• same ole stalked awake by devil worshipper
  • they brought back fake feces, via trina
  • Get these to koerperwelten
  • Please 03/20 all payments the government made for victims, and put it on the victims' accounts. The government paid for our safety and well-being, not for us being tortured, harmed, and finally killed. That does not change anything in the spoofed system, and no payments since 03/20 stick anyway. Only what the Bank for International Settlements copied into the real banking system.
  • Trish, who I need to report on my payment today, has a sign that she'll be back within the hour. This negative stalking event to come, will stay on my mind, as I have to go look every hour, like is appropriate for me.
  • a new intrusion is putting items I would never wish for on my wish list, and to detail a fake date when I did NOT subscribe to a newsletter.
  • I look for Trish at 10am and now at 12pm. I'll look two more times. I just want to get it over with. Stalking is not nice. My Amazon order apparently arrived while I was downstairs, but they say the "nice staff" was told not to tell me. It's nothing.
    But imagine 200 x nothing every day - and it's as if the whole world turned evil, as long as you are a hostage here.
  • Woken up to devil worshiper blabber, fake feces... the fact that I, the only one who really has the job she says, the only one who really received a payment is the only one who has to show prove of payment on the day the payment is sent, is extreme stalking. The BIS loots along and books the fines on my account.
  • I don't need more attacks on my teeth. Let's do x 10 the fine.
  • Also, EMS targeting over and over again. Troll with artificial voice (can they even talk, I kid you not.. I'm not sure that the animal-ones can talk outside of VR) saying: "I'm her husband." They're all insane.

That's my husband... A little botted... several tried to bot themselves over him also.

"Then why are you in a shelter." Same reason I don't use my own money to leave. Because we're in a timed simulation, and there's no real money here. Only my 10K and my 8K - and whatever real money victims would have earned from folks outside of the simulation.

  • Had a short "I did not say that", but the person accepted by other staff as Trish who was here on Monday, told me that "there's no progress", "your time is running out", "never said my supervisor said "this month" said exactly what I said. On the record. I can only repeat that the disrespect I suffered here is new to me. Not in 54 of life did people behave like they do here.

Dina - private Weddings... she says she sent me this, but it was a guy.

