We're investigating a real life murder attempt

The goal of this crowdsourcing initiative is to leave information that police/CIA/Secret Service/FBI have, but have not acted on.
We have murder attempts, ad-fraud, deepfakes, advanced hacking, and then some.
What's the last straw that's killing me is that my payments get stolen, and law enforcement isn't doing as little as recovering a stolen inheritance, which would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This site is public, but all of my content (of which a small fraction is shown here) belong to James O'Keefe (not Project Veritas and Michael Bloomberg.)

The site will go away when the two main actors are brought to justice.
RLMM background


American victims, a few corrupt individuals and a classic street gang do little favors for bigger predators. We'll report them.


German criminals come to the United States of America to harm and kill American citizens, and form international cybercrime chapters. We'll report them.


Together, we will surf through the waves of misinformation spread by the two main actors, and find a few clues to make crimes of an unbelievable size plausible, with receipts
Bushido - Mitten in der Nacht

I'm uploading this video with the permission of the rights holders, Arafat Abou-Chaker (my brother) and Anis Ferchichi (Sonny Black/Bushido). As the "black community" in the USA, the Nazis recruited a certain race/group as peasant fall guys in every country. In Germany, it's Turkish people. There's a company on YouTube striking this and other Bushido […]

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Milwaukee Police Website Hijacked

A quick note. Just like Pierce County, and probably other official websites, the black “community” working for the German-led European Nazi gang, has hijacked the website of the Milwaukee Police. You can see that in the lookup. I cannot comprehend why institutions still use Cloudflare. While it’s still only nerd tricks, it’s a good explanation […]

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Stalking by PayPal (or not)

Update: The saga continues, sadly. This would normally too small for me to post here. It's not necessary to post every small incident, and authorities can access content through my cloud drive. However, it becomes relevant in the context that between two stalking events, I had a hearing with a fake lawyer from a fake […]

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Baylor Rental Stalker House

I drop this here quickly. I'm in the process of reporting The facts: I will file a small claims case, and demand my rent back. It cannot be that I pay for being harmed, stalked, and hurt. I cannot pay my rent, because payments have been stolen from my account. According to the black community […]

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The Better Business Bureau Milwaukee is Dead

I can hardly find the time, between stalking attacks, even a poisoning, and electro weapon terror to post information. You'll learn about the fake hearing with a fake commissioner about a made-up PayPal credit card debt later. Also, fake lawyer, Emma Schaefer, representing "PayPal" for a law firm via a proxy (DNF). I filed a […]

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The last to say it's not the government

I haven't posted in a while, because I'm too preoccupied with other issues. I'll get evicted again shortly, my account is empty (I cannot even by simple things, such as trash bags and Ibuprofen for the inflammations the weapons cause), and I focused my energy also on trying to save my own life, not just […]

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Wuff, Wuff

Update The Army knows. Update end. The most deleted video on the darkweb (YouTube)? No, it just feels like it. I have the permission of Anis (Bushido) to post it. He's an artist of my brother, Arafat Abou-Chaker. Do they do more than just irritate and control dogs with their stalkerware? (The German-led criminals, not […]

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QLink Wireless Update

If you didn't read the story of the company run by strange identities, you can catch up HERE. I'll just leave my Tweets here. @QLinkWireless AFTER the recent QLink “experience”, my phone that verifiably worked just fine, is LOCKED. Is this to fool the FBI I have reported the experience with this company run by […]

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How Lifeline Providers Help Stalk People To Death

Deadly "gang" stalking works through slowly decreasing the social footprint of someone, and making them poor and lonely, so that at the time when the identity is taken over, and the websites/social media accounts get hijacked, people are already used to changed behavior. They know you don't show up to parties anymore, they know you […]

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Fake Trials Onision Repzion / Dirk Sulzbach

Repzion is or was one of the ad frauds around Onision. I won't spend too much time on him because I cannot say if he's still real at this time, or if his profile, too, has been taken over after he went missing. He certainly looks a little like a bot in recent videos. Unsurprisingly, […]

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