Amazon Customer Service Stalking 2

Amazon Customer Service Stalking Part 1

Audio version:

The first part of this increasingly difficult to believe story is above.

The parcel has finally been picked up today, at 12.31pm. However, the driver didn't leave a receipt. I checked on the number, and it said "left label at customer."

I reached out to UPS a few hours later, who confirmed the parcel is with them. I also have the full chat, that shows the tracking number. The screenshot shows the time when it was taken.

Shortly after 8pm, I received another message, that "Amazon accepted my return request", that I am responsible for the 20% restocking fee, of the hacked on arrival used computer, and it wasn't even a pickup.

I reached out to the Amazon support once more.

I had to turn off the recording while I was taking screenshots of the article of the first part.

Apparently, the new pickup (that deleted the initial return request, and I don't know how they even know what is what, or if they want to know) would overwrite the return tracking information. Hiring Onision is expensive, and he might try to hide a much bigger problem.

I can't afford to wait weeks, and I don't see Amazon refunding the laptop any time soon.

I received another dumb message from the Amazon BBB team:

Oh... I forgot. I have to add the email header that shows, my BBB complaint likely never reached the BBB (unless they use SAS, an untrustworthy French company and Sendinblue. Remind me, if I forget. It's just so much.

So this is that. Amazon will charge the next installments for the laptop, and I really don't know how to get through to anyone serious over there.

According to the chat agent, they falsely marked the laptop as back in the warehouse, and they said it has to be looked at. It's just that it's not there.

UPS BBB Update

A quick UPS update, apparently their email is hacked too, or the criminals have someone their in 1st line support. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

Lastly, I also found what looks like a missing AWS employee. You know what they say about rats in London: If you see one, you know there are hundreds.