How to fight Nazi Gang Stalkers

To my knowledge, there might be a little over 800 “gang” stalkers. Around 680 might be in the United States. Of these, about 80% are simple customer service agents, MS admins, and similar. Then there are a few delivery drivers, warehouse workers, modem installation people, and such.

They impersonate the following groups:

  • Black Disciples
  • QAnon
  • Brick Squad
  • Gangster Disciples

In all of my research, and all the stalking against me, I didn't come across a single gang member. However, it cannot be good for their reputation, too, to be framed for psychopathic, racist mass murder (occasionally targeting a black person for their job role, but exclusively killing white individuals) with electronic weapons, and systematic stalking, following this “stalking manual.” Actually, I informed them what's going on.

Gang stalking customer service agents

Please know that I am not condescending towards certain positions. I'm character arrogant. And I'm making the point that these stalkers are mostly (except a few, especially in Germany/Europe) physically harmless. The stalking drives them insane (imagine you'd talk insane sh** to others all day long), so that they are also harmless on an intellectual level. And then, they use some form of drug, I don't want to get into at this time. The drug has severe side effects.

I've heard, from a friend of one of their blackmail victims, that there might be severe side effects also from the combination of the Pfizer vaccine and a certain electronic weapon they're using. Obviously, pharmaceutical companies cannot check for adverse reactions with illegal, uncommon weapons. Luckily, they're all jabbed with the Pfizer kill shot. (Sorry for the extreme wording, but I'm anti COVID-19 vaccines.)

They can hardly sleep, and they use a form of drug to stay awake. Onision, in my mind the most dangerous and gifted criminal mastermind the world has ever seen, terrorizes the crap out of them. As they work (mostly not knowing who “leads” them) for Onision, they don't or hardly get paid. According to their asset history, many have taken on more (mortgage-wise) than they can chew with a $12 an hour job. Many are in as much of a financial struggle as we are. Or more. I heard rumors that eviction proceedings have begun for some, just like stalked evictions, sadly, for many victims.

I learned today that I will receive a 5-day notice from Baylor Rental, but I'm positive I'll get paid by them in the end.

Attention is good, free court dates are good. They're the ones with secrets.

Murderers who don't get paid

It's always in a few days, after this, after that when they get paid. Like, how dumb must you be to kill/kill people without getting paid?

You might have noticed that financial transactions appear to be slower than normal. That's a good thing. For every non-criminal person, that is.

They're as gullible as believing they cannot use their funds now, because the government is looking at every transaction. While I'm not saying this isn't true, I'm wondering what you're sniffing if you can be led to believe they would stop looking until they found every last gang stalker. For the first time, they have concrete evidence, names, and leads. (You're welcome.)

The “gang” stalkers keep telling me they get paid after they killed me.

Here's the thing: Onision never pays. He began stalking me in 2004, when I met my ex partner. He was after his business. So I would know a little about him. (Just not his legal name, for that matter.)

Even though they run “scam baiter” channels on YouTube, for instance Phil Provins/aka Jay Moe/aka Baked Salmon runs “Jim Browning”, and Wesley Marks (starting fake identity) runs “Kitboga”, and then some, they don't realize that a similar optical scam is played on them. For instance, they would see the number 200K on their accounts, but there's no transaction. It's exactly what they pretend to do to “Indian” call center agents.

Another example is that Onision (via proxy and/or directly) gave channels of people who have been stalked to death to black males. See also HERE. They run channels of dead people. Many have been “featured” on the kiwifarms site. I don't want to be these folks, in a hot minute from now.

As I said, white Nazis recruited peasant groups in every country, with a racist agenda. That's why finding traces and evidence against the local black Nazi peasants is easier than the European parts.

If the gang stalkers are lucky, they can work a customer service job at Amazon or Microsoft, or even as a delivery driver for an external company working for Amazon. Nearly always external companies. In addition, they might get scams, but Onision makes sure to expose them later on.

