The Better Business Bureau Milwaukee is Dead

I can hardly find the time, between stalking attacks, even a poisoning, and electro weapon terror to post information.

You'll learn about the fake hearing with a fake commissioner about a made-up PayPal credit card debt later.

Also, fake lawyer, Emma Schaefer, representing "PayPal" for a law firm via a proxy (DNF).

I filed a complaint on the BBB site. As I received a spoofed email from another one, I also tweeted and sent them a DM asking that they confirm the receipt.

You'll see in the quick lookup, that there's a problem with all staff I looked into.

For all I know, they might all be dead.

This needs the army. While the people are not dangerous at all 1:1, they are in strategic positions to get people, such as myself, successfully killed.

They are in "help" positions, HR, IT, and CS.

I'll share more details as soon as I can.

Twitter conversation with the BBB Milwaukee:

For now: Here's my comment towards Scott Huebner, who last posted on LinkedIn four days ago.

And a link to his funeral ceremony.

The complete live-streamed lookup: