We're investigating a real life murder attempt

The goal of this crowdsourcing initiative is to leave information that police/CIA/Secret Service/FBI have, but have not acted on.
We have murder attempts, ad-fraud, deepfakes, advanced hacking, and then some.
What's the last straw that's killing me is that my payments get stolen, and law enforcement isn't doing as little as recovering a stolen inheritance, which would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This site is public, but all of my content (of which a small fraction is shown here) belong to James O'Keefe (not Project Veritas and Michael Bloomberg.)

The site will go away when the two main actors are brought to justice.
RLMM background


American victims, a few corrupt individuals and a classic street gang do little favors for bigger predators. We'll report them.


German criminals come to the United States of America to harm and kill American citizens, and form international cybercrime chapters. We'll report them.


Together, we will surf through the waves of misinformation spread by the two main actors, and find a few clues to make crimes of an unbelievable size plausible, with receipts
316, New Jack's Kid - memory reset?

Stalkers say they reset NJs kid. Also, the bracelet he gave for me might be stolen. 316 wanted to give it to me, but then he couldn't find it. He wanted to search again, but that evening, the medical monster must have gotten him. New Jack, they locked up your kid 8 years at Aurorasa […]

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More room checks and intimidation

For no reason other than slander, my drawer was searched twice. One time by the positive (ex) boss of the case managers, because they were repeatedly told I had "dangerous, illegal" weapons in my drawer. The second time, by a stalker who has been killed by Molly Brazy about two years ago, when she tried […]

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Eye test

On the official eye exam device at the driver's license place is not working. I told the woman. But she knew. The woman was a stalker. But she called Wesley Marks from WA (RIP) and he said to give me a real driver's license, bc I had a real in IL and just wanted to […]

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The Ring again

Troll say that people came in to get my ring. I'm not sure what they'd do with it, though, it will show as fake gold. Because the US long faked the gold testers, too. And then, who is going to pay them? Only gang stalkers and victims left, and then what? Nobody sell to the […]

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Rape-to-death hunt, day 15

Let's make this official. I or my people who share it publicly in the new, real web you do not have access to, have proof of 100% of what I am saying. It only works on your fake cops, anyway. None of you evil weirdos with cognitive deficits, could ever convince a human cop that […]

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Confrontation with Mark Cuban

... social media post. I'm very tired, unwell, and attacked, please excuse real and artificial typos, and grammar errors. Oh, so Mark Cuban is supposed to be the replacement for Nick Hanauer?I don't think so.Regarding Damon... they say is "theirs" ... I requested New Jack looks at him, and the former gangs, to see if […]

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A lot of money, but I have not seen a cent?

Producthunt just sent me a reminder that I'm a "veteran" there. I'm also the only one Mark ever agreed to make a project with. Everything else you see is fake and fraud. We 03/20 everything now around product hunt, Mark, and who stole from me (us.. Mark Goulston and I) there, dies today, with their […]

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Wesley Marks from Vancouver, WA

The traitor of traitors. Already during my death hunt, he offered me money and a place to stay. Also, he said twice that he wished he'd never met me. He did not meet me. The Wesley Marks from Milwaukee did (real Milwaukee), that's where I got the MCard from. Helped law enforcement to see the […]

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Rape talk on Marc

"When Marc is here (he's here, they mean... in the godless void time/dimension/simulation (or whatever) gap,) it's over anyway. We don't care about Marc that much."Stalker forced explanation on me, why they are not happy that the Black Shits (the real black gang stalkers of the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia) are helping.And they […]

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The Black Shits

They are helping now. And they purchased food from Amazon with their honestly earned money to keep me and themselves alive. They would provide for 3Vs, too. They say I eat less than normal (damn you!) But that's how they earned their name... However, and that's what I also held against them, they already helped […]

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