Potential Impersonation of a potentially missing Ex FBI Agent


I spoke on LinkedIn with a friend of Scott. They confirm that he is not missing, and it's his website. I asked them to check if the conversation below took place. He'll let me know.

I had put this post into draft status. It feels wrong to post a lookup on a person who used to work for the FBI, an institution I have uttermost respect for. However, I'm not able to get through to them. Scott said he was busy, but he didn't indicate that he's aware of our conversation, and that he had asked me for help. He was the only "official" I could so far share information about the death hunt with. But then, he doesn't look like his old self anymore.

His activity until 2020 looks different from his recent activity. There are no new posts on his Twitter account since 2020.

His friend didn't respond, but Scott contacted me. He had obviously not told him that I asked about the conversation. Whatever that might mean, having experienced Onision's skills to hack ... really everyone, I'm not sure if he'd have managed to share this information (assumed he even saw a reason to be worried.)

It appears that Scott was working on topics that exactly fall into the domain of the people I still need to report for murder attempts on me. In numerous videos here, you see links to all sorts of cybercrime, including a ton of what might indicate the people who took over identities are involved in love scam.

I'll delete this post, as soon as the real FBI has seen it. Filling out the form on their website so far didn't work for me. At the very minimum, his identity might be taken over (and I found his details on a list of 2000 FBI agents). Trust me, I'd love to be wrong. That said, it would be the only "real" person who got through to me in a long time.

This site has no visitors, and I tried to mark the video in a way that it would never appear in a search.


At the end of August, a LinkedIn connection asked me if I could provide feedback on a new community they started on the topic of cybercrime education.

The conversation began on LinkedIn, and continued via my personal email. I joined the community, took the time to read the book, and provided feedback.

I didn't hear back from Scott after that. I also asked him if he can provide a contact I can report some of the crimes mentioned here, such as murder attempts, kidnapping, links to all sorts of fraud, and German-based organized crime, too. I never heard back from him.

I don't know him personally, but going by his posts, no feedback or "thank you" isn't his style. Our conversation began by him private messaging me, thanking me for supporting his content.

You might have noticed, during the lookups, that many of the companies with taken-over profiles are registered through GoDaddy.

I just had a look at how the membership site evolved, because I noticed "someone" had deleted my conversation with Scott on LinkedIn.

Well, that looks strange, and I also came across a site with a leak of FBI agent's personal information. I'm not sure if my post on LinkedIn is even visible to the potentially taken-over or otherwise impersonated ex FBI Cybercrime agent.

Onision relies on blocking information. He's not hard to catch. In my mind, he's still in Milwaukee, hiding in a cellar. He's not scary in person. It's just difficult to get information to people. That holds true for email, telefax, mail, and phone calls.

I think that something is wrong with the site, and the way the conversation went. My question regarding a contact to report this crime to remained unanswered.

To my surprise, as what looked like the first member, I'm not visible in the member list.

Lookup Ex FBI Agent

It felt horrible and wrong to look up an official like that. However, I'm glad I did, because they are either missing or impersonated for quite some time. At least, that's my impression, and I hope I'm wrong. They are the only person I spoke about the murder attempts, kidnapping, and use of electronic weapons. I asked for a contact I can speak with safely.

I didn't look into all the emails listed. The difference between images and other strangeness was enough for me. I came across a troubling list of leaked information of FBI agents. Could this have been the root of the problem?