We're investigating a real life murder attempt

The goal of this crowdsourcing initiative is to leave information that police/CIA/Secret Service/FBI have, but have not acted on.
We have murder attempts, ad-fraud, deepfakes, advanced hacking, and then some.
What's the last straw that's killing me is that my payments get stolen, and law enforcement isn't doing as little as recovering a stolen inheritance, which would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This site is public, but all of my content (of which a small fraction is shown here) belong to James O'Keefe (not Project Veritas and Michael Bloomberg.)

The site will go away when the two main actors are brought to justice.
RLMM background


American victims, a few corrupt individuals and a classic street gang do little favors for bigger predators. We'll report them.


German criminals come to the United States of America to harm and kill American citizens, and form international cybercrime chapters. We'll report them.


Together, we will surf through the waves of misinformation spread by the two main actors, and find a few clues to make crimes of an unbelievable size plausible, with receipts
More Amazon stalking

If nothing else (75% of my food and drinks got stolen from my room, including four staff (but not the person who they say is Chelsea and was here today...) they at least try to make several parcels, and tell the staff I buy expensive things. Someone at Amazon is now helping... Well, there's no […]

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The post why they deleted my Facebook

I just heard the staff's name was Chelsea. One of them.I have never seen her before. This is not the person who stole in my room.Twice.I didn't even think "faintly similar" ... bc we're really going to the level of two legs, two arms, same hair color.Again, this person is NOT the one ....Remember what […]

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Stalkers deleted my domain braindiamonds.de

Only on the spoofed web. Pressed for money, they just charge after 9 months. They fake the last payment on PayPal and in your emails. They do that every year, only this is the most intense. Naturally, we seized the company, and I have my domain in real life. They have lost all of theirs […]

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Mini payment delayed or stolen since Feb 15th

Every month, I earn about 20K or more in commission. Why so much? I only recommend two programs, I recommended two others, but ... there were problems with the partner manager. I recommend the four things I did, because they are good. So much so, that I now hired Mary Morrissey, John Assraf, Mark Waldman […]

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Stalkers know it's over now

They fake blocked my Facebook. Facebook did not, but they also have no access to the spoofed system. Take down every piece of communication they still have. I cannot tell you that the staff who came to steal likely used the wrong name. And that the problem is the person I say is the problem. […]

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Mind-reading and illuminati death stalking

The Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homless Mafia, cannot read minds. However, with powerful tools, such as Holos, owned by my bank now, you can predict things with incredible accuracy. This is not the paper I was looking for, but Rebecca Saxe's work is hard to find in the spoofed version of the web. I founded […]

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Hardly seeing anything, pain, targeting

I'll just post which complaints I want the FBI/CIA/ICE/DHS/NSA/Cops/SS (one version is enough) to officially put in the computer, with evidence. Cops have a line to someone who sees the live-chat, and they can search the Evil Mencho Jalisco Gay Homeless Mafia data base for their cam works, Rolex serials, videos where they state (to […]

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New Law - animal fighting

This was a facebook post, on day 16 of the death hunt. It's now several running on all "Sima's", and I also requested that cops or FBI tell real staff to leave. Just not attacking... it's not good enough, and it makes them part of the problem. We feel safer than we are. For two […]

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More harassment, but they sell my organs bc I'm the only "clean"

On the record, this shelter tried to make amends with the Colombian Cartel leader who got stuck on their death island, now Holiday Island, and in fake MKE that looks like real MKE (I think... I'm really not sure where one of us had to get out... ). It sounds so sick, bizarre and absurd […]

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The one move maintenance - heat attack

Supervisor Michael came at 9am today, to fix the high temperature. Like several before him (two on the request of "Slut Mohammed" (CIA name), and two on my request), he removed the lid, and made one hand movement, i.e. push one button or turn one knob. I'm not overly suspicious against Michael. Just ... I'm […]

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