "served."

In the context of extreme stalking, poison attacks, and much more that I couldn't document yet, it's awfully strange. Then again, it was a murder attempt, and they didn't expect that I'd ask West Allis to put me through. I tried to convince them to send a car, but they didn't. The "damages" part is fun. You can see a tiny part of the stalking and damage through another tentant HERE.

To my knowledge, none of the stalkers have a real identity, so that the step is bold. But they were told I died.

Illegal assault by Sheriff impersonators

I don't think these are Sheriffs. It was an assault. They threw my things around (and I don't have any from all the death hunts, stalking, and thefts), and refused to identify or show me their police badges.

They said I have 15 minutes. The first recording didn't work. I only have one strange sentence recorded. When I posted this on Twitter, they forced me out immediately, half-naked.

They didn't give me the eviction "document", just showed something from far away. After I called for help on Twitter, they kicked me out, half-naked, without clothes, contact lenses liquid or anything else. I had 1 minute.

They might have tried to damage my laptop. The lightening (Asus) was reset, and the battery empty.

Also, they broke in. Again, the Shannon Baylor impersonator. Without any legal basis, they took my key, and put me on the street.