They used to use the SNAP cards of victims they killed or applied for with fake identities (alleged by me), but that has gotten increasingly hard. They're as isolated as we are, and rarely leave the house. Ordering from Amazon (not just after they (I'm not kidding) put poison in my Amazon food (also see Amazon Stalking)), has become dangerous for them. Because people are looking for them. They look at cards associated with Amazon accounts, and if it matches the SNAP cards. And much more.

We ask ourselves: “How can I do (insert what you have to do), when I'm stalked like this?”

They have the same problem, only worse. Also, you can turn the table around and terrorize them. It's a two-way street. These creatures have an even nastier life than their victims. As most have a CS background, they're often not good if they cannot follow their script. You can break their script easily.

Where are the “gang” stalkers?

Most of the over around 680 US stalkers are from the black Nazi community, you also see spread misinformation in this very group. (This post is for a Facebook stalking victim group.) A few white stalkers are involved, too, but they pretend to be black in the gang stalking VM (virtual machine) someone might have infiltrated.

They have no street power. They're only dangerous when they're anonymous, use their electronic weapons, and appear in large numbers (as is common with parasites.) Most of it is psycho terror. 70 – 80%. They utilize our ability to self-destruct. And to distrust the wrong people (such as our institutions, the CIA, FBI, and the police (except a few black Nazi cops who joined the killer crew)), and trust untrustworthy sources.

The police cannot help much if victims make unrealistic claims.

Currently, if you read about mass firings (such as 12K at Amazon), it might be a good thing. The black Nazi “community” has infiltrated mostly low hierarchy jobs. They're in:

  • Customer Support
  • HR (to fake-hire for remote positions)
  • Low hierarchy remote jobs in general
  • IT

Then, they have a few evil installation staff, a sorter (likely rare, only in hotspots) at USPS, and so forth. The companies itself have nothing to do with it, unless they're smaller and taken-over or formed by the Black Nazi Community. As they steal houses en masse, and engage in real estate scams, they "own" (until it gets seized) tons of real estate companies.

It might appear as if they own half of the world, but that's not the case. I recently saw a post in this group that claimed stalkers would buy houses/apartments close to you to surround you. However, they just lead and predict the next steps of victims they stalked poor. If they have access to your phones (i.e. APN), spoof your network adapter MAC to control your internet traffic, it's much easier than it seems.

As to the customer service agents: Most of them hold more than one customer service job. They'd always have an excuse. The internet was out, the kid was sick, etc. That's one of the reasons why they appear to be more than they really are.

But, again, many of them are in terrible financial trouble themselves. What are they going to do? They cannot just apply for a new job (even if they were qualified), once they made a deal with the (not literal) devil.

Nerd stunts

Another reason why they appear to be more in numbers and power, is that they utilize nerd tricks. If the APN is forced on your phone, it's not under your control. Your calls might be redirected or nobody picks up when you call.

They have your computer ID. At the time you freshly install your OS, you're already hacked again, unless you disable the licensing service via group policy until you downloaded all security updates. Remote shell, fake drivers in WinxSx, reading shadow copies... the longer you look, the more it seems like simple MS admin knowledge, and a few "I found this copy & paste hack on Warez 12 years ago" tricks.

For instance, I informed the FBI that they use Cloudflare to redirect IC3 forms. You might think then that the FBI doesn't care (especially if your call to them is redirected), but they do. Or they just hijack the websites of a police station or even the National Guard. See example HERE.

Better Business Bureaus and every “help” facility are other targets. Sometimes, they stalk people to death first, sometimes it's just a technical illusion. See HERE. I don't post about every little event, but I came across two other BBBs with similar problems.

Oftentimes, you're just not in touch with whom you think you are. See my complete fake hearing. It's not that the whole world is against you, even if it may seem that way. It's really, really mostly nerd stunts.

Let me ask you: If they were not afraid of law enforcement, why would they put so much effort into redirecting calls, chats, and emails? And all the other nerd stunts.

The police force is equipped to handle shooters, mafia, street gangs, and violent criminals. They can arrest a support agent alright.

