Baylor Rental Stalker House

I drop this here quickly. I'm in the process of reporting

The facts:

  • most people who come here, don't live here
  • they apparently go from house to house to stalk people to death
  • the people who, according to data brokers, live here, I have never seen
  • the owner, Shannon Craig Baylor, presents himself as the maintenance person/assistant. But he's the owner of this and other problematic projects
  • Infrasound detector protocols show attacks. They have short-range (likely infrasound) weapons, and they can turn ancient outlets into weapons that produce... LIKELY EMS/EMF or similar.
  • One person keeps getting WHITE Black Disciples as visitors. I told them today
  • I have a few conversations and recordings that make my claim plausible that I'm systematically stalked with the purpose of getting me to commit suicide
  • the person coming in here (not the ones suggested by data brokers) have backgrounds including a DEA "most wanted." Stalking, kidnapping, child molestation is also on the list
  • what I cannot prove (that I've been poisoned here last months, with announcement a few days prior, and that Geary Morales has the ability to play an unrecordable two-tone sound) will be believeable through all the things I can prove or make plausible

I will file a small claims case, and demand my rent back. It cannot be that I pay for being harmed, stalked, and hurt.

I cannot pay my rent, because payments have been stolen from my account. According to the black community killer stalkers, they always do that. Until a person is dead.