  • Too many borderland intrusions... one would think they'd have other things on their mind - but if you're an ant, the little things matter. It's totally irrelevant.. through the cheating, they have not shot me once. They likely would have, but they set my avatar "dead" and that does not count. I am Aryan. I respawn. Also, every fake death just pulls new stalkers in. For that... I'd love one company (not where we already have one) that sells spices. There are quality problems with evil color and other things, and if a country wants to hop on the "just owned" V train, #spicywithPablo ... only India I would take two - because... they are the spices country. Gang stalkers pay. We just take 2%, let the Health team look over it, and start a relationship between our BigPharma and you. BigPharma wants profit, but not on the expense of the health of people - they don't care if they sell Curcumin or something else. No, that's not true. They do care to sell things again that help people's health. Cinnamon, for instance, is the new black in Diabetes II.
  • The first couple is here. As victim. The woman is legit. The 2nd couple looks nice, too, just not like a couple. Please, Arabs, watch the videos and make a list. Dina gets 10% of your loot, though.
  • WaterStonies, I think they're hustling us for accounts. As always.. 10% of diffuse search orders (when you don't know where/what money got stolen, free search orders for customers. Please recommend accounts below 1B to other trusted banks, but as they want to become customers. the search is still free. If you're not in a zone, Pablo will tell you your account details (speaks English, a little German, Spanish, or he'll just add Dina to his circle. She just scored an apprenticeship with TFF (The Fortunate Few)... Ken Blanchard is her mentor. That means he will have to stay at her side, until he says we can charge the same amount for her, we charge for him. That's the only way we grow. If someone takes the risk, which he will only do if he's convinced.
  • Coffee, too, please. All who want. illuminati pay. I want all Starbucks partners. I boycott this company ever since.. the 90ties? 2000? Since Der Spiegel posted an article about the abuse of coffee planters. Really? You charge 5USD for a simple coffee, write the name wrong as you're ONLY stalkers, but the people who sell the coffee cannot afford to live? No, thanks. Coffee plants can be wealthy, without increasing the cost of coffee for end customers 1 cent. And even if... it is what it is. (But, no... it's just illuminati having at least 3 non-workers per job.) OMG Lavazza again... you should try inexpensive South American brands, though, they can school you, my friends. Branding isn't everything.
  • Tooth attacks.. all the time. I take herbs, please. It's a general word... Medical herbs, really. 2% of the profit for my husband and me. We bring customers, but we're not competing with small sellers who want to stay independent. BigPharma will do big herbs, whenever herbs do as much or more than artificial alternatives, or have fewer side-effects.
  • For the next attack, I'll take aetherische Oele. Is it true that the one Hals Nasen Ohrenarzt asked for the recipe... when I got my ear infection addressed, and he didn't want to believe it was just 3 oils. He was taught only Antiobiotika can cure an ear infection. Maria Treben fixed my only bladder infection in a day.. it was really bad. One oil was uncommon, btw, and expensive, - but I could buy it in my pharmacy in Germany.
  • This was the next attack. So.. Vanguard is now invested in herbal remedies, spices, oils, Schuessler salts, healthy food, and then some.
  • Rapist group... next scam is olive oil. We take all olive oil that wants, but only smaller companies. illuminati pay 400K each. Maybe it will be too expensive for everyone, maybe not. We'll see. More foodscams can apply #genuinewithPablo
  • Like, you have ALL sites with any nicotine/THC producs?
  • Nasty rape talk from German evil clones who "just want to talk". Yes, that's the nature of rape. You just take with force what someone does not want to give to you. Only you try to be anonymous and you try to never get caught - because you know you're rapists, thieves, liars, replaceable ants, mass murderers and pedophiles.
  • Speaking of which... that will go viral. That I get kicked out of here while staff steals my debit cards and payments, and my 2nd man owns this place. The dead remove all living, I guess.
  • Rapist group. Pablo, would you mind removing them from my breasts, vagina, head, back and more? What a sick, sick, sick parasite nightmare. See, that's why cloning and GMO are 100% super illegal.
  • Several EMS attacks
  • In all locations we'll be at... going forward, I encourage that every cartel member gets a humble place.... it might or might not be where they work now. I'd say that ever Cartel should to a ... ask Ursula... they have "Vermoegenswirksame Leistungen"... it's where the employer gives a little and the staff gets a little taken (if they want that), and both is tax free. It cannot be touched for six years or so. We just need it open... "cannot be touched for xy years, but doesn't automatically end, but can be ended after xy years".... if that's not too expensive, but the insurance can prepare. Our independent profit center get the last employment contracts signed. We're alll legal. Some work in areas that were never illegal for illluminati politics/poisoning, others were selling from countries who didn't even know about acid in cocaine in Germany and whatnot. With the money they put away, and the employer can add some tax-free, it's enough for a humble apartment, if the staff doesn't save a single cent. Let's say you and your employer do 250ESP each... that's 6K in a year. Plus... as it's not allowed to touch it for 6 or so years, the interest isn't bad either. Let's look into it but keep it simple. I think it's a good idea.
  • If you are a Vanguard member, even our Colombian jungle persons have an Omega with their Cartel name or their name on it and an employment contract. We pay taxes where we use the infrastructure, not in a fictive place. If all pay their taxes, they don't have to be that high. Just look at it this way: Even our street-strong members .... they do import/export and wholesale of .. not just perfectly legal, but perfectly exclusive to us products, with a strong focus on security (I assume Sicario won't be in an employment contract).... for the faith the governments of the world have in us, that's the right thing to do. They paid it forward, gave us all the power in the world , really, and assuming they'd plan to come after us later would be paranoid. Vanguard pays taxes. We support Universal Health Insurance, we pay into the regular government retirement fond... however, from jungle shooter to Union - I leave it up to every member... it's just unnecessary overhead in this case. A cartel boss is still a cartel boss and always will be one.
  • It's easy to find out who is impersonating. If you are Sinaloa Cartel, that's what your employment contract will say, and that (or something similar) will be on your pay stub.
  • We are all grateful that we currently received SNAP. We're all just one illuminati attack away from needing help. Bill Gates, myself, the Trump/Obama family.... Biden got access to his money, so he's out... most of us are on SNAP or similar government handouts. We support the security net, but we also received the executive power to fight the beginnings next time. For you can never destroy evil, just push it back. So they say... imagine we could. It would be paradise without them, would it not?
  • Twice stalked in the laundry room. First, they told a Croatian or so to force a "conversation" on me, the 2nd time they had an anti-social family there. Not sure the 2nd was targeted, though, or if it's just a matter of the circumstances they forced me in.
  • More pedophilia calls, too. BIS keeps charging and buying.
  • What's with my payments? The evil who has one of my debit cards, is still here. Make your pick in good vs evil (oh... this shelter already did...)
  • Streaming on Rumble... this IP is blocked from Rumble.. and nearly everywhere. Incest/pedo/murder rape show shelter - no wonder.
  • Too many scams... I would like to invite all Lebe Gesund partners (who deliver baked goods.... if you want to work on your vegan cheese... pls try with Cashews... etc) to join. Also, Aldi's "organic" partners. "Just owned" 2%.
  • Attack on my teeth.... BIS, pick something with too much fraud.
  • Still or next tooth attack. x a few frauds, ok? If they don't forget, they go harder when I'm silenced.