The curse of anonymity

Gang stalkers are anonymous cowards. It only helps them so much. They communicate via a virtual machine, and some use Telegram. With very few exceptions, they don't know each other. They don't know who infiltrates them (my ex Marc, for instance).

The German-led European Nazis are more dangerous, and they likely communicate directly in other ways. However, everything is hackable, jammable, or traceable.

They're there to (not) help

The gang stalkers need to be able to control your actions.

Therefore, I recommend recording every encounter and communication you have with "help" organizations. Donation scams and non-profit scams are one of the stalkers' tricks.

I'll post later about a taken-over suicide hotline.

What you can do to help yourself, your country, and other victims

You see how I do lookups in several posts here. If you're suspicious about something, or you don't get help, check what's what.

  • Get a data broker subscription. Often available as an inexpensive trial. Most of their fakes/taken over identities are very easy to find.
  • Utilize different search engines. I.e. Google, Bing, Yandex.
  • Help other victims by reporting every suspected identity theft/missing person.
  • Use a tool, such as Wireshark, to record your internet traffic. If something gets redirected, authorities can see how and where.
  • Not entirely legal tip, but hear me out: Use Voip over cell phones, for the ease of recording traffic and voice. It might not be legal to record people without their consent, but you can delete innocent calls right away (and nobody will ever know), and impersonation/stalking trumps recordings. Especially, as you might often call places that state they "might record your call" anyway.

    And how are they going to file a complaint against you with a fake identity?
  • Check social media feeds.
  • Look up registrars. Most commonly used by stalkers are Godaddy, Tuscow Domains, CSC, and, obviously, Cloudflare.
  • Go to places in person as much as you (still) can.
  • Use to check on missing websites, or what used to be there. Regularly you find the image of the real owner, who might be still stalked or dead.
  • Use an image reverse search duplicate service to see where the image is posted. A famous coach, for instance, would likely have their images and CURRENT video footage at several places.
  • Do a bot check. Does a person's content suddenly lack quality? They steal and scam. An AI-written article is still not AI, but a simple tool that scrapes websites, and rewrites sentences.
  • Instead of going to a "help with..." site, call every lawyer in America, and if you cannot afford a lawyer, present your evidence and try to talk them into taking your case for a percentage of the money you'll get from your stalking/impersonation/fraud/theft cases.

Facts tell, facts sell

Instead of repeating information you might receive from untrustworthy sources, isolate cases and focus on what you can prove or make plausible. Various groups and individuals are specialized on spreading targeted misinformation for the purpose of making the victim sound incompetent. Or insane.

Unless you have the business card of an alien, I would not say I'm targeted by aliens. If you don't know exactly what technology you're targeted with, just say that.

I was in touch with a missing former FBI agent. See HERE. Don't think it's the FBI, CIA unless you have real-life evidence. I cannot repeat it enough: Why would they do their hijacking and nerd tricks, if they "had" our institutions?

If we make it too hard to help, we will receive less help. Law enforcement has limited staff for doing detective work. However, if you can present clear isolated cases, the police are more than happy to arrest perpetrators. You don't think they're not targeted, do you?

Again, except a few black Nazi cops who are a part of this community. They apparently are super clever and send their fake black Nazi cops to death hunts from other states. In my case, they came to Milwaukee from Las Vegas and Miami.

However, as the risk assessment changes (when people stop talking aliens, Illuminati, and whatnot and start talking like: THE customer agent by the name of...., etc.), many people will fall back into places. Also, corruption exists as long as the humankind. Single rotten apples are normal. But they are just that.

Here's the thing: Most people are not evil enough to be good at being evil. You don't get problems if you're "a little good." But if you're a gang stalker without the mindset of an evil criminal, you might have a hammer, but you won't have it in you to pound the nail.

I'm sorry we have to go through all this negativity and document everything until this is over, but over it will be.

PS: Message me if you want my list with most helpful measures/supplements. However, I require your name and address, and I'll check if your background looks neutral/stalked or stalker. This is just because I'm not planning on sharing with Nazis.