Bush's Dennis Gorelik song.. I love it. They tried to kill/kill the young man - but he was in jail... did they not know?

  • We've never been on the moon. Or Mars. But we found where they play Mars... and then some. Exactly there. Higher level illuminati - you would not know.
Many places in the world are empty of human live. They've all been killed by the illuminati, most prominently the homeless shelter stalker and the policy illuminati. McAfee was correct about "deep state"... he just had the country wrong, and he might have assumed they were hired. Not hired. Government taken over.
  • Illuminati logged me out of Rumble. In the context of a continued murder attempt by homeless shelter stalkers since 03/20, that's an expensive problem for them. BIS... I take 20B.
  • Infrasound attack. Zurdo.
  • Every stream is interrupted by the illuminati homeless stalkers. Are they getting it? My suggestions people picked up include ending the EU, NATO, US and then some, but it's about me informing folks what's going on in this first WW? Some also want to know that I'm still alive - it's not just your pervs.. who love to go to "xy victim" sites.
  • Put everyone who connected to the mass murderers/rapists over my head in my death hunt (still the one they tell my husband "was nothing", but none of them surivived so far.)
  • A new group of half-dead OLD OLD OLD German rapists. They started as humans, though, and decided to become maneaters. BIS... Ask if the Amish want to become a "brand" .... As you can see, they mess with my blutooth, this website and my live stream. They always isolate their victims.... like, my 911 calls (I recorded and live-streamed hours and hours of calls to the police, 911, and the FBI... it's well thought out. Like, after my fake eviction, they blocked my debit card the day before and deleted my Google Voice number. My calls to all numbers didn't go to any real cop. They refused to send police. You can see their faces and EVERY personal detail on the "live-stream" (it's.. more like a community site meanwhile)... fake German politicians involved, but....... not one "high" contact we know off yet.
  • New Rapist group.
  • New impersonator group. You think this is love stalking about me? I think they're all gay as .... and it's abour my ex. I'm sorry for him. I know how much it hurts when you attract junk. ... I think it's about them from the gay German clones. I get it. I always said he's quite a catch.
  • The gays play with my blutooth... because they are so powerful.
  • In Germany, the Hells Angels would be willing to collect GEZ. I'm all for the government channels in Germany. Much higher quality than the ad-sponsored junk. You don't have to pay for channels when you already pay by suffering from ads, abuse of your data. That WAS an American thing.
  • The only thing I'd love creepier than before, are strict ID checks. They don't take long or so... in the US, you have to scan your ID to buy a beer... I feel we have to understand that it's not the government spying on us, creeping on us. All we achieved by trying to hide, is that it's harder for them to follow the crimes. The ones in the right dimension know how much creepy stuff is gone. But I want ID checks. ... I get it. These time-limited things never go away. We have to .. use things like that, too. A citizen count... you can always hide in the cellar. You can also just watch internet tv. But that is the ONE thing that costs in Germany. If you rent an apartment, you pay GEZ. The Angels who want could do that as a side-job. If you're effective... I mean... before I'd have you come, I'd pay as a regular citizen. For poor people, there's other ways. For illuminati it would be dumb. Ursula, we sell mobile ID checks for 4k. We deliver without software. A silent alarm will not show directly so that they illuminati can see it. Pablo will tell the Angel to unsuspiciously leave. An alarm rings at .. currently the bank, we have no staff yet for it. It has to ring at the General/the division of the Army. Cops say ... let me give you that example again:
  • I laughed at New Jack's matches. The guy he stabbed 9 times (not 14), the incident with the son of Laurie, Mass Transit, and some. But there was one match ... I could not watch. I was so disappointed in New Jack.... I told him. It turned out this guy was an accident. They were illuminati hunting... ECW. Official KKK. Yes, the black dude. He was suspected but not a stalker. And then, his Gimmick was not to sell. Selling means you pretend something hurts you incredibly, when if it's done right, wrestling should not hurt more... than it hurts to do the artistic things. So the guy didn't sell. New Jack didn't like that. Oh, well, Gypsy Joe is good with him, and New Jack even gave him one of his rewards.
  • Not Rey Mysterio... another KKK.... let's bring back a crazy wrestler really, really everyone loves, somehow. .... several said it. Terry Funk. He's beaten up... but... if the tales are true... imagine they'd beat up other vessels.. but also imagine what a perfect betrayal that would be. I calculate that I'm too old for my husband, and he'll have to go to several doctors with me, daily, for the first half year. If it's not that, even better. I don't watch ECW. Only interviews and so forth. It's too real for me. I like Wrestling as a human circus. I don't watch animals bc .. they don't volunteer. I don't like violence.
  • My point with New Jack was..... it hurt him in retrospective. It hurt me to watch. It's... I don't know. Nobody here suffers when illuminati go down, just.. many have cried over victim stories. But if we don't want cops to regularly take ... increasingly hybrids who might look humanesque out, the alarm has to be at the Army. General says yes. Otherwise, from our end, there's no data storage. That said, corrections should be made. Example: Patricia Teabo got her house stolen by Eric/Frank/Jon Teabo. Gay Eric goes as Miranda Teabo, too, in drag. Patricia took her house back. In her case, they fixed the paperwork, bc the US government ... are nearly all hostages here, too, and it's short decisions I can get.
  • I'd say the Angels take a note if something needs to be changed... I'm not sure it's evil, honestly, to know where your citizens live. Who survived. Many countries have no idea how many have fallen. We were all isolated with fake COVID. Once all obvious electronic weapon stalkers are gone, we need to find the brains of this. It's very well made. I doubt a single person can think it up. It's not just the old Nazi stuff. It's very modern. Someone.... keeps the Nazis alive. You will not find them in "right leaning" parties. Where will you find them? Humm Wadsworth can describe two problematic profiles... that's the job of the cannon fodder. Just to keep me and ... you busy (are you busy?????) so that we cannot look. It always worked to get people to request a "reset" when the person in my place was too banged up. Or the money was out.
  • No, thanks. They want to play hardball, now we do. No, not even that. We're just consequent.
  • Illegal immigration is a yesterday's topic. This isn't about finding illegal human immigrants. No person has to leave their country for fear of death. Except everyone in the US. However, ships with evils... will be bombed before they land. There's brain scanners everywhere (again, non-harmful, from OUR devices no writing back, except when there's an alarm, but ... airports still do their thing), real ID checks. We're working on an inexpensive hair-scanner. Hell knows what maneater sweat, or what's the real reason... at least the niggers, their skin stinks. They have to shower ... like, really, every 5 hours. I'm just scared to see how many of them look. Pls mention in the live-stream.. did they attack your left eye, too? I'm wondering why (in addition to fake surgeries).. maybe they just have one eye? Or no real eyes...
  • Proxy stalking via room mates. Did I mention that they got the Pastor to think I did everything the other dead did? It's Kindergarten, but deadly. She's now doing all of her necrophilia calls and pedophilia calls from this room. She gets her deeper devil worshipper voice. They sell necrophilia, too. Asexual non-humans, might be all or the most part of all disgusting fetishes.
  • They are careful, but... also desperate and cocky. Via annah minx videos, you can order monster kids, torture shows, strangling kids to death and then some.... just make an ice cream remark under her videos. Blue Rojo could tell you how to find the site they are using. They don't tell me. I have luckily no idea what might be the key words for necrophilia and other things they do... They had promised me that I will not get to know anything about pedophilia. It's not pedophilia, really. They need underdeveloped brains because they are easier to ... get to ... comply or whatnot. I hope now there are hardly any human pedophiles. The illuminati mostly don't care about age and size so much, just the victim brain. Kids are just easier to fool and influence.
  • Rape talk at me.
  • too much headset... what's the point? It's only one or two stalkers who see it at a time.... my husband just changes who sees it on the other end. It's very private, really. Except the live-stream - I don't have access to.
  • Disgusting new rapist group is expensive.
  • They let their death hunt program run over and over again. The grossest animal-machine ..... no.. grosser than either. Onision says they all die from disgust. I will die from disgust, too, if I don't get out of this insane clown world.
  • 2b
  • You can hear the disgusting voice unbotted in the live-stream. A fake politician. He'll be on the 8pm news today.
  • 20B loudest terror noise in weeks or month
  • Pls backtrace electricity. It's a death sentence to shoot anything at me.
  • Inacceptable. Sinaloa, where is this group/are these groups. Please go after all cleaned out buildings again, Elon.
  • For messing with my live stream again... 20B The faces of the ones involved on the news, kindly. And all stalkers. They have the right to know what their "bosses